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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Louisville women's basketball -- Walz, Durr review USA U 23 Experience -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Walz, Durr review Tokyo trip and USA U23 Experience

Who would have figured it wold take Jeff Walz three days to find sushi rolls in Tokyo? What did Asia Durr think of the total experience? What's a 12 hour flight (twice) like? What did coach think of the FIBA based rules for the event? 

These were some of the many things Walz and Durr discussed with the media Monday afternoon at the "Little Yum" conference room on Floyd St....shortly before the eclipse. 

For Durr, it was an incredible experience start to finish. To be able to compete against the best of the women's college basketball world, to make the squad and get the chance to travel to Japan and soak up the sights and culture...while playing an integral role in the USA's three game sweep during the round-robin affair will be memories she'll never forget. Jet lag? Yes, she is experiencing a bit of it, and....coupled with the first day of classes on the Belknap Campus...she's been going full tilt, non-stop for quite a few days. As she put it, though...she wouldn't have it any other's what she signed up for and why she came to Louisville. 

Walz relayed in great detail what he experienced on the trip. You can catch the interview (including the "fake" start) at the bottom of today's column. The three visiting squads shared the same hotel and a common dining facility that featured "Westernized" food...but at night, Coach, his wife and the staff hit the town to check out some of the local cuisine. He found it strange that the restaurants didn't feature sushi rolls...commenting that you can find them on just about any street corner in America but that he didn't find a place that offered them until the third night there. That particular restaurant had a three-hour wait to be they passed on it and went back the next day for lunch. As it turned out, sushi rolls weren't on the lunch menu. 

Temples, shrines and scenic views were all a part of the trip...but the reason they were there was to compete and USA U23 rolled through their three game round-robin undefeated. Walz commented that he thought Asia looked her best in the final game...against Japan. He thought she looked more into the flow of the action -- she was the leading scorer in that win and also in the first game of the tournament. 

No trophies or awards were handed out at the completion of play...but Japanese jackets (known as sukijans) were given to the participants. Unfortunately, Walz didn't bring his for  us to see. 

Coach is also a big fan of the FIBA based rules for games. A shorter shot clock, a timed clock after an offensive rebound and the fact that a coach or player can't stop action with a time-out. The request for one has to be made at the scorer's table and then it is granted at the next stoppage of play.  

All in all, a great experience for the two and the USA squad as they participated in an event that Walz hopes will continue. He's a big fan of the USA Basketball format and structuring...commenting that they even request the coaching staff to wear the same clothing as a group and were provided several different outfits and a schedule of what to wear each day. (Somewhere, Doug Bruno is nodding his head in agreement.) 

After it was all over, another 12 hour flight to return stateside. Asia related that there wasn't much to do expect watch movies and sleep but was grateful that the flight wasn't jammed full of people and the seats were spacious.

Volleyball's Tess Clark is ISO and ready to go!
On a day where totality and darkness were the buzz...and a sense of disappointment here locally from some that it didn't get completely dark in the metro area...Coach and Asia brought sunshine and brightness during their presser. They were even provided with "eclipse" glasses and went outside after the press conference to try them out.

Walz invited the media to the second floor balcony in the women's basketball offices to see the eclipse and tour the facilities...I passed on that... but women's hoops got a "heads up" on the men's program...having the southern exposure on their side of the building and a full view of the event. I wonder if Pitino and his staff sauntered over? Would the NCAA investigate this eclipse viewing as extra benefits? 

For Cardinal women's basketball on a Monday afternoon, the future is so bright...Coach is wearin' shades. 





  1. Someone else told me about that lack of sushi rolls in Japan when they were over there earlier this year. I hope that Asia can use this unique leadership and training opportunity to lead the Cards to the Final Four.

    Blue Lou

    1. Great stuff on Asia and Jeff, Paulie! Also, how can these organizations that do All-American squads continue to leave Lamar Jackson off their first teams? Down here, Charlie Strong is starting to get the fan base fired up. USF is back!

      -- The Real Joe Hill --

    2. Admittedly I'm not a real expert on Japanese experience being based on Benihanas, Sapporo and the deli at Kroger...but I like steamed and fried dumplings and sake. I'd rather have a rib-eye medium rare any day but not opposed to trying other things. As far as Durr goes, you can see the confidence in her eyes.

      Charlie Strong? Well, OK..Joe. From Louisville to Texas to Tampa...sounds like a deranged Southwest Airlines schedule...but I wish him the best. Lamar is getting stiffed by the media...but the last three games of last year might have something to do with that. New line, new possibilities and his skills have gotten even better, according to reports. Bring on the Boilermakers!



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