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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Louisville Women's Basketball faces Clemson today---Other ACC WBB games...THURSDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The University of Louisville women's basketball team will face the Clemson Tigers to open their run in the ACC WBB Tournament here in Conway, SC. 

Your intrepid senior columnist braved the storms and 10 hour drive to get here in time to see the opening tip-off yesterday between Clemson and Virginia Tech. And, it was an exciting opener, no doubt! Clemson's Danielle Edwards was fouled by VT's Regan Magarity with 3.4 second to play while driving to the basket with the score tied at 66-66. The shot didn't go...and neither did the first free throw. Were we going to get five minutes of bonus ball in the opener? 

What was going through Edwards' mind as she got ready to try the second attempt? 

" Oh, gosh. I wasn't really trying to think. I was just trying to relax. My teammates were telling me to relax. I shot the first one kind of quick and that one kind of went in and out. I turned and I looked at Nelly [Perry] and she was telling me just relax, like's she's smiling and telling me to knock this one teammates were keeping me really calm." 

The second did go, to give the Tigers the 67-66 lead. Virginia Tech's Chanette Hicks drove the length of the court to try to hit a game-winner for the Hokies...but the shot after the buzzer and no good. 

What does Edwards think about today's matchup against the Cards? 

"You can take things out of today out of today's game that we need to do well, like defense. Louisville is a really good offensive team, and in order to stay with them, you've going to have to defend them. So, you can take definitely our defense from them, and our competitive spirit that we have...that we didn't give up. They were number one in the conference when we played them and we were able to hang with them and that shows that as long as we're playing hard that we can play with anybody." 

Two things Clemson will need to change if they are to have any shot at all against the Cards are turnovers and opponent points-off-turnovers. The Clemson bakery was open for business yesterday with 16 turnovers and VT capitalized with a 20-3 advantage in points-off-turnovers. 

The Cards, who practiced in an Air Force Base gym yesterday...will look to do what they do well. Finding the "Big Three"...playing the stellar defense they've shown the last several outings and controlling the boards. With Briahanna Jackson out for the tournament, Louisville will face some extra pressure from the Clemson three-guard set that includes Edwards...and Nelly Perry, who had sixteen points to go with Edwards 17 yesterday. 

It should be a good one at 11 a.m. this morning against the Cards and a fun day of hoops is ahead. 

In yesterday's other action:

-- Georgia Tech held off a pesky Boston College bunch to win 71-67. Kaylan Pugh was one of four Ramblin' Wreckers in double figures for the winners, who get Miami in the 6 p.m. game tonight. Stat of note: GT got 28 bench points...Pugh's 20 huge in the #10 seed advancing over the #15 Boston College crew. A shame to see Kelly Hughes' career come to an end for the Eagles. a class act and wonderful young lady. She had 12 points and a couple of huge shots late to try and get B.C. back into it. 23 turnovers killed the Chestnut Hill bunch, though....and Georgia Tech got 25 points off them. 

-- North Carolina got a huge effort out of Jamie Cherry...with 32 points and the Tar Heels dance on with a 72-60 win over Pitt. Freshman Paris Kea had 21 for Sylvia Hatchell's team...who trailed Pitt 41-37 at the half. A 10-0 run by UNC to start the second half took care of that...UNC gets Syracuse in tonight's final. The Tar Heels played only seven players against Pitt...due to injuries. When asked how she an beat Syracuse...who beat them by 31 earlier in the season...Hatchell quipped that she'd be doing a lot of praying. 

The other game today will put #8 Virginia and #9 Wake Forest at each other. That one is scheduled to go at 2 p.m....after the Louisville game. 

-- It may be Conway instead of Greensboro, but the folks are still just as friendly and helpful and the food plentiful for us media types. Special thanks to the ACC staff for guiding Paulie around and getting me to the places I needed to be. The first round of post-game interviews was pretty much "The Paulie Show" it is in Louisville...until the final game when the UNC media jumped in and asked a few questions. I love it.  

-- The Louisville official scorers crew is down here and worked the games yesterday. It's nice to see a few familiar faces in the arena...which drew 2475 for first round action. 

-- Finding the campus is easy. Getting to the gym is a jungle maze, though, that takes you down four streets, through three parking lots and hordes of students and fans before you get to media parking. It's a maze.

-- Good luck to the 21 of you entered in the ACC Pick 'Em! After Day One...eight of you are a perfect 3-0 in your picks. Not this guy....was hoping Pitt might knock off UNC. 



  1. Good morning cards Nation, if both Asia & Mariya are hot these morning look out Clemson.Give me some MAM

  2. BJ still having back issues or is something else going on?

    1. Out for ACC TOURNAMADD.DID not make trip. Back spasms.


    2. Mariya hitting everything she tosses up in warmups

    3. Too bad it hasn't transferred to the game.

    4. Yeah, saw her shooting stats. Every year I'm surprised her shooting percentages aren't lower with that shooting style of hers. She finds a way to keep from dropping below 35% from the floor. She has the second lowest 3 pt percentage on the team at 31%. Zambrotta tops at 42% and Asia at 40%. BJ shot 11% from 3 point range this year.

    5. BJ struggled on the line too at 50%. Asia 78%, Mariya 77% and T. Johnson 71% and Myisha 70% were top percentage free throw shooters.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. B.J is the only player with an assist to turnover ratio over 2 at 2.3 . Mariya is close at 1.93.

  3. Keep the pedal to the metal Go Card's!!!!

  4. Good win moving on ,a rematch with STATE!
    MA today maybe some MAM TOMORROW .

  5. Syracuse's 4 game win streak leading into the NCAA championship game last year were wins of 27,27, 22 over Tenn and 21 points over Washington. Until they lost by 31 to UConn.

  6. We have 10 players averaging from 0.4 to 4.8 points per game

  7. Bionca Dunham shooting a torrid 65% from the field and 28% from the line

  8. What three players have played in every game this year?

    Jazmine Jones
    Ciera Johnson
    Taylor Johnson

  9. Where going to need a hot Mariya Moore today against State. If Kylee & Ciera can hold their own down low scoring & Rebounding the would be a plus.


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