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Friday, March 10, 2017

Louisville Softball prepares for the weekend....Men's hoops falls in quarterfinals -- FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Sometimes Softball is about the paperwork, too. 
At 12-7 and facing a weekend tournament with the possibility of some difficult weather...the Louisville softball squad has some good and some not so good things on it's resume so far this season and some challenges ahead. 

Pitching is a constant that has been very good for Louisville with Maryssa Becker and Megan Hensley. The infield has struggled at times with inexperience and injury. The Cardinal outfield is rock solid and experienced...but the team's errors have cost them a couple of wins so far in the season. 

I had the opportunity to sit down Thursday with head Softball Coach Sandy Pearsall. You'll find our informative and interesting 10-minute interview below.

Some of the things we discussed: 

-- Sidney Melton's season-ending injury.

-- Infield depth and growing pains.

-- Cardinal pitching 

-- Freshmen successes

The Cards will try to get in five games over the next three days...starting the Louisville Tournament. The schedule: 


12:30 Ohio
3:00 IUPUI


12:30 Northern Iowa
3:00 Wright State


12:30 Northern Iowa

All the games will be shown on the ACC Network Extra if you can't make it out to the ballpark. Hope to see you at the Ulmer. 


As an aside...when I brought up the Team Jordan vs. Team Sid, Syd, Sdy debate Worldwide and I have been having, Coach did not choose a side on the air. However, when I was outside the SAC talking to Lori Korte after the interview, she walked by us and said "Team Sid". 

Probably under a lot of stress. I'm sure, after more reflection and thought, she'll come around to Team Jordan. 



15 for 26 from the free throw line isn't going to get you any wins. 4-21 three-point shooting will get a frown every time. Being stunned by a basic zone is ridiculous. And...going away from your first half strength...going inside...and jacking up a bunch of "why-are-they-doing-that?" threes all add up to the letter "L". Mangok is taking the last shot? Stop. Breathe. It's OK, Paulie...

Duke beats Louisville 81-77. The Cards continue to amaze me with their performances at times. Maybe...that's what happens when you send a Manhattan guy to Brooklyn. Up by 12 in the second half and lose by four.




I was pleased to be part of the ESPN podcast about the NCAA WBB Tournament. Charlie Creme and Andy Landers were fielding the questions. Below is the link to listen to my questions and their responses. 


 Have a great Friday, folks !!!

sometimes...i just don't get it...Jerry


  1. Pitino takes part of the blame in this loss. I sat there in the second half and kept wondering "Why the horrible threes and no inside plays?" This one is on you, Rick. Unless the players were just ignoring him.

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. I'm sure there were other opportunities for coaching but I know that in the last possession (which was so ill advised), Q could not hear Pitino's instructions.

      That said, whether or not Pitino was making adjustments against the zone is beyond my knowledge. I have to assume he would, but what do I know? I wonder if players were gun shy about penetrating due to the inside contact and the poor free throw shooting. I also wonder if they weren't seeing the floor as well in the zone, therefore missing some of the passing lanes they could find in the previous Duke defense.

      In the end, giving up more than a point per minute on the deficit is frustrating and there's no way to know who's actually to blame. I think the Cards have the tools and potential to win a championship, but they have to put together six of their really good games in a row and avoid any of their clunkers.

  2. Becker and Hensley remain constant as softball pitchers. The Cards have recruited and had leave 4-5 other pitchers over the last couple of years. I wonder if Warriner will survive.

  3. A Big shout out to paulie ,coach pitino & all the cards fans.
    Some time the shots don't fall,
    But foul shots drive everybody crazy $@$3!!? SMH lol.


  4. Nice stuff on the podcast, Paulie! Sounds like you woke Andy up. LOL.

    Your Clemson friend
    Greer, SC


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