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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Softball swings into action soon -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


With the unseasonably warm weather the Louisville area has been having of late, the Louisville softball team has had the rare pleasure of doing something they rarely get a chance to accomplish in January. 

Practice outdoors. 

We sat down with head Louisville Softball coach Sandy Pearsall recently to discuss the upcoming 2017 season. It's probably no coincidence that the fire alarm in the SAC building kept going off while we chatted. Sandy has a returning roster that could set the ACC afire this season: 

CARDINAL COUPLE: Let's take a look at the roster, Coach.

Our favorite Oregonian...Maryssa Becker
PEARSALL: We have a good group of nineteen players. I look forward to this group. They've worked extremely hard. They've probably been more dedicated to becoming better on a daily basis than any group I've had in a long time so I'm really excited about that. Pitching wise, we have [Maryssa] Becker back for her senior year and we have high hopes she'll have a great senior year. Megan Hensley continues to work so hard on  her game and continues to get better. We're excited about having her back this season. She's the future for us.

We added a freshman in Sydney Warinner to the staff and she's going to be more of a relief kid right now, probably not a full time starter just yet. We see bright things for her. We're going to continue to develop her. For her, the sky is the limit. A lot of great potential. It's just getting her ingrained into the game. 

CARDINAL COUPLE: Take us through the outfield.  

PEARSALL: We'll have some competition in the outfield. Clearly, we have the two seniors in Morgan Meyer and Jordan McNary. Morgan has really grown into her game. Last year we started to see something from her that we always knew was there. Jordan certainly improved and had a great junior year. Nicole Pufahl anchors us in center field. She does a great job out there and we expect even better offense from her this year. You also have to add Jordan Vorbrink, who spent limited time out there last year and could rival for any position out there. She could even come into the infield and play, which she did a little bit of last year. Competition will be tough for the infield spots. 

CARDINAL COUPLE: How has the squad looked in the couple weeks of practice? 

PEARSALL: Good. We really been able to progress pretty quickly because they did come back ready after putting in some work in the off-season break, which is what we absolutely need from them. We got into more strategy this week after fundamental work last week. I always like to go back and refresh everybody's memories. It was something we needed to do. We're still working on that third base and first base issue...those corner spots are a little bit iffy . There's a little inexperience there. Lil [Goetz] comes back with a little experience, although not a lot of experience...and then we add Celene Funke, into that mix...a freshman... into a position she's never played. 

Also, we have Tiarra [Sanabria] coming off an injury at first base, we're kinda working through that. The culmination of our infield is that their experienced in some ways and very young in other ways. It'll be interesting to see how that develops. I like what I've seen in practice. If they continue with the same intensity and development...they're going to be really ready. 

CARDINAL COUPLE: After a road swing to start the season you come home to Ulmer Stadium to start play on March 3rd. 

PEARSALL: The kids really like to play at Ulmer Stadium . They get excited about it because we have such a wonderful facility. 

To hear the CARDINAL COUPLE interview in it's entirety with Coach sure to listen to today's broadcast on THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR at 11 a.m. at or you can access the Soundlcloud version here: 


We would be remiss if we didn't mention that the Softball Banquet/Bullpen Club Dinner is tonight at the Galt House in the Archibald Room. Happy Hour and Silent Auction begin at 6 p.m. and speaker Sierra Romero and dinner start at 7 p.m. 

This is a fun event that usually sells out each year and one that Worldwide, Sonja and Paulie enjoy attending. We get some great interviews each year and the keynote speaker is always fantastic. We'll have a recap of the festivities in our Sunday edition of CARDINAL COUPLE. 



We'll be in the studio today at full strength...Paulie, Worldwide and Case...for another exciting edition of THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR...the only question is whether we'll be on the FM waves or strictly Internet. 

A hacker gained control of the FM feed and made it necessary for the transmitter of the FM signal to be shut down yesterday and it is not known when the transmitter will be back up. The WCHQ app and Internet stream are fine, though, so you can listen to us that way. More on the hacking: 

WCHQ 100.9 Hacked

We have a fun show planned for you. Hoops galore and Sandy's Softball discussion on Volleyball and their purported move from the KFC YUM! Center back to Cardinal Arena for home games. We assigned Case the duty of attending the Presidential Inauguration and asking Donald Trump on his views of the ACC women's basketball schedule and standings...we'll hopefully have that report as well. (If he didn't stay for the women's march today...) 

It's live radio and unrehearsed. That makes it all the more exciting...because you never know what kind of off-the-wall trivia Worldwide is going to toss out there or which stream of conciousness Paulie may lapse into. 

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  1. I live in Crescent Hill and the FM signal is on this morning. I usually stream it through the WCHQ app and it is working fine too.

  2. With Softball it is just a question if they can get out of the NCAA Regionals. This has been something they haven't been able to do for quite some time. It looks like this might be the year for it if they can stay healthy and get good pitching out of softball's version of the M&M girls.

    Nick O.

  3. Replies
    1. Yup, the breed is Leonberger. Coach P breeds (and pampers) them. If you come out to Ulmer on a nice day there's a reasonable chance of meeting them out in the berm. All of her puppers are named for...mountain terms, I believe. Sierra and Summit are the ones that I've had the opportunity to meet. They're lovely and very well behaved and wonderful to love on.

  4. Hadn't heard of the breed before but looked into it and am impressed. I've always been a border collie guy but these dogs are great. I just don't know what I'd do with a 170 lb dog other than feed it. Leonberger puppies look to be going for $2500 to $3000 which sounds about right if you're going to feed your mature dogs and break even.

    I've always been impressed with good breeders. Says a lot about their respect, perspective and patience with animals which is a character issue and carries over to how they treat human types. That says something for Pearsall and ULWSB.


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