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Friday, January 13, 2017

Louisville women's basketball -- Cards falter late against FSU 72-65...FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


In a game of runs Thursday night in Tallahassee, FSU produced the final one...going on a game-ending 12-2 run over the last 3:54 to give Louisville their fourth loss of the season. The Cards did not score a basket in that stretch...getting just two Mariya Moore free throws with 43 seconds left in the contest. 

The Cards led 63-60 after a Briahanna Jackson under-the-basket scoop shot but fell victim to cold shooting and a back-breaking three by Imani Wright with 1:30 to play that gave the 'Noles a 67-63 lead. FSU would sink five of eight free throws the rest of the way to go to 16-2 on the season and 4-1 in the ACC. 

Louisville started the contest by getting a Myisha Hines-Allen basket 50 seconds into the action. It would be the only bucket of the evening for her. Hines-Allen played 19 minutes for the Cards...going 1-9 from the floor, hitting two free throws, committing five turnovers and grabbing eight rebounds. She saw just four minutes of playing time in the final half. Fouls weren't the issue...she had only one in the game. No injury that we know of. Sometimes, it just isn't your night. 

The Cards had a 14-13 edge after 10 minutes...Jazmine Jones and Cortnee Walton with four points each for Louisville. Walton would finish with five points and two rebounds in 24 minutes of action. Jones totalled eight points in 22 minutes. 

FSU used a 8-2 run starting the second quarter to go up 21-16 on the Cards. An Asia Durr three with 5:20 until the half drew Louisville within two at 19-21 but the 'Noles finished the quarter with a 10-5 run and led Louisville 32-25 after 20 minutes. 

It would get worse for UofL before it got better. FSU led 37-28 after three minutes played in the third stanza. The Cards mounted a rally, though...rolling off a 10-0 run that featured seven points from Durr to regain the advantage 38-37. The final five minutes saw the squads go back and forth on the lead exchange...FSU capitalizing on two easy in-bounds baskets by Shakayla Thomas at the end of the quarter to lead 47-45 after 30 minutes. 

This was anyone's game with 10 to play and the Cards regained the lead 50-49 at the 8:44 mark on a Jazz jumper. Not to be outdone, Florida State responded with a 6-0 run to grab the lead 55-50. Louisville had one final push left in them and countered with a 9-0 run that had them ahead 59-55 after two Durr free throws with 5:08 remaining. Jackson's scoop shot kept the Cards up 63-60...but the remaining 3:54 of the contest belonged to the Seminoles.

Final...72-65 Florida State. Louisville went from four points up to four points down in a little over 3 1/2 minutes and the momentum had swung in FSU's favor. The Cards could not regain it. Wright's three was crucial and the biggest play of the evening. 

Gutty effort in this fight from Louisville for most of it. Not the finish that Cardinal fans wanted to see...with the final run...FSU had 40 second half points and so did the Cards. 


Politician and actor...the late FRED THOMPSON
Free Throws --  Louisville was 12-14 from the charity stripe for a nice 85.7% The 'Noles were 21-26 for 80.8%. We award a capital "F" for that...but wonder about the discrepancy. 

Rebounding -- 37-34 in favor of FSU. Hines-Allen had eight for UofL in 19 minutes. Moore and Jackson finished with five each. For FSU, guard Brittany Brown led 11. No letter here.

Effort/Execution -- Louisville fought hard for most of the game. The 19 turnovers isn't anything to be proud of...but FSU had 17 miscues. That final 3:53 is where the execution failed and no letter in this category. 

Defense -- FSU shot 11-29 in the first half. They also shot 11-29 in the second half for 37.9%. The Cards did only slightly better 23-59 for 39%. Louisville had no answer for Thomas, though...9 for 14 from the floor and 24 points. Imani Wright was on fire in the first half for Florida State with 11 points. Guarding the in-bounds passes was atrocious at times. 71 points was 12 under FSU's average...but they I'll compromise and give the Cards a small case "d".



I usually don't like much after a Louisville loss..but

-- Asia Durr had a nice game with her 21 points and three threes

-- Mariya Moore knocked down some clutch threes and had 15 points. 

-- The Cards did battle back from a couple of sizable deficits. 

-- Jazmine Jones played pretty good in her home-town and in front of family and friends. 

That's about it...


-- Myisha's performance. She wasn't at her best Thursday night. She saw very little action in the second half? Would more playing time have made a difference? We'll never know...but you earn your playing time and her first half wasn't earning much of anything except a seat. 

-- Folding like a lawn chair. Those last three minutes were hard to watch. Five missed shots and three turnovers for the Cards. One rebound (with 36 seconds to go). When baskets were needed, they did not go in. 

-- Consistency. It may be this Louisville team's biggest problem. I'll give them 30 minutes of good basketball tonight and 10 bad. That might be enough to get Louisville past a Virginia or Pitt...but it didn't fly against the 'Noles...and it won't against Miami, Notre Dame or NC State. 


A tough loss on the road against a very good FSU squad. Chances were there to get the win but capitalization didn't surface. A roller-coaster of a game...but an end to the ride that had me ready for the motion-sickness bag. Louisville will need to snap back into it quickly, with Miami visiting Sunday. 

You have to finish what you started. I hope that lesson was learned tonight. So much talent on the Louisville team but those mental lapses will drive you crazy. 

"We can be a good team when we try hard." A quote from one of the Cards. Is there any reason why you shouldn't try hard all the time? On a night where the Cards did try hard for vast stretches...FSU held the final winning hand and played the best. They arguably tried harder, as well. 

On to the next one...


Asia Durr: 

Asia just in the fourth quarter when you had that run, was it a couple breakdowns or…
“It was. We had a few breakdowns where we were supposed to switch and we didn’t. and one of those plays it was my fault so I take the blame. So we just have to watch film and see what we could do to better ourselves. You know you can’t get too down about this loss. We gave another great team on Sunday. You just have to keep fighting hard and you have to make the changes as well.”
Only six turnovers in the last game and 19 tonight, was it their defense?
“(Asia) Mental. They’re a great ball club as well. We have to take care of the ball. Coach Walz tells us every day in practice, turnovers - you will not win with those. So we just have to do a better job with taking care of the ball and we just have to focus more as well.”

Jeff Walz: 

Jeff it seemed like Asia really brought you back in the third quarter, plus she got some time to make threes at a great time.
“She played well. I thought she played within herself. She had four assists tonight. Coming into the game I think she had 24 or 25 for the entire season and I just kept challenging her. To be as good as you are you just have to get some assist during games. You‘ve got to be able to draw some defenders and make your teammates better. And I thought she did that tonight. And when she does that it’s pretty hard to guard because she is very explosive, she’s able to put the ball into the basket. She’s a very talented player. But we’re going to continue to need that from her.”
You talk about mental toughness and you guys played a very good non-conference schedule. In a conference with six ranked teams, there’s no nights off.
“No there’s not and that’s okay. Flight home tonight, you’ve got Friday, Saturday and you play on Sunday. And that’s plenty of time. And you’re playing good teams and that’s what you want to do. That’s why they came to Louisville. To play in the ACC. We’ve got the best conference in women’s basketball top to bottom. There’s no question about it. You look at what Virginia Tech is doing. Look what Miami’s doing. You look what NC State’s doing. I mean they beat Notre Dame and then came down here and won. That’s pretty darn impressive. If you don’t show up you are going to lose. There’s no question about it. It does not matter who you play.”



I had four winners and two losers Thursday night. Winning predictions were Duke beating UNC 80-75, Wake Forest over Clemson 68-56, Notre Dame pummeling Pitt 86-54. I also picked FSU over Louisville.

Losses for me were Syracuse coming back to beat NC State 85-75 and Georgia Tech over Boston College 71-67. With Miami beating Va. Tech Wednesday... I went 5-2 over the two-day stretch. Overall, I sit at 25-6...80.6%. I'll take it.

hiya, Friday!


  1. Good morning,Paulie do you think the U of L wbb Team is better this year or last year's team?

    1. A tough question indeed, Marvin. At this point in the season, I'll go with last year's team being slightly better. I think last year's team may have peaked too early and this year's squad hasn't peaked yet. Hines-Allen was having a better season last year and the Cards were on a 11 game win streak this time last year. Just my thoughts.


  2. Had to delete previous post, some really bad spelling involved!
    Anyway, said I thought it did come down to those "mental" mistakes, aka lack of focus. Especially the crunch time mistakes. Gotta get better at that, and I gotta believe we will. Thought we played very well most of the second half WITHOUT Myesha. Goes to show how good they CAN be. Take the loss, learn, move on. And as you stated, Paulie, rather peak end of season rather than mid January.

  3. Hi! Just a quick game report from Joe Hill and I. We had a fun trip up and back to FSU. The game was partially fun. A nice crowd -- maybe 4,000 present. A nice group of UofL fans behind the Cardinals bench and down in front of us. Opposing fans very cordial and engaging to us -- except for a couple of smart-ass students as we were leaving. Louisville had it -- and lost it with some pretty deplorable play down the stretch. Hines-Allen never seemed in sync and I don't blame Walz for letting her watch. Jazmine Jones had a nice fan-base present that was very appreciative of what she did last night. The drive home was uneventful and we got back around 2 a.m. Off for a little golf this morning with Joe.

    Louisville played very well at times and Asia Durr had a great effort, as did Mariya Moore. They just couldn't buy a bucket at the end and when Wright busted that three late -- it was the loudest the crowd got all night. We still have plenty of confidence and pride in Walz's squad. They just need to learn how to finish -- I believe they will learn that. Time to go give the sleepy Joe Hill a whipping on the links. Go Cards

    David Watson

    1. I'm glad you guys had a good time. I was searching for articles about the game and came across this site. You all do excellent work here! I'm a Noles fan and have to compliment your Cards on the football beat-down earlier this year ans the very good effort last night against our women's squad. I'm thinking we're something special this year and if Sue doesn't screw it up, we could be a Final Four team. Good luck the rest of the way. I'll be reading. Donnie.

  4. Lack of discipline in crunch time isn't something I've seen before from a Walz coached club. Also...who kidnapped Hines-Allen?

    I'm all for development during the season but this was a totally winnable contest and a chance to over deliver on our national ranking. Gotta win the tough ones.

    1. Myisha was, in a review, "el-stinko" on offense but I still
      don't get playing her just four minutes in the second half. Was Walz trying to prove a point, teach a lesson or was there a conflict between the two. I think it cost the Cards the game but I am no longer a coach and certainly not the expert on the game that Coach Walz is. I will support my team whoever is on the court and whatever the results are. Just puzzling, that move. The Deb Factor.

    2. OMG you said it! I'm sure Myisha didn't go into the game saying let me screw up so I can sit and watch! And your 100% right even if she had a bad first half OK sit her..I get it...But in the end who did he hurt? His own team! He should have given her another opportunity to make something happen in the second half. If she still wasn't doing well then sit her. I look at all the stats and minutes for each player and it seems to me she does the most in the shortest amount of playing time. Asia and Mariya have about 2 to 3 games more in minutes!
      Just think what may happen if she had those minutes. She may not be the highest scorer this year but she's had less playing time. Also instead of blaming her maybe we can hit the THREES THAT OTHER TEAMS ARE KILLING US ON!

    3. I agree just one of those games for MHA. BJ used to have a three point shot also AC.

    4. Just to look at it from a different viewpoint...the Cards were still in this game with 1:30 to play...down by just one...and without her on the court...until Wright knocked down that deep three. Would have Myisha prevented that? Probably not...she would have been down in the paint defensively. Her potential for scoring is what Louisville missed in the final minutes.

      Maybe Walz wanted to see how Fuehring and the others would do in a pressure-packed situation on an away floor against a top ten opponent. Situations in JAnuary that might help in March kind of thing.

      I'm not saying this was his thinking strategy. I haven't spoke with him since the game. You did have three pretty experienced and knowledgeable players out on the court in that final stretch. None of them could step up with clutch scores. Moore's turnover was costly late.

      Another tough one right around the corner. We'll see how MHA responds at home against a team (Miami) went put 15 and 9 on down there last year in 27 minutes in a 79-51 Cardinal win late in the season.



  5. Like a V-8 Engine running on four cylinders.Go Card

  6. This team is a good team even though they didn't have their best players score. If the cards could develop there Biggs Ciera and Kylee this team would be awesome, so if two of your top players don't score you still have options on offense.

    1. PS who kidnapped BJ shot?????

    2. Her 2 for 7 Thursday night was disappointing. That circus scoop shot near the end was pretty excellent tho

  7. Walz cost the Cards that game by not putting Hines-Allen in earlier. Tough lesson learned.

    1. Horse hockey! Walz didn't lose that game! The Cards lost that game because of poor, late fourth quarter execution. Paulie and his staff chimps could have performed better in the final three minutes. Embarrassing, after such a good effort to get the lead late.

      Nick O.

    2. He made a poor decision that night and got burned!Bottom line!

  8. If you loose don't let it be a ACC home game .


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