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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nyemah, Henderson 2nd and 3rd in Kentucky Invitational -- SATURDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Women's Track and Field stars take second and third in weight throw...shot put today.

We've been firing pretty heavily on UofL women's basketball lately...and with the Cards WBB squad not playing until Sunday...let's take a look at a few other items today. 

Dolly Nyemah and Emmonnie Henderson are the two best "throwers" on the Cards women's track and field team. They traveled to the Nutter Field House in Lexington Friday to participate in the Kentucky Invitational. In the weight throw, Nyemah usually finished a little better than Emmonnie. That held to form yesterday...Dolly getting second with a top toss of 19.82 meters and "E" finishing third with a best of 18.73 meters. The winner was Sade Olatoye from Ohio State. She finished with a 20.13 meter performance. 

Emmonnie goes back in the shot put today. Dolly doesn't put the shot. "E" has the second best qualifying toss as they head into the finals...a 17.17 meter throw she had at Indiana last month. Only Erin Farmer from Arkansas State has throw better in the field of 17.80 meters. The Cards also have Megan Brooks (13.41m-best) competing. No discus toss tomorrow...that's usually not a indoor event. 


Former UofL lacrosse standout and All-American Kay Morissette has made the top 25 qualifiers for Team Canada in the 2017 women's lacrosse World Cup. Kay was a master at the draw control for the Cards and has been practicing with Canada since graduation. The Canadians went 0-3 over the summer in exhibition play. They'll need to pare the roster down to 17 before they travel to the World Cup in England and the World Games in Poland this summer. 

Continue to play, Kay! She was always such a fun interview...

Speaking of lacrosse, goal-defender Brittany Read and defense Steph McNamara were selected to the ACC Pre-season teams.  Lacrosse is busily at practice and will begin the 2017 season on Saturday, Feb. 4th. when they host Vermont at the L.L.S. 

Here comes Grayson and the Dookies...

Grayson Allen and the Duke Blue Devils visit the KFC YUM! Center today at noon and we're sure the Cardinal Student section will greet him with fond salutations and optimistic banter. Our Case Hoskins will be present...making sure his trip goes well (sorry about the pun). Coach K. won't be there. 

Case will join us via phone on The CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR (11 a.m. ET) on WCHQ 100.9 FM and at live from the YUM! and give us the scoop and a promised rant. Woo-hoo !!

We'll also review the UofL WBB squad's latest games and take a look at Sunday's game against Miami. We got audio from Pitt and much, much more! 

Join us for the broadcast. It's free, you know...and limited studio audience seating is available...just come around to the side door and tell Monk you're there for moral support or a member of the UofL yell leaders. Bring a treat for Punkin' and couple of craft beers for Worldwide. 


I had the extreme pleasure of hearing baseball coach Dan McDonnell and softball coach Sandy Pearsall speak recently at the monthly Sportsmen's Supper Club meeting. Both were excellent in their recaps of last year and previews for their upcoming seasons. Sandy has her top two pitchers back, her six leading hitters and some talented newcomers...including 6'1" freshman, right-handed pitcher Sydney Warinner. 

Sandy was fantastic, informative and always tosses in her wry sense of humor to the crowd. My application to be bat-boy for the trips to Las Vegas and southern California hasn't been approved yet, though...probably just an administrative delay...Sandy also always brings lots of "swag" to distribute to the audience. I got a great Cardinal pullover jackets and it's why she's probably one of...if not our favorite speakers each year. Treats!!!

Dan always delivers a great speech as well. He always recommends a book we should read and offered Mark Batterson's CHASE THE LION as an excellent read. 

He was right. I've been reading excerpts of it on-line while waiting for delivery of mine. A couple of great philosophies so far...

-- If the dream doesn't scare you, it's too small

-- Run toward the roar. Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death. 

He explains that animals will run away from a lion's roar. When they do that, they fall into the rest of the pack... quietly waiting in the opposite direction. Brilliant strategy, right? 

Maybe Walz could get Cortnee to stand screaming underneath the Louisville basket and when the opposition runs away from her...the other four Cards will be wide open.... 

(Just another reason why I no longer coach and Walz feels the need to instruct me on the basics...right?) 

have a super Saturday


  1. OT:

    is the address for the women's basketball update page which just made available all individual player stats. You select category and it moves to the current stats for that area such as 3 point shots made which shows Asia tied for made shots but number 2 due to more shots attempted.

    Sandy W.

  2. An issue i would like to address. I cannot really attend other sports along Floyd Street. I am limited in mobility and to attend a softball game, for example, requires me to walk a long distance to the stadium from the only place to park. I find the University of Louisville or the companies that run the venues to be very inconsiderate of people like me. If I watch a women's basketball game and want to use the handicap area I must view from the top of the lower bowl. My family has seats near the floor for volleyball, The stairs are daunting, to say the least, but the only way to access the seat are from the main concourse.

    Speaking of the main concourse, I am always angry that the entire lower bowl must exit onto a path that is no more than 5 feet wide and interrupted by handrails sticking out. There are few accesses to the broader, outside concourse. To me it should be considered a fire hazard at best. I was much happier watching game at freedom Hall. The KFC YUM Center is built to pack as many people into the arena as possible for the money rather than consideration of the ticket holders. Thanks for letting me rant.

    1. Well said. I no longer attend live UofL sporting events. I do go to Bellarmine games. I can park basically at the door with my handicapped tag and be in my seat with a very short walk. It's a shame that UofL doesn't provide adequate and easy access to those of us with mobility issues. I complained a couple of times. Didn't get a reply the first time and was contacted by someone the second time by someone who recommended I call TARC 3.

      You have dropped the ball, UofL.

  3. I don't miss the stairwells leading from the 300 sections to the main floor of Freedom Hall. Also the steps going up (and down) with no hand rails. That dingy ceiling and long bathroom lines. Give me KFC any day. I just wish I had the money for season tickets for the men.


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