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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Cardinal Couple - Worldwide Roundup

It has been a few weeks since I've written an article here at Cardinal Couple.  Life gets in the way sometimes, you know.  Thanks to Paulie for affording me the ability to step away for a bit to put a little more attention on some other events in my life (generally positive, no need to worry for me, just busy).  It's also been great to hear the great writing voice of Case and just get to enjoy that.

So, returning, I have several topics to cover today.

Heisman Hero

Unsurprisingly, Lamar Jackson won the Heisman Trophy last night.  The most prestigious award in college football.  This, of course, is the first Heiman winner at UofL, and he also has the distinction of being the youngest player to have been awarded the trophy.

Good news for Cards fan is that he still has at least one more year with us as he doesn't become NFL draft eligible until after next year's season.  He has also hinted at wanting to stay for both of his remaining years of eligibility.  I won't be holding my breath for that, but wouldn't it be exciting to see a senior year Lamar Jackson at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium?

If you'd like to be among the first to see Jackson and the Heisman Trophy...well, I have no inside information on this...but I would wager that attending today's Women's Basketball Game would be a wise plan.  Also, maybe you might want to stay in your seats at halftime, if I had to make a guess.

Women's Basketball vs WKU

Speaking of Women's Basketball, the team will be looking for another "Oh, buddy!" moment against those ballers down I-65 south of here -
WKU, after losing the game to them at Diddle Arena in Bowling Green last year.  OK, there's not quite the same level of angst and pressure in this matchup as there was against UK, but it still stings to lose to an in-state team like that.

Michelle Clark-Heard will always have a threatening team.  They are 5-3 on the year, with loses to George Washington, UT Arlington, and DePaul.  A lose to Doug Bruno's DePaul team is never one to hang your head over.  The only win of any real consequence is over IU, so at this point it's a bit difficult to judge the quality of this team without having watched them play (which I have not had the opportunity to do so, yet).

The game starts at 2pm at the KFC Yum! Center and will be streamed on The ACC Network Extra if you can't make it to the arena. You can always catch the great call of Nick Curran and A.J. on Cards Radio 790 as well. 

Volleyball Final Four is Set

I wouldn't normally talk about volleyball much after UofL has been eliminated, but I did want to take a moment to bring attention to the continuing success of the Nebraska squad.  Of course, their assistant coach Dani Busboom Kelly, will be coming to Louisville to take over as the skipper of our squad after her duties at Nebraska are completed.

Top seed Nebraska won easily over Washington to punch their ticket to the Volleyball Final Four (technically the name Final Four is specific to NCAA basketball, but no one has come up with a clever name like that for volleyball.  Soccer has "The College Cup", baseball and softball have "The College World Series" and "The Women's College World Series" respectively, Ice Hockey even has "The Frozen Four", which I think is particularly clever.  Suggestions for volleyball are welcome.).  They will face 4-seed Texas on Thursday in Columbus OH after Texas swept the Cinderella team of the tournament, Creighton, without a great deal of difficulty.  The other side of the bracket features 2-seed Minnesota, who swept 10-seed UCLA, and the only upset of the quarter-finals, 6-seed Stanford, who eked out a barnburner of a win over 3-seed Wisconsin in 5 sets to advance.  The Championship match will be Saturday at 9pm.

Hello, Radio! 

Another episode of THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO SHOW aired yesterday and Paulie, Case
and Worldwide discussed Lamar, WBB, MBB, and gift cards. It's always an adventure at Crescent Hill Radio and yesterday was no exception...with technical glitches and us not realizing we were actually on the air until we noticed the frantic motioning of our studio engineer.

The rebroadcast is available at the WCHQ website....It didn't get lost and the gremlins or Lamar Jackson didn't steal it or receive it in a ceremony.




  1. Congrats to Lamar and the entire UL athletics family. It's gotta be good for everyone.

    That WBB Heisman pose pic is pretty great. Hilarious with BJ going the opposite direction of everyone else. Good Luck to them today vs. WKU.

    1. Absolutely on Lamar! So humble, so driven. All he wanted to do is get back to his teammates. Hoping he''ll make an appearance at today's game.


  2. We need to start a movement for people to start doing the Heisman pose the correct way. Feet planted, full stride, arm straight out, and staring down your opponent. The half-hearted "leg high, arm low" Heisman pose is an epidemic across all sports.

    1. All right. I see a need for a picture/demonstration of you doing this.


    2. Great Idea! How about the entire Card Couple Crew doing a group pic in the Heisman pose? That would be an instant classic.


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