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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

As ACC WBB Conference Play Draws Near...still a log jam at the top of conference -- WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Six ACC teams being conference play on Thursday in a league that has 2/3rds of their members at .818 or better so regards to win/loss percentages. 

Still atop the standing is Virginia Tech at 12-0 and now #19 in the nation. With just one loss are #15 Duke, #7 Florida State, #11 Miami and #2 Notre Dame. #8 Louisville, Clemson, Georgia Tech, North Carolina and Virginia have two losses on the season. 

Out of the remaining five schools, NC State is 10-3, Wake Forest 9-3, Pittsburgh 9-3, #25 Syracuse 9-4 and Boston College at 6-6. Seven ACC schools are ranked in the top 25.

Numbers will start to change soon, of course, as the conference battles get underway. Thursday's ACC v. ACC card includes Louisville hosting Syracuse, #7 Florida State at #11 Miami and #2 Notre Dame travelling to North Carolina State.  The FSU vs. Canes game should be a real doozy...maybe a slight edge to Miami at should Syracuse coming to Louisville. We give the Cards an edge in that one, too. Notre Dame may get a tough test from the Wolfpack...but we see the Irish smiling at the end of this one. 

The national rankings are from the AP polls. The USA Coaches polls are slightly different. I usually go with the AP rankings...unless, of course, the Cards are ranked higher in the USA version. Yes, I am a blatant homer. In the fictitious Paulie polls, I wouldn't have Syracuse ranked. They lost to Drexel. Seriously? I also believe that Virginia Tech will take a bit of beating when they stop playing the Presbyterians, Gardner-Webb's and Bowling Green's of college women's basketball and line up against FSU, Louisville, Notre Dame and Duke. I will give the Hokies credit for wins over Tennessee, Auburn and Nebraska, though. 

So...who are my top five as of 12/28? 

No one can collar Collier at UConn
1) UConn. Someway, somehow they manage to keep dwarfing the rest of women's college basketball. I think DNA testing and surveillance needs to be implemented.
2) Notre Dame. They lost to UConn. They've handled everyone else. Good enough for me.
3) Maryland. They haven't lost yet. The Cards tossed a scare into them. A front line as good as South Carolina's and productive guards.
4) Florida State. They lost to UConn also. With a healthy Romero and Thomas,, Slaughter, White, James, Brown and Conde they can come at you from a lot of angles. 
5) South Carolina. I'm not sure how Duke managed to beat them...but they certainly have handled everyone else so far. Wilson, Coates and Davis an unstoppable power trio. 

Who's hot in the league? 

Syracuse's Alexis Peterson is averaging 22.9 ppg, fifth best in the nation. Rebecca Greenwell (Duke) checks in at 20.5 and Stephanie Watts (UNC) has a 19.8 scoring average per game.

Milan Quinn (Wake Forest) leads the ACC in rebounding with 9.8 grabs a game. She's the only ACC player averaging 9.0 or better. 

Lindsay Allen (Notre Dame) is the leading ACC assist creator with 7.1. Peterson is second with 6.6. Mariya's sister, Minyon Moore, has 5.5 a game for USC. 

Oderah Chidom (Duke) is atop the conference block party with 2.7 a game (32). Virginia's Felicia Alyeotan is next with 28.

Chanette Hicks (Va Tech) leads the nation in steals with 60...a solid five a game.
Peterson is #17 in the nation with 3.2. Minyon is doing pretty good here as well with 36...or 3.3 a contest. 

This Bison has buckets! 
Briana Day (Syracuse) has the highest shooting percentage (60%) in the ACC...with Brianna Turner (Notre Dame) right behind her at 57.4%.

Louisville's Asia Durr is second in the nation with 48 threes made. Taylor Thunstedt (North Dakota St.) has made 52 in 13 games. Watts and Greenwell chase Asia in-conference with 43 and 40 respectively. 

362 days till christmas! 


  1. Nice write today Paulie. I think Baylor is pretty strong this year as well and they're in my top 5. Wow. Minyon Moore? How did Louisville miss out on her with her sister here?

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

    1. I agree nice write up,I think Minyon Moore plays the same position as Asia Durr plays.

    2. Minyon is a freshman and was a point guard in high school. I don't know if there was ever a Louisville interest in her. How much she would have played behind BJ and Taylor and an expected Arica for 2016-17 is anyone's guess

  2. FSU will make the Final Four. Calling it now. Cards beat Syracuse tomorrow with constant pressure on Peterson. I'd have BJ on her until she can't lift her arms.

    Nick O.

    Projected starting lineup for 2018-2019
    life after the M&M girls era.
    Arica Carter
    Asia Durr
    Jazmine Jones
    Kylee Shook
    Ciera Johnsons

    1. Dana Evans will be an impact player on arrival and I expect Bionca Dunham to really make gains in the next couple of years. As for this year and beginning tomorrow night Walz's team needs to get Moore back on track outside, develop Cortnee into a scoring threat or play Kylee and get mean, nasty and tough on the boards. Keeping up the defensive efforts of the last couple of games wouldn't hurt either.

    2. I agree with Z & Dana Evans playing point backing up AC.Kylee getting stronger the @ four ciera @ center,Asia playing the 2 & Jaz playing the 3. Bionca or sam backing up kylee.

  4. Side bar topic Uconn is rolling due to Napheesa Collier, Katie lou Samuelson & Gabby Williams.Also the whole team plays great help defense.

  5. Let's focus on the here and now alot can happen between now and then. Also let's get to the final four now before we start worrying about what great starting line up you have two years from now. Lets get these 5 star recruits to the final! Good luck against the CUSE!

  6. The cards are not clicking on all cylinders yet,but look out when BJ starts hitting her shots go Cardinals beat Syracuse.


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