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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Henderson gets personal best in shot put...Lamar...Jeff Walz -- TUESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Somewhat lost over the weekend, with all the hoopla of basketball and bowl-bidding, the University of Louisville Track and Field squad opened their indoor season by participating in the Vanderbilt Indoor Opener at the Vanderbilt Field House. Emmonnie Henderson got off to a great start...winning the shot put and finishing second in the weight throw...setting facility records for both.

Henderson's shot put toss of 16.95m/55'7 1/2" easily outdistanced the competition in a personal best toss indoors for her. Her throw was over two meters further than the nearest competitor Jenessa Jackson from Western Kentucky. In the weight throw, Jackson turned the tables on Henderson with a toss of 19.40m...Henderson finished second at 18.61. 

Speaking of about this ol' classic from Sammy Hagar about 55?

Louisville also finished third (Natalie Uhl) and four (Megan Brooks) in the weight toss. 

The Cards had other successes at Vandy. Freshman Alexis Gibbons won the long jump and broke a seven-year school record with a 6.26m/20'6 1/2" effort.

The Cards head to the Hoosier Invite Bloomington, IN...on 12/9.  



In the "Captain Obvious" news of the day....Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson is a finalist for the Saturday awarding of the Heisman Trophy. That's like saying Asia Durr has a good shot. Gee, ya think so? 

He should win it easily. Shame on the detractors who point to the Cards last two losses. Lamar had big numbers in both. 

Rounding out the field are two Oklahoma players...QB Baker Mayfield and DeDe Westbrook, Jabrill Peppers from Michigan and Clemson QB DeShaun Watson. 

No contest. 



In case you've been in a coma or living in a cave and missed them, Jeff Walz made a few comments about participation and awards after Thursday's game against Maryland. 

National media decided to play "the Bulldog with a fresh bone" approach with them and drag the comments through the yard and critique them. 

Such is the world of journalism these days. If it's controversial, reactionary or out-of-the-norm...there are plenty of wide-eyed, hit-seeking Joe's and Jane's out there ready to load and fire. A Google search for Jeff Walz has the press conference as the top 10 articles. A couple of CARDINAL COUPLE articles...totally un-related to the Maryland post-game...are next under Jeff Walz. We shy away from the controversial stuff. Most of the time, it has nothing to do with the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports...which is our mission statement. 

Another thing we're not too fond of is how some of these article writers probably spent hours searching for awkward pictures of Jeff to accompany their comments. We've included a few of them...just to show how the power of photography can help shape a reader's view and opinion of written script. 

OK, people...time to move along. His players, the majority of Cardinal fans and us here at Cardinal Couple are 100% behind the words. Maybe the platform, after a tough loss to Maryland, was a bit awkward...but message received loud and clear by the team. 

As Walz so plainly reminded us...this is America and we still have the freedom of speech afforded to us under our constitutional rights. There have been a few times we have been called to task for a description or statement here at Cardinal Couple. I guess the old Abraham Lincoln statement holds true: 

" You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the times but you can't please all of the people all of the time." 

We're pretty sure that if Jeff Walz wants to please people...he'd prefer it be by winning basketball games. 

I'd rather see the mass media go into a deep discussion and dissecting of the latest Walzian Theorum...One now and one later = Two.

Or promote a possible Paulie and Walz comedy tour after the season...with Myisha Hines-Allen opening for us. Yeah, buddy! .

Maybe an article about how Jeff and his wife Lauren were there with Myisha Hines-Allen when she dedicated her life to the Lord

Coach Walz backed up his remarks on Sunday after beating Kentucky. Myisha Hines-Allen and Briahanna Jackson did too in post-game interviews. We stand with them. If I lose at something, whether it be horse-shoes, handicapping or having a discussion...I don't need a participation ribbon, comfort dog or coloring book to help ease the pain. I'd rather go with the "opportunity out of defeat" option and strive to do better next time. 



  1. Preach it, Paulie! Walz is dead on with his remarks and I stand with you, him and the players. (Can't wait for the comedy tour. Are you going to be Abbott or Costello?)

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. Personally, I think it's weird to have a QB/WR combo both as Heisman Finalists. The implication would be that one of them is benefiting from the other's Heisman level play. If you take Westbrook from Mayfield is he "Heisman Worthy"? If you put Westbrook with any other QB is he still "Heisman Worthy"? Just my opinion.

    1. To clarify: if you take Westbrook from Mayfield is Mayfield still Heisman Worthy?

    2. I think Baker Mayfield is a great name for a NASCAR driver and neither he nor Westbrook are worthy of the Heisman. If I had to choose, I'd go with Mayfield over Westbrook...for third and fourth place. Watson the only real contender for Lamar.


  3. Lamar should win by big numbers, Congrats to "E" and keep it up and I stand with Walz. I don't need no stinking participation trophy.

  4. Well Played Paulie. I was checking Swishappeal for Paige's UK piece yesterday, which was great as usual and also wins the award for Best Title of the Week with "Cardinal Rules". In any case right next to Paige's piece was one about Walz by a recently graduated Drake WBB player by the name of Carley Grenfell titled "No Time for Friendship Brackets". It's exceptional and I'd recommend everyone take the time to read it. It just validates what Walz said in his UK presser about his ballers coming back a few years after graduation and thanking him for the discipline he instilled in them. That's the true value of athletics.

    Nice to see E is healthy and making things happen. I'm going to show my ignorance here about Track & Field. I know what the shot put, discuss and hammer are as events but I don't know what the "Weight Throw" is. Help a brother out.

    Finally I'm a bit concerned that The Guv may still be wandering the halls of The Yum or may be curled up in the corner somewhere. You may want to send a search mission out to make sure she's OK. After all she's been so prompt in commenting on the UL/UK game in the past but we haven't heard a word from her yet. Just a safety check...

    I like Lamar for the Heisman but there's a lot of buzz going the other way in the media right now. Maybe just noise. I think he wins based on the numbers but it's hard to compete with the Clemson guy being in the playoffs.

    1. Paige is an excellent writer and we enjoy her columns as well. One of our occasional radio guests, she has a unique approach and style. We approve of her messages. The weight throw is a 20 lb. round metal ball, attached to a "D" ring handle/holder...the footwork slight different than the shot or discus.

      We haven't heard from the Gov since the loss. Rumor is she's walking back to Lexington on I-64 holding a "We Still Believe" poster and refusing rides from truckers or anyone in a red vehicle. We'll send one of the staff chimps out in a gold cart to see if we can get an update.

      Lamar still leads with a 33% voter preference at ESPN...the gap has narrowed but we're still confident he gets the trophy.

      Great article by Grenfell. It is recommended reading to all. Link is


    2. Played for Coach Walz and Frese at Maryland and I let him know a few years ago what his influence had on my life. If I wasn't for him, I might have left. He keeps it real and tells you how it is. Louisville, you are lucky to have him

    3. Thanks to you, Anon...a post from someone who has actually gone through it with Walz is worth more than thousands words from old guys posting their theories about how his coaching impacts folks.

      Total Respect.

  5. I am very glad that Myisha accepted Jesus into her heart. Bless you and may the Lord watch over you.


  6. Ok, Paulie. A congratulations are in order for the little birdies win over UK. It's not like you blew us out or anything. If Epps hits that little jumper with five seconds to go in regulation, the Birds go down again. Congratulations to Where's Waldo. He is now 4-6 against UK since he got to Louisville.

    See you down the road. On a neutral court. With better refs.

    Matthew Mitchell For Governor


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