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Thursday, September 22, 2016

On the first day of Fall...let's talk Fall Sports! -- Thursday Cardinal Couple


With fall officially here now...according to the seems like a good time to discuss the Fall Sports we've been following here at CARDINAL COUPLE. For brevity purposes, we'll look at Field Hockey, women's Soccer, Volleyball and Football...since those are the four we've been paying the most attention to. This is not to slight what men's soccer, women's golf, cross country or rowing have been up to. They've been active and vibrant. 

First off, it doesn't seem like fall here in Louisville. 92 degrees yesterday, a promise of the same today and Friday and air quality ragweed...have a lot of people miserable here in the Ohio Valley. The mornings have been cool the last couple of days and that's special. With fall comes the inevitable tasks of leaf enormous tulip poplar is already starting to drop them...shaping and trimming the hedges in the front yard and making the transition from shorts and t-shirts to long pants and sweatshirts. The seasons change here in Louisville...these hot, fall afternoons will be missed when it's -10 degrees outside and the roads are ice skating rinks...


Justine Sowry and the Flock have but one blip on the radar...a loss to Duke at Trager last Friday. At 7-1 (0-1) and ranked at #7 in the nation...Professor Paulie gives them a grade of  A- so far for the fall. The Duke game was winnable...losing 2-1 to the #2 team in the nation is no disgrace and it seemed the Cards were getting opportunities to create and score but couldn't finish the process against the Blue Devils. 

The squad has used a combination of returnees and new players to acheive these heights. We'll give shoutouts to them. 

( Update 11:15 a.m.) The rest of this post was "lost in the cyberspace somewhere...and I cannot retrieve it and didn't save it.) 

to sum it up...we gave Soccer a "B", Volleyball a "C" and Football an A+

Sometimes, the format has its glitches. 


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  1. Side bar topic Asia Taylor really thrives on the open court . Wow


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