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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Another 30+ point win for Louisville Football (ho, hum...) -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

Note:  BE sure to check out Case's article as well , which should be posted later today. He's out-of-town...seeing how many Madisons he can find in Madisonville...a new version of Pokeman Go? 


Another Saturday night, another 30+ point win for Louisville Football. This time the victim was Marshall...who did manage to keep it interesting for the first 15 minutes. 

Lamar Jackson, who threw for five touchdowns and ran for two more, gave himself the grade of "F" for the performance during his post-game interview. We're not sure what he considers an "A"...but it's probably something that mortal man could not accomplish or comprehend and probably takes place in another dimension or time continuum. 

Slow start? Yeah, it was. The Cards were having trouble blocking and that resulted in Lamar having to do a Three Stooges routine early. After that, he became General George Patton and marched through Marshall like Paulie attacks a pizza buffet...


1) ACTION JACKSON - Jackson threw for 417 yards. The Cards had 690 total yards of offense. Marshall had a total of 207 yards. He didn't reach 100 yards rushing...but as Petrino mentioned after the game:

"We wanted him to work on his passing." 

 He got some work did running back Brandon Radcliff..who ran for over 100 yds.

2) WHY, BOBBY, WHY? - After a Cardinal fumble early in the fourth quarter, which led to a Marshall score...the Cards re-inserted the first string offense. At that point, the score was 52-21 Louisville. Why risk an injury to your Heisman candidate and your best running back? Sure, Marshall scored twice in less than a minute...but...(OK, I'll stop here. I make no claims of having even 1/100th of Bobby's knowledge of the game.) 

3) CAN HE KICK, TOO? - Maybe the Cards should try Lamar on field goal attempts also. The Cards place-kicker Blanton Creque missed a "gimme" early on and the battle of mediocrity continues between Creque, and Evan O'Hara. Just sayin'...I hope kicking doesn't come back to haunt the Cards down the road. 

4) WHAT'S UP WITH THAT, MARSHALL? Beer sales are restricted to certain sections of the stadium. Far away from the visitors sections. As one attendee told me...

"We thought of bum-rushing the CSC guards that were keeping us from getting in there. We re-thought it, though...and figured a night in the Huntington jail might not be much fun." 

Join the 21st. century Marshall...

5) " THERE'S A FLAG ON THE PLAY" The Cards had more penalties than the most penalized team in Division I football last night. 12 whistles for 143 yards is too many. A repeat of that at Clemson will result in a Cardinal loss. 



Both women's Soccer and Volleyball play today at 1 p.m. The Kickin' Cards are at Lynn hosting Boston College. The wide-netters are at Florida State. Both should be available on the ACC Network Extra if you can't go. Field Hockey is in Boone, NC facing App. State. 

I'll be watching on-line. The knee is preventing me to do steps or drive well...and I missed the charter to Tallahassee (just kidding) so here's hoping we keep the win streak this weekend going. #13 men's Soccer routed Virginia 6-1 last night. 

I hope the guys stashed a couple of goals somewhere in Lynn for the gals today. 



If you missed yesterday's broadcast of THE CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR need to blame Bobby, Lamar or Brent Musberger. (Musberger called the UK vs. South Carolina game last night on the SEC Network. Yes, he's still out there, folks). Worldwide and I had a lively discussion about Field Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Football and the station dog...Punkin'. And, some revealing audio as well, about how people really feel about stuff. 

The rebroadcast of Saturday's show can be found at the following coordinates: 



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  1. Maybe not UofL's most convincing win but my goodness, this team can score! Looking forward to them coming to Clemson.

    Arthur (your favorite Clemson fan)
    Greer, SC


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