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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Howie Show a welcome mid-morning listen -- Wednesday Cardinal Couple


In case you haven't discovered it yet, a great mid-morning sports show has surfaced on 93.9 WLCL "The Ville" Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. - noon. It's also streamed live on the internet. Just google The Howie Show to get you there.

Howie Lindsey, a long time fixture on the University of Louisville sports scene, has taken the airwaves by storm and the numbers are impressive in his first three months. Lindsey's format during his 10 hours of radio time each week covers all UofL Sports and he gives Louisville women's sports ample airplay with Jeff Walz Wednesdays and CARDINAL COUPLE Women's Sports Review on Tuesdays. He strives to keep it fresh, relevant and non-repetitive as possible. 

I recently did a little Q&A with Howie and, although Worldwide deemed the sound quality a little rough to listen to (I and electronic devices) ...we got some great stuff out of it. If we can, we'll backdate post it here on the article.

Here's the excerpts:

Paulie: Did you see yourself doing something like this when you were a freshman at UofL?

Howie: I was originally planning on working in the political speechwriting/campaign field...but shifted gears and started doing some sports writing. I knew that was the direction I wanted to go after I got into it and I've been fortunate to be associated with a lot of great people. 

Paulie: Your most embarrassing moment as a sport reporter? 

Howie: Probably a few years ago when I was on the elevator at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium and dropped my briefcase. When I bent over to pick it up, my backpack caught my pocket and ripped my pants wide open in front. There were several UofL football coaches on the elevator with me and they just kind of looked at'OK, who's this bozo?' I rode to the top with them, then rode back down and went home and changed pants.

Paulie: Your worst road trip?

Howie: There have been a few but the West Virginia football trip a few years back when we got the blown kickoff call and they won in multiple overtime. We were going to head straight home after the game but changed our minds since it was late. We couldn't find lodging anywhere in Morgantown...and ended up at this ancient motor court. The beds weren't the same size or height, there was a light fixture installed over a non-working light fixture, the sheets were not hotel they were out of someone's closet or something and the shower didn't work. To top it off, I was driving home the next morning...trying, like a find a signal on my laptop and got into an accident. My front bumper came off. 

Paulie: That beats anything I've got...who would you like to interview if you had the chance? 

Howie: That's a really good question. Maybe a standing president or past president. Warren Buffet would be a great interview. Maybe sitting down and having lunch with Dave Ramsey...

Paulie: Something about you people may not know? 

Howie: I'm really into music. 

Paulie: A food you can't say "No" to?

Howie: Rice Krispies Treats. The ones with Lucky Charms marshmallows are really good. 

Catch The Howie Lindsey Show if you get a chance. You won't get the pretentious, self-effacing babble you hear on some other sports-talk show. What you will get is quality commentary and interviews with the makers and shakers on the Cardinal sports scene. 


I've embedded the audio file here...there's a mysterious staticy popping that we're not sure where it came from (Paulie, maybe check your batteries).



  1. Audio not working. Maybe Paulie not the only one tech-challenged?

    Nick O.

    1. Well, it *was* working...looking into it.

  2. seems to be up and running now. Howie is as real as they get. The WVU story is hilarious.

    The Real Joe Hill

  3. Are there going to be any tickets available through UL for the UK women's game (UL section of seats reserved) or are we left to deal with Rupp vendor?


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