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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Louisville women's's time to get defensive -- Tuesday Cardinal Couple


As the Louisville women's basketball team practices in preparation for Friday night's game against Marist in Estero, FL in the Gulf Coast Showcase, Jeff Walz is looking for his five best defenders and those will be the five that take the floor against the 0-4 Red Foxes. 

(If it means anything, Sonja and I spotted a red fox in our backyard last night near dusk and it was running scared and quickly looking for shelter.)

Scoring isn't a concern for Walz, his squad is averaging 70 points a game...which could easily be 80 if they'd start making more wide open layups...but stopping the opponent is of prime concern for the Cards' head coach...who sees opponents averaging 73 points per game. Also, opponents are shooting 48% against Louisville. 

Starting lineup changes are likely for the #23 ranked, 0-2 Cardinals and Walz is using these three days of practice before departing to Florida to determine the players that will be his best defenders.  

OK. So who besides Briahanna Jackson will be on the floor for the tip against Marist? 

Walz isn't saying yet...we may not know until game time...but here's one intrepid columnist guess on the other four. 

Dakota Weatherford. The transfer guard from Evansville is all about the hustle and intensity. Two very good components for defense. If Walz wants to send a message to the squad that they need to hustle, what better way to get it across than by finally playing her?

Sydney Brackemyre. Syd's another one that is a competitor and goes until she hears the whistle. Fully capable of guard a paint player or wing...the 6'1" red-shirt freshman runs the court. The knee is the only potential drawback, not the heart or courage. 

Cortnee Walton. Shooting may not be her strong suit as of yet but she gets to the boards well and does not give up her ground in the paint willingly.

Mariya Moore. Maybe a little too aggressive at WKU with five fouls, the sophomore has a wealth of basketball knowledge and can be tenacious on traps and presses.

The word is out on the practice courts at Cardinal Arena and the KFC YUM! Center. Defense gets you playing time from here on out.  Who will stand up, lock-down and deny the distributions? 

( is well-known that my prediction rate is usually about 20% or less...ask any of the fall women's coaches...but it's 100% certain defense decides these upcoming days for WBB.) 



  1. Interesting lineup Paulie. Arica Carter would be my only addition, replacing Syd. Marist started slowly in their last against St. John's but didn't get romped by the Red Storm. I'm considering driving up from Naples to Estero to watch Friday action. Will let you know.

    The Real Joe Hill

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