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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Meet the new girls -- Tuesday Cardinal Couple


When Louisville women's basketball takes the court Sunday afternoon against California, eight women who have never recorded a stat in the history of Louisville basketball will be available to Jeff Walz. 

As fans, there will likely be an adjustment period to learn these eight. Some you'll easily recognize, others may take a little longer to match the name and style with the number. 

So, as a public service and familiarity guide....we present to you the highly un-official but hopefully helpful


# 1 ERIN DeGRATE  6'4" C     Waco, TX

DeGrate is the tallest of the you should be able to get familiar with her quickly. She'll battle in the post and will be grabbing rebound. She chose Louisville over Baylor, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Texas Tech. She's one of five kids in her family and has a professed "sweet tooth". Follow her on Twitter @ErinBalls_254

# 3 SAM FUEHRING  6'3" F     Wanaque, NJ

Fuerhing will be a player you'll come to recognize right off the bat because of her ferocious style of play in the paint and scoring ability inside. She picked Louisville over South Carolina, California, Tennessee and Rutgers. She has five brothers and played club ball on the New Jersey Sparks team in 2014 with Myisha Hines-Allen. She also had a pretty mean Volleyball career at Immaculate Conception H.S. Track her exploits at @SamFuehring

# 5 TAJA COLE  5'7"  G               Richmond, VA

You'll come to know Cole quickly because of her quickness and defense. Expect to see her leading and finishing the fast break. Also blessed with a better-than-average outside shot...Cole is an all over the court threat. Parents complained about her in grade school because she kept stealing the ball from their kids. We think you'll see it carry over to college. She also enjoys hospital volunteering. Probably to check on all the ankles she's broken over the years. Tweet her @teamcole5

#22 BRIANNA JONES   5'9" G         North Babylon, NY

Known as "Bree" by her teammates and "Jonesie" by the coaching familiarize yourself with her as the girl who keeps hitting all those mid-range jumpers. She's a versatile off-guard who also thrives in the transition fast break sets. Her long range plans are to major in accounting...which will be helpful in tracking her career stats.  You can get updates @B_thekid_Jones

#25 ASIA DURR   5'10"  G               Douglasville, GA

The #1 player in the #1 class of 2015, Asia has the skills to take over any game and make all her teammates look fabulous. Getting closer to 100% after a summer groin injury, you'll recognize her right off the bat when she creates those "Did you see that? moments on the court. Send your emo's to @A_Hooper25

#31 SYDNEY BRACKEMYER  6'1"  F   Wilmington, OH

Syd the Kid should be familiar to all since she was on the bench during her redshirt season at Louisville last season. With a smile big enough to light up the KFC YUM! Center...Syd can lock them down on defense and punish opponents inside or out. She also dons Asia Taylor's old jersey and we're betting she'll be just as integral part of the Cards as A Tayy was. @Syd_the_kid31 will get you Twittered up with the pride of Clinton Massie

#15 DAKOTA WEATHERFORD  5'6"  G   Arcadia, IN

The latest addition to the 2015-16 squad, "Kota" brings a never-say-die, competitive spirit to the team. She led her Evansville squad in steals and assists during her year there and will be a crowd favorite coming off the bench. The Arcadia, IN native will be easily spotted for her high arching, long range attempts. Defensively strong and deceptively quick...she's a secret weapon that the mad scientist will unleash upon beleaguered opponents. @kotaweatherford is the address for congratulatory comments.

#21 BRIAHANNA JACKSON  5'6"  G   (From a galaxy far away) 

A recruiting bonanza for Walz after she left UCF to search for a school that fit her playing style..."B.J." is all that is advertised and has out-of-this world quickness, leaping ability, scoring prowess and game knowledge. Already emerging as a team leader, Jackson's star is just beginning to rise and she'll be a candidate for a banner in the rafters of the KFC YUM! Center when her time is done here at Louisville. She's not a big social media maven...but you can show her a little love at @bj_hoopster. 




  1. Paulie - Any thoughts on a starting lineup?

    I'm guessing Moore, Hines-Allen, Walton, BJ and Carter.

  2. That's pretty much the one I offered Howie Lindsey last week.


    1. Remember Coach says it matters who finishes, but the aspect of seeing all five freshmen out there at once is certainly an intriguing one. Five days!

      The Real Joe Hill

  3. Wow Paulie, Jackson is that good? Makes me feel better about the season with her experience/talent. Who would have thought we might not have one freshman start?

    1. She's definitely bounced out of the gate as the clear leader. It's a long race and we'll see if she's still there at the wire...but for now, she looks "All that and more".



  4. Dec 3rd game at Michigan State is going to be tough. Our out of conference schedule is much stronger competition than last year.

    1. A good thing...getting this young team in the frying pan early will be very beneficial when ACC schedule and NCAA Tournament rolls around.


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