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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sydney Zambrotta -- A name Cards WBB fans need to know -- Thursday Cardinal Couple


We don't spend a whole lot of time on recruiting and prospects here at CARDINAL COUPLE...but the name Sydney Zambrotta is one that we're hearing from multiple source as one that the Cardinal WBB coaching staff is raving about and pursuing. 

Zambrotta, a 5'9" off guard out of Christ the King H.S in North Babylon, NY. and club team New Heights is currently ranked at #58 in the 2016 Class and #14 at her position. Going into her senior season...the word and prevailing thoughts are she'll climb much higher than that....based on her summer club play. 

If the name Christ The King sounds familiar...the Cards had a whale of a guard named Bria Smith who attended there. Remember #21? 

Observations from a reliable but unofficial source close to the UofL program indicate that:

"The Cards are hot and heavy on Sydney. She's a big-time scorer and has fantastic outside shooting skills. She is a lefty that can take smaller guards inside and score on them in the paint, deceptively quick, passes well in the transistion game and has a shooter's mentality."  

Louisville isn't alone in their quest to have her become a student-athlete on their campus. We're hearing South Carolina may have extended an offer and that Miami and Minnesota are quite impressed....just to name a few.  

Jeff Walz prefers 'makers' over 'shooters' when it comes to sending the orange orb to the rim and it looks like Sydney fulfills the requirement there. She averaged 23.4 ppg as a junior and 5.5 steals. She was also a tryout for the 2014 USA U 17 squad. 

We can't wait to see how her senior season goes and certainly hope the coaches can get her on campus for a visit. 

She's also one to consider as a potential candidate for my "steamed" colleague Worldwide's All-Louisville Sid/Syd team...which features several softball players, Syd Brackemyer and maybe a incoming freshmen or two. I can never keep up with his current roster. (He'll probably add a comment today with the updated list.)

We've got a great tradition of "Asia's" started here at the 'Ville. Why not build a "dynaSYDsty" ?

Look at the 'Ville...Syd. It's all happening front of 12,000 a night in the best home for college hoops & athletic directorship in the nation. Knowledgeable and passionate fans. Brianna Jones is here from North Babylon (you two have probably met a time or two) and you'll be playing against schools from the best women's basketball conference in D1.

While in Spain, it appears Jeff Walz
 successfully grew a plant out of his forehead!
 All right, Coach! 
Always room for another Syd...always room for a guard that can hit from outside and run the court. The Cards are constantly drawing attraction and consideration these days from the best and the brightest in the girls' high school basketball world. In Jeff Walz, Louisville has one of the most dynamic, successful and respected college coaches in athletics. Yes, competition is fierce...and the talent level already on campus as we head into the 2015-16 WBB season is as good as its ever been. Sounds like it would be fun to be a part of, right?    



  1. Indeed, we need a new Syd. Sydney Cooper left the Volleyball team mid-season last year (right after I named my All Sid/Syd/Szyd team.

    I'm percolating on another All-something team to be named on Tuesday in my article. I have the theme, and three entries, gonna have to look for some more to flesh it out, but stay tuned!

    Since it's ThrowBack Thursday (TBT in twitter parlance), I'd like to mention my very first All-something team that I named here on CC. The All-Rod team. Notable members were Kevin Ware and Emily Juhl, both on the team because of the metal rods in their legs as a result of and preventative of catastrophic leg injury respectively. But another member was a then basically unknown freshman on the Football team - Gerod Holliman. Of course, Gerod then went on to tie the NCAA single-season interception record his Junior year, then was drafted that year by the Pittsburgh Steelers for whom he still plays.

  2. Maybe you should come up with a All-Time name list of your UofL WBB players that have lost to Matthew Mitchell?

    Having a good summer, Cardinal Couple?

    Matthew Mitchell For Governor

    1. Maybe we should make a list of all the UofL WBB players who have participated in a Final Four and compare to to the list of UK WBB player that have.... that a goose egg next to UK?


    2. That or we could start a list of UKWBBer's that have let their club down by due to their inability to follow the rules set down by the President of the International Frozen Follicle Fraternity, the Matster.


    3. Or maybe we should start a list of the UKWWBer's that will be starting in the upcoming WNBA All Star game. Then we can take a look at how many have ever made the All Star game in the history of the W.

      Just Sayin.


    4. LOL.

      "...and this one's going into the ninth inning with Burn leading 2-0 over Gov. Looks like Burn has his best stuff today and may get a complete game shutout. Gov hasn't gotten on base since the first inning."

      Larry Carey

    5. Maybe the dingos ate the UK women's program.

      Shirl Streep.

    6. Maybe UK needs to get World Wide Wes involved in women's basketball so 5-6 UK WBB freshmen each year would get picked in the first round of the WNBA Draft and then subsequently get cut or sent to the "D" league (does the WNBA have a "D" league?) and then Coach Cal could take over both men and women's basketball and then eventually run with Matthew Mitchell as a lt. gov candidate and....

      aw forget it.

      UK sucks.

      Blue Lou

    7. i is still tryin to log in to that there uk datin site

      bubba fats

    8. I hate it but you are funny Guv!!! Keep giving it to us until we beat you.

  3. Great read on the newest potential Syd, Paulie! Maybe a Becky Burke here? Who would you guys say she resembles as far as former Cards go?

  4. I keep hearing Jeff Walz prefers makers over shooters. He sure doesn't recruit good shooters. Not trying to be a wise guy but if there's a weakness in his recruiting it's good shooters (and big people). Bria was an awful shooter.

  5. i was talking about bourbon....Wade.

    (Just kidding)


  6. More on Syd:


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