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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Laura Terry lands a new gig...An All-time UK team...--Thursday Cardinal Couple


We all remember Laura Terry. The tough-as-nails UofL WBB student-athlete who played three years for the Cards before injuries sent her to the sidelines. A lock-down defender. A career 52% shooter. An integral part of the 2008-09 squad that went to the NCAA Championship game. Stayed on for an additional two years as a student-assistant for Coach Walz before going to join Michelle Clark-Heard as a graduate assistant at WKU. 

WKU led to an assistant coaching at Weber State...where she was reunited with head coach (and former Louisville assistant Bethann Ord. After a year at WSU with responsibilities of on-court coaching and recruiting, scouting, player development, and community service initiatives...she has rejoined the coach who recruited her to play at Louisville. Coach "Z"...Zenarae Antoine.

Terry is a whiz at working with post players. At WSU she worked with Jalen Carpenter who led the team in scoring and rebounding. Another post player, Zakiyyah Shahid-Martin was nominated for the NSCA All-American Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year. 

Fifth year Texas State head coach Zenarae Antoine. Coach Z was an assistant at Louisville and Arkansas before taking the job in San Marcos, TX in 2011.  

Laura talks about the change in venue:

" I'm blessed to join Coach Z and her staff. I feel as though it will be a great environment to grow as a coach, as well as a person. Since she has been at the helm, she has done a tremendous job at building a culture focused on winning championships and I look forward to helping her continue to bring success to the program."

I'll always remember Laura for her defensive play against Rutgers in the 2009 Big East Tournament. She tracked down an errant pass and made sure the Scarlet Knights didn't gain possession at the end of regulation to force an overtime in a game that Louisville eventually won in two overtimes...87-82.

If Rutgers gets that loose ball, it is a layup and Louisville loses in the first round. Terry makes the play and the Cards force the O.T. and go on to win. They advance to the final game of the Tournament after beating Pitt to lose to UConn. A 34-5 record in 2008-08 with three losses to Geno.

Do you remember the other two teams that beat Louisville that season? We'll put the answer at the end of today's article....

Hard work and dedication...great words to describe the Ironton, OH (Rose Hill Academy) native. Another branch of the Jeff Walz player tree that has gone on to mentor others. 

Get it done in the Lone Star state, #24 and congratulations! We wish you the best of success...even if you're a "Wildcat" coach again.



Patty Jo Hedges
We recently ran a poll here where we asked you to pick the All-Time Top Eight WBB players at UofL. There is still debate about the final selections among a few of our readers. The polls have spoken. 

I asked Lexington-Herald sportswriter Jennifer Smith if she would be interested in coming up with an All-Time Top Eight UK WBB list. The affable UK beat writer responded to the request and asked her Twitter followers for suggestions.

Jen sent me this squad:

Valerie Still, Victoria Dunlap, A'dia Mathies, Patty Jo Hedges, Lea Wise Prewitt, Stacey Reed, Tiffany Wait and Leslie Nichols. 

They would appear to have a decided rebounding advantage over Angel, Shoni, Jazz, Asia, Valerie, Nell, Mo and Candyce. Who do you think would win this game, though?

I suppose the stats and such could be downloaded into  a computer and a simulation game could be created. 

I'm going to suggest we don't pick Walz and Mitchell to coach, though. For obvious reasons. How about Calipari and Pitino? Or Petrino and Stoops? Or Oscar Combs and Howie Linsdey? Or Laura Terry and Mickie DeMoss? Geno and "Q"?





  1. New TV coverage for the Miss USA pageant has been announced. The Reelz Channel is picking up the coverage.

    Reelz is channel 238 on DirecTV, channel 299 on Dish. Its in HD on DirecTV and alas, Dish only has Standard def.

    As far as I can tell, TWC does not carry Reelz at all. Can anyone find it? I don't see it on any of the online channel listings for TWC in Louisville.

  2. Congrats to Laura. She was playing when we first got season tickets and she quickly became my favorite player. I admired her hustle and tenacity on that bad knee.

  3. Only been following the Cards for 2+ seasons so didn't know about Laura. Fun to read and a good write up!

  4. Donald Duck could coach the Louisville Great Eight and defeat this UK team by 20+

  5. So UK now has their own dating site?!? Maybe the Gov can get herself in some trouble now...

    Hey Paulie...maybe there's a Card Dating site opportunity out there somewhere...

    1. woo hoo gonna git me sum wildkat luv in
      bubba fatz

    2. Boy, oh boy. I'm NOT EVEN going to go there...

      In the immortal words of Dan Fogelberg:

      "Changing horses in the middle of a stream
      Sometimes gets you wet and cold"

      I got my ride.

      As for the Gov...I'll let her speak for herself but I'm pretty sure she mated for life with her hubby.


    3. Hey Anonymous

      The only trouble I'll get into is when the UK Wildcats beat Where's Waldo in basketball again this year and I come over here to brag about it and rub it in.

      Q: How do you keep Jeff Walz off your front lawn?
      A: Put up a picture of Matthew Mitchell.

      Paulie is right. I have the love of my life. Hope you do, too.

      Matthew Mitchell For Governor.

    4. Well after our Cards crush your kittens in football in a couple months we'll be looking forward to a WBB rematch. From what I understand Mitchell is busy rewriting his club code of conduct to improve the odds that he can keep a team on the court next season. Can only dumb it down so far tho. That and he's looking for a new brand of hair's been bothering him a ton that a hair moved last season.

      As far as MBB goes, I'm still basking in the glow of Wisconsin ending the dreams of so many UK fans last season. It's the gift that keeps on giving..

      Happy for you and Paulie. I too seem to have found someone willing to put up with me. Go figure. Did it even without having to use that cool new UK dating website. I don't think I would have qualified in any case...I have all my teeth.

      Burn - forgot to sign off on the original

    5. LOL. Burn, I love ya! We emphasis the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports here at the CC. Thanks for being on that wagon with us.


  6. In pre-WW II Nazi Germany, a concentrated effort was made to have blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan women breed with like male counterparts to achieve a "Super-race"

    Eighty years later, a similar effort has emerged from the most backwards state in our nation. A "master-race " of trailer-trash, welfare receiving, illiterate hillbillies with bad teeth?

    I weep for our future. Throw Kentucky out of the United States.

    --Hartford Sue--

    1. Jeez. I've never been to Kentucky but have been treated well by almost all Kentuckians I've come into contact with. I goof on UK fans but Kentucky folks are pretty much known for their friendliness and graciousness. So lay off.

      I have however been to Connecticut and made the unfortunate life changing decision to marry a CT raised woman. It took twenty years, a divorce and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get away from that Harpy, her relatives / friends and her sour east coast attitude and world view. What a relief. I'd rather move to North Dakota than live anywhere in the NE United States.

      Finally although my better half is from California she is 100% blond and blue eyed which I find to be pretty cool myself.


    2. Whoa, Nellie! Sue...this is a step over the line.

      Louisville is a part of Kentucky and we're pretty proud of our fair city. I doubt seriously that our UK contingent is trying to build a SuperRace.

      In a society where good things are hard to find these days, let's all try to keep this site as a promoter of the joy and excitement of UoflL women's sports. Cool thoughts, happy days and live life with beautiful expectations and the desire to have a better tomorrow.

      Hate mongering sucks..Enjoy our diversity. It's what we are.


    3. Well said. Paulie.

      And God Bless Emmonnie Henderson for looking at the odds and laughing and saying:

      "Watch me now..."

      --The Real Joe Hill--

      (PS...They still love ya in Gatlinburg. You the man!)

      -- The Real Joe Hill--

    4. This may be the first time in the 21st century that you've been up and awake after 10 p.m...Joe.

      Well done sir and keep jamming on the E-string.


  7. Sylvia Hatchell Tar Heel coach might keep her job due to political correctness

    1. Bubba Cunningham and the university are making Hatchell and UNC women’s basketball the sacrificial lamb for something that has been proven she had absolutely nothing to do with,.

      Atta boy, Bubba. Give Ol' Roy the boost and step on Sylvia's toes.


      How did an investigation that centered upon the men’s basketball and football programs land on the doorstep of women’s basketball?”

  8. They got an athletic director named Bubba? That explains a lot. Maybe he, Goober, Opie and Floyd the Barber can meet up at Wally's Filling Station and revamp the athletic department. Or play checkers.

    --The Real Joe Hill--

  9. And you thought the last days of the Good Ol Boy network were upon us? Thanks for bringing that back around, UNC.

  10. " I gotta go back and get Bubba!"
    -Forrest Gump



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