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Friday, July 31, 2015

For the Atlanta Dream...this season has been a nightmare -- Friday Cardinal Couple


If you haven't been following the Atlanta Dream very closely this summer...well, I can't say that I blame you. Things down south are going south for Angel and Shoni's team.

Alice Cooper wrote a song years ago called "Welcome To My Nightmare". It's probably on head coach Michael Cooper's playlist. 

A drubbing last time out from San Antonio where Michael Cooper came up with the brilliant idea to not start either Angel or Shoni. Granted, both came of the bench and Shoni racked up 12 points and seven assists...Angel added 14 in 20 minutes. They started in the WNBA All-Star Game...Coop.

Maybe it's reality check time. Your benching All-Stars? 

The Dream also traded the only All-Star center the franchise has ever known in Erika de Souza. An original member of the franchise. Who's next... Angela Taylor? Going to peddle Tiffany Hayes off to the Sun? Angel to the Liberty? Shoni to Seattle? 

Maybe it's a youth movement...sure, fine...we get that...Maybe the eye is on tanking the season and being in line for "Stewie" when they hold the next WNBA draft next spring. Maybe you owe a little something, something to your fans, though?

The fans are not showing up or buying season tickets to see Damiris Dantas or Roneeka Hodges. The fans aren't walking in that building to see Cooper's defense. They want Shoni, Angel and three balls. They want to be entertained.  

Atlanta is 7-11 and has lost their last three. Up next are powerhouses Minnesota and Phoenix. The top two teams in the West. Get out the aspirin...

Let's be brutally honest here. This is Angel's team. Turn her, Shoni and Tiffany loose in the second half of the season. Let them play the game the way they play in All-Star games. 

Cooper prides himself in being a defensive specialist. So, your giving up 100+ to San Antonio? Without Danielle Adams? In legal terms...the defense rests. 

There has been speculation that the KFC YUM! Center wouldn't mind hosting the Dream for a summer while renovations occur at Phillips Arena. That could be a fun summer here for women's basketball enthusiasts. Atlanta states they are open to all options for the Dream. It would be a great dress rehearsal to see if Louisville could support a full-time WNBA franchise. 

And maybe the new franchise could trade for Shoni and Angel. 

Loyal fans attend games no matter what the record of their team is. Attendance increases when your team is doing well. I really hope Atlanta can turn it around. They have 16 games left to do so. They are five games out of first place...behind the surprising New York Liberty. There's still time...but is there the motivation to do it?

I guess we can dream....


1 comment:

  1. Good post. It isn't pretty over on the Dream sites. Lots of finger pointing and a not too cool Black vs Native negative vibe over there. Not Good.

    It may be Angel's team but if it is she needs to step up her game big time. The trade was insane and effectively gutted the club at least for this season.

    I don't see Shoni in ATL after her rookie contract is done. She's popular throughout the WNBA but she's already a legend on the West Coast. If Seattle or Phoenix don't end up with Shoni they'd be nuts. Would probably bump season tickets by 1000 and home gate by 2000 at either franchise.

    If Shoni ever gets is shape and can at least play average defense she'll be a force in the W.

    We'll see.



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