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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Softball rained out...More on Jude...and a bit of Football -- Saturday Cardinal Couple

Rains Came...Softball cancelled

Louisville Softball's game against Ole Miss Friday night was cancelled due to heavy rains in Oxford, MS. It's trending...the Cards final game in the FSU series at Ulmer also got cancelled due to rain.

April showers bring May flowers, right? All over our nation.

The Cards will put on the gloves and grab the bats today to try and get one in against the SEC squad. 


Jude Schimmel: A personal view

Jude Schimmel will be autographing (and selling) her book  Dreamcatcher Sunday evening at the Cardinal Hall of Fame cafe Sunday Night from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Cardinal Couple will be there to catch some words from Jude and witness the gala event. It should be quite fun.

I was thinking about the Jude experience here at UofL and will share with you some of my memories about that. 

She first came on my radar when we found out about Jeff Walz's interest in a flamboyant guard out of Oregon. Shoni. We saw that Jude was also on her sister's team and was an emerging star. You know the story. Shoni arrived, endeared herself to the Louisville WBB fan base as a freshman and Jude committed to the Cards the following year.

While Shoni was wowing Cardinal fans that freshman year, I followed Jude's senior year in high school. She was putting up  incredible numbers. I chanced to ask Coach Walz after she committed to Louisville if she was part of "a package deal"...brought in because of Shoni's decision to come to the 'Ville'...

Walz was emphatic in his answer. He made it quite clear that Jude's game could stand alone on it's own and she, too, would make a name for herself as a Cardinal. 

I trust in Coach's decisions. We soon found out it was correct.

As a freshman, she came in off the bench and became part of our "attack Yorkie" nomenclature here at CARDINAL COUPLE. She and Shelby Harper would enter games and display a ferocious tenacious performance. Diminutive but determined. Small but scintillating. 

Jude continued to provide a spark in her sophomore and
junior years. Smart, intelligent on the court. I loved seeing her and Shoni on the court together. I yearned to know what those sister conversations consisted of when they stood there together at mid-court during free throws or time stoppages. Jude had her setbacks. A nagging ankle problem. She overcame the adversity.

Shoni graduated and moved on. Jude had a season to go. Would she start next to Bria Smith? How would the incoming, talented freshman class affect her playing time? 

Jude continued to grow and prosper.  She was the brains, the heart and the leader on the floor. Those senior year contributions were incredible. Once again in her life, she showed that she was just fine without her sister by her side on the court. 

Jude goes into the next phase of her life now. I'm confident that she'll prosper and continue to grow. It will be fun to see where she is 5...10...20 years from now. 

Her story is already prolific and it has so many more chapters. One of many from a family full of love, commitment and care. Making her way, on her terms and 
in her own fashion. I maybe envy her a bit...with so much ahead and so much time to accomplish. Glamour Magazine, book-writing, meeting with the President...she just may be the pro-typical Renaissance woman. 

These days, I live the one-day-contract philosophy. It will be fun to see her make her mark on our world. One day at a time.



We don't stray too far from our commitment from UofL women's sports here at the "Couple"...but I did attend the Spring UofL Football game last night. I searched for current WBBers that may have attended but didn't run across any. Admittedly, it wasn't an intensive search...but I did run into a former WBB baller and chatted her up at halftime in the concourse. 

One thing that kept coming up in our discourse (name being with-held by request) was her still-strong love for this university and the women's basketball program. The chat was pleasurable. She was aware of our site here but admitted that she followed it very sporadically and mostly during hoops season. Gotta love the continued love for WBB at Louisville that she and many other former "hardwooders" still express. 

Oh yeah...about the scrimmage. The Red team was ahead 30-0 at the half. QB Reggie Bonnafon and the first team looking strong. I heard later that the final score was 59-0.

Petrino must be pleased. I left shortly after the half. Things appeared to be in good hands.



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Catching up on women's athletics at UofL, that's what we do. Worldwide has an interview with Anne Kordes and we have softball and lacrosse sounds as well. 

It's great fun and you should join us! 



  1. No News on the Cards possibly taking 5th year transfer Arielle Roberson? Well, we'
    d have to beat out Purdue and WVU. She is visiting on Sunday

    1. Interesting story line, indeed. We'll watch but we know nothing besides the general blurb that is out there. Experienced? Yes. Where she would fit in with the Cards? We'll cross that bridge if it opens...

      We look each morning at what to report on and try to pick from what is going on. We could have done an article on Cole, Jones and Durr also in the Jordan Brand Classic also but have decided to use that on radio today.

      Some days, there is a lot out there to consider. W.Golf, track...we try to cover what we can without making the site a half-hour read each some stories get set aside for possible review and mention down the road.

      Our communication level with WBB and Walz does drop off after the season ends a bit. There are other sports and events we like to analyze and review. The Roberson potential and other events are always open to discussion in our comments section.

      Fire away if you have ammo...



  2. Hey Paulie - Nice piece on Jude. They've got quite the public relations campaign going on out there on her book launch. Hope all of the local Cards sports supporters go out and support her on Sunday. Not many 21 year olds around that are publishing books. Quite an accomplishment. I was encouraged to see that she plans to finish up her masters in sports administration. Maybe not getting drafted by the W is a blessing in disguise.

    Just in case anyone missed it:

    Nice to hear that my Montana buddy Petrino already has the football offense in high gear. Should be a great year.

  3. Paulie, you mentioned the Jordan Brand game yesterday afternoon. Did you get a chance to watch it? I saw the second half. Taja Cole dominated that half - 18 points in the half, 26 for the game on 10-13 shooting and 4-5 from deep. As I commented after the McDonald's game, she is fearless. She has a great handle and is really good at getting into the lane. She had three assists and should have had about three more in the second half but her teammates missed easy shots.

    Durr and Jones did not make much of an impression in this one.

    1. Hope I'm wrong on Cole. She seems frail physically. Nice to know she had a great performance. I like her better defensively than Durr by far. Cole averaged more than 3x as many steals than Durr senior year

  4. I just read the recap. Didn't get a chance to watch. I was at the Football Spring game.
    We did talk about it on the radio show today. Her stats were impressive.



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