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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Becca and Hannah embody what commitment is about -- Sunday Cardinal Couple


Becca Maddock and Hannah Boyle aren't household names when it comes to UofL women's sports. They spent their four years at the University of Louisville helping Justine Sowry build a strong Field Hockey program and excelling at academic and community involvement. It is time their story be told.

Becca...who will be long remembered by field hockey fans for the go-ahead goal against #1 UNC this fall. That 3-2 win qualified as the Upset of the Year at the recent Louie Awards Monday evening at the Palace Theatre.

Hannah...part of the back line defenders that were a steel curtain against opponent's attempts to score. A young women who wanted to be a jockey when she was little. She's in the horse racing industry now as a supervisor of one of Churchill Downs' premier rooms. Still providing assistance and help.

Becca Maddock was the individual CardsCARE Award winner and the Field Hockey squad took the team award. Both are awarded annually for exemplifying a commitment to community service. The squad also won the Cardinal Cup. It signifies the winner of the annual competition among the UofL sports squads that encourages involvement in the Cards CARE program on many levels including life skills, community service, academics, career development and athletic achievement.

Coach Justine Sowry prepares her young stick swingers for life after graduation. Like so many of the UofL coaches, Sowry well knows that the building blocks and fundamentals of life her student-athletes pick up on the Belknap Campus will be the foundation for their life journey and careers. 

An Assumption girl who won a state title and a Rhode Island resident who actually has a dual citizenship in Ireland and the United States. Two girls who overcame sports injuries to be a major part of arguably the best Field Hockey team in the history of the sport at Louisville

Hannah and Becca.

To see them at Churchill Downs on opening night was a extreme treat. Becca remembered when I interviewed her after the UNC win. I remember her euphoric...almost giddy account of the win. I recalled the charging off the bench and the on-field celebration when Louisville Field Hockey defeated Duke and UNC. I told these two young women how exciting that was to see and how proud I was of them on those two days.  Their smiles were wider and brighter than the massive scoreboard out in the Churchill Downs infield.

Hannah and Becca.

Two members of an elite group that won four awards Monday night at the Louies. Part of a team that captured the hearts and admiration of a fan base that will forever be grateful. Two young ladies who have flown out of the Justine Sowry nest and will make an impact on and better all who happen to chance upon them. 




  1. this is one of the many things that impress me Cardinal Couple. You give such deserved attention to sports other than basketball, volleyball and softball. I am sure that the field hockey programs and these two young women are thrill for the exposure. Keep up the great work.

  2. What a wonderful story on these two girls, Paulie! I guess we tend to overlook some of the student-athletes that aren't always in the headlines. Based on your story today, I would be pleased and honored to meet these two girls and thank them for their contributions to THE CARDINALS and the community.

    The Real Joe Hill

  3. Nice piece Paulie. I agree with Charlie and The Joe. Non-Field Hockey UL women's sports fans not only don't know these two kids but don't know what field hockey is about in general. To the extent CC is trying to "widen the net" to capture and / or convert ULWBB fans to other sports this is a great approach. Feeling like you know the kids matters.

    Another suggestion might be to provide a link to a site or video that explains what the heck is going on during a field hockey contest. The ACC women's field hockey tourney was televised yesterday but I couldn't watch it for long as I don't know what's going on and unless the Cards are playing I really don't care.

    An observation...Paulie clearly has a great relationship with Walz and it shows in what gets put up here (and sometimes what isn't put up). Walz understands that CC doesn't have an ulterior motive in covering his club. It seems to me that in some cases some of the other women's sports don't seem particularly welcoming to efforts put forward by CC for whatever reason. It may be due to the goofy levels of bureaucracy in the U of L athletic department generally. I don't know but it doesn't make sense to me.

    I know CC periodically has interviews with coaches and participants in non-WBB sports which is great. That should definitely continue.

    To the extent the coaches and / or caretakers of other UofL women's sports want to generate more interest in their respective sports they would be well advised to embrace forums like CC as opportunities to expand interest in their efforts.

    Guest interviews on the radio show or guest postings here would be a great way to expand interest.

  4. Your kind words are appreciated, gentleman...and the checks are in the mail. LOL. We try each day to live up to the mission statement of CARDINAL report on the joy and excitement of UofL women's sports from a fan's perspective. We have been so fortunate over the years to have a unique access to the in and outs of these programs and the players and coaches that make them up. We never forget how fortunate we are to have these accesses.

    I can honestly say that my interaction with Coach Walz and the other excellent women's coaches on campus is something I treasure and try to keep on a respectful level. The sports information department assistants are also invaluable in how they assist us do what we do and that same respect and thanks goes to them.

    As the spring season of sports starts to slowly wind down, we will switch gears to a more commentary and observation mode instead of the basic game report and analysis approach. There are so many great stories that can be told about the people who make up Louisville women's athletics and we intend to tell them.

    All this and working 40+ hours a week at a paying job and mixing in family and social makes for some long days and bring a bit of fatigue at times...but it is our passion...our hobby...our pastime. Some people chase a white ball through a field and smash it with sticks. Some macrame, grow flowers or collect memorabilia as hobbies. This site is my hobby and what I'm fairly certain I'll still love to do for as many years I'm still taking in air and moseying around.

    Thanks again and "play ball!"



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