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Saturday, April 25, 2015


( Our Saturday CARDINAL COUPLE report will look at the UofL Softball win over Boston College. Our radio show is today at 11 a.m. and we'll preview that. Also, it is Derby Week in Louisville, KY. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Bats, microphones and horses...have I been to this party?) 


Maryssa Becker delivered a three hit, one run allowed performance from the circle while striking out six and Kayla Soles two-RBI single in the second inning gave Louisville the momentum to down ACC Conference opponent Boston College 3-1 at Ulmer Stadium Friday night.

Louisville (26-16, 13-5 ACC) got a leadoff walk out of Brittany Duncan (no chance to deliver "the boom") and another Brittany (Sims) doubled to left to advance Duncan to third. (Insert your version of "WHOOOO!" here) 

That set the stage for the pride of New Egypt, NJ (Exit 5 on the Jersey Turnpike) ...Kayla smack a drive right up the middle that scored the runners. In fact, it seemed like they both got to home plate at the same time. Duncan had scored and was turning around to give Sims the "slide" single...but Sims was standing there waiting to give her a high five. 

The Eagles retaliated with two outs in the top of the third with a run but Becker shut the door after those two hits and allowed just one more in the final four innings. 

UofL added an additional run in the fifth when Kelsi Jones doubled to left and scored on a Whitney Arion bunt and throwing error. The Cards got another strong effort out of Becker (12-5) and made some very spectacular fielding plays to back her up...especially Hailey Smith and Arion in the infield.

These two will get back together Sunday for a double-header that starts around noon. 



It is the start of Derby Week in Louisville, KY. A great place to be for the many festivities an events. Today is the running of the Derby City mini and regular marathon, the Balloon race and Churchill Downs opens their spring racing card with night racing that begins at 6 p.m.

It all culminates with the running of the Kentucky Derby next Saturday. In the interim, all kinds of events are scheduled in-between. The Pegasus Parade, The Great Steamboat Race, the Run for the Rose' and the Chow Wagon festivities...just to mention a few. 

As "locals"...sometimes we can be a bit jaded about the cornucopia of activities and events. All it takes, though, is one first-time visitors wide-eyed wonderment over the mega-festival atmosphere that goes on for eight days here to remind us that Louisville, KY has the eyes of the world on it for those eight magical, non-stop and fun-filled days.

Happy Derby Week to you! 



We'll be doing our regularly scheduled radio show today on WCHQ 100.9 FM and on the Internet at:

It starts at 11 a.m. and we'll cover news and items about Louisville softball, hoops, lacrosse and more! We have an exclusive interview with Jude Schimmel at her Sunday book-signing and a WorldWide Quiz you can take. Don Paulie might be popping in to deliver one of his rambling, disconcerted oratories and free pizza for the first 100 in the studio viewing area! 

(OK...we're not giving away free pizza...but you could order a pizza and eat it while you listen at home. Don't eat the pizza while driving, please...)

Radio, radio...we're on a Crescent Hill Radio. See ya there!



  1. Vivian and I watched the game last night on ESPN3 and I continue to notice that today's athletes no longer are taught the fundamentals anymore. This was a problem, last night with both teams. On a fly ball to the fence, when time allows run to the fence get behind the ball and be read to catch the ball facing the infield in a position to throw. Instead they wander back at half speed and end up trying to catch the ball over their shoulder and often miss the the ball entirely as happened with both teams last night. Players are playing out of position, they miss the cutoff person. When a runner is coming in to score, the on deck player should be the "homeplate" coach. Instead, last night the previous runner crossed the pale and then turned to signal for the following runner to slide. That is not her job and she only gets in the way of the person who is already in position.

    Pitchers seem reluctant to commit on a ground ball to first base. Maybe I just coached baseball and softball too long, but these things drive me crazy.

    1. I might add that often the play by play people either have no idea what they are doing or never point out these problems or seem to notice. OK, I think I am finished venting now.

  2. I also watched the game on ESPN3 last night and agree with your observations Charlie. Especially with the announcers. I had to keep checking to see if I was on ESPN3 or Comedy Central. Surely Louisville or ESPN can do better than those two. I don't care what the lady's favorite song is, who is scared of foul balls or if the two bozos want to sing karaoke or not. Louisville embarrassed themselves on national TV last night with Dumb and Dumber. I know there are good announcers in Louisville and who have done broadcasts before for Cardinal Sports. I've heard them. These two last night struck out.

    Good win, Cards! I'll watch Sunday and mute the sound. I wish I would have last night.

    1. Whoa, there...anon. I do like to make fun of Patty's "Whooooos"each inning...(nine in one inning last night) but she does have a broad-based knowledge of UofL and softball. I like Don Russell whenever he gets a chance to do play-by-play. From my generation, I suppose.

      Of course, our own WorldWide has extensive media experience and would make a great TV game caller.


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