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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Cardinal Couple



Let's Look at Lacrosse

A couple of weeks ago, we took a look at the next freshmen class for UofL Softball that was announced during the early signing period in November.  Louisville Lacrosse has also announced their freshmen class, so let's take a look.

As with Softball, Lacrosse is a spring sport, so that means these young women will not be playing for Louisville Lacrosse in the season that is rapidly approaching, and will instead have their UofL athletic careers begin next spring, in February of 2015.

This class mostly comes from the east coast, which a large number of young women joining us from New Jersey and Maryland.  A number of these players competed in multiple sports.  No word from any UofL coaches on potentially sharing players, though it would be quite possible for a number of them where they played both Lacrosse and Field Hockey, or Lacrosse and Soccer as both Field Hockey and Soccer are both Fall sports in college, meaning there would be very little scheduling conflict between them.

Taylor Webster

From South Orange, N.J., Taylor is a midfielder from Columbia High School.  No word on her height, but I suspect she's got some extension to her play as her second sport in high school was Basketball.  Taylor comes from an athletic family, with a number of collegiate and professional athletes in her lineage.

Leigh Gatons

Out of Damascas High School in Damascas Maryland, Leigh is a Defender in Lacrosse, but also played Field Hockey for her high school team.  Gatons does well in the classroom as well, and was named a US Lacrosse All-Academic honoree.

Lexi Cheetam

Lexi gets the distance award for this incoming class, coming from Lake Oswego, Oregon which is basically a suburb of Portland.  A midfielder, Cheetam is also a multi-sport athlete in high school, though there's no chance of her pursuing her other sports at the varsity level at UofL, as Louisville doesn't have either a downhill or cross-country skiing team.

Jillian Balog

Jillian and Taylor Webster have quite a bit in common. Both hailing from New Jersey...New Providence in Balog's case...and playing in the midfield, both are also multi-sport athletes with basketball being their second sport.  No word if Jeff Walz is going to start recruiting in Kellie Young's office.

Casey Webbert

A midfielder from Baltimore, MD, Casey apparently wanted to stand out from the rest of the recruiting class by playing, not two, but three sports.  Also competing in Soccer and Basketball at Gerstell Academy, she comes by her athleticism honestly, with a father that competed in Soccer in college and professionally.

Lauren Kelly

The only Minnesotan in the recruiting class, Lauren Kelly is a defender from Coon Rapids.  The Blake School has won the Minnesota state title in both 2012 and 2013 and Lauren will be a team captain when they try for the three-peat here in 2014.  Lauren has also excelled on the school's Soccer team which has made state championship appearances for the past 3 years, winning it in 2011.  Move over Jeff Walz, Karen Ferguson-Dayes may also need to do some recruiting in the Lacrosse offices.

Casey Madura

Chatham, NJ brings us Casey Madura, a defender from Chatham High School.  Casey won the Bell Award for outstanding academic achievement and has also been the team captain of her school soccer team, having played on the varsity soccer team for three years.

Madison Hoover

Madison is a midfielder from Ijamsville, MD.  A Brine All-American, Hoover attends Our Lady of Good Counsel High School.  Hoover also competes in soccer and field hockey for her high school teams.

Lauren Morando

Get ready for some cold Lauren because you're not going to be in South Florida anymore.  Perhaps she can warm herself from the glow of her US Lacrosse All-American honors, however.  Lauren is a defender at St. Thomas High School.

Brittany Read

A Goalkeeper, out of Gibbsboro, NJ, Brittany will be filling the roster spot of one of the Ashley goalkeepers on the UofL squad this year...specifically Ashley Herbst (the other Ashley, Ashley Peacock, is a freshmen GK this year) who will be graduating after this season.  Brittany will be joining a couple of schoolmates from Eastern Regional High School who play on the Field Hockey team (Gianna Perrone, and Stephanie Byrne)

Emily Howell

Another US Lacrosse Academic All-American, Emily is a defender out of Laurel, MD.  At Atholton High School, Howell has also been on the varsity soccer team for three years and was the team captain this year.  Emily's parents were both collegiate cross-country runners, and if you've been to a Lacrosse game, you know the ability to run for long periods of time (like in soccer, field hockey and other similar field sports) is useful.

Julia Wood

A midfielder out Annandale, NJ, Julia is a solid midfielder with good moves to get to the crease and score.  Wood has also played 3 years of varsity soccer at North Hunterdon High School.

Maggie Hyland

Maggie is the only player that hasn't had a write-up written by Louisville Lacrosse, but she is an attacker out of Fairfax, VA.  Watching her Youtube highlight video, she seems to my inexpert-at-Lacrosse-eye to be a smaller player, but very quick.  Several times in her highlight video she can be seen easily outdistancing defenders and getting to the goal essentially unchallenged.  She should be fun to watch.


'Tis the sports banquet season.

Softball is holding the Bullpen Club Dinner on January 25th at the Brown & Williamson Club at
Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium.  Doors open at 6pm for a reception with cash bar, and silent auction.  Dinner is at 7:30.

On February 1st, you'll have to decide between the Lacrosse Crease Club Dinner and the Volleyball Banquet.  The Lacrosse dinner is at the PNC Club, and the Volleyball Banquet is at the Brown & Williamson club, both at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium.  Doors open for both at 4, with a cash bar reception with dinner at 4:30pm.  A bit of an earlier start time for these as there's a men's basketball game later in the evening.

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