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Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Cardinal Coupe -- Catching up on AAC WBB


- Only four teams with winning in-conference records

It's time to catch up on those crazy Americans that the UofL WBB squad is living with for a year. Basically, it's a three-team conference this year and the real battle is going to be over who gets the #4 seed in the conference tournament.

With most of the teams in The American being five games into the conference schedule...only Louisville, UConn, Rutgers and USF are over .500 in league opponent play.

The Cards, Huskies and Scarlet Knights have yet to lose. The Bulls are 3-2. In the cellar is Houston at 0-5. In overall play, all 10 teams are .500 or better except the Coogs...who are 4-12.

Player of the Week last week was UConn's Breanna Stewart. She banged in 24 against Houston and 12 against the Owls last week. Tyler Scaife took Freshman of the Week...she tossed in 18 for Rutgers against Cincy and 16 against SMU.

On the honor roll? Alisha Jenkins (USF), Ariel Hearn (Memphis), Jeanise Randolph (Cincy), SHONI SCHIMMEL ( Louisville ) and Akil Simpson (SMU).

Three AAC teams are in the AP Top 25....any guesses who they might be? (Hint: Dogs, Birds and Julie Hermann's new gig.)

On the national scene...Louisville is the 12th. best scoring team in the country...averaging 84.1 a game. Only UConn is higher in the conference (ninth at 84.7). The Cards are 15th. in the nation in steals (197), 18th. in rebounding margin ( + 11.2) and Shoni is 16th. in nation in  threes with 52 and that number is first in the AAC.

Shoni's 16.9 PPG is fifth best in the AAC. Her .857 from the free throw line is tops in the league and Asia Taylor (.769) is eighth.

The Cards actually lead the AAC in total rebounds with 802 in 17 games.

In attendance figures for home games...UConn leads the league with an average of 8080 in 10 games. Louisville is second with 7894 in 11 games. After that, it drops significantly. USF brings in slightly more than Rutgers, Memphis or SMU but they haven't reached the 2,000 figure yet.

So, a All-American (conference) team so far? I'll toss out five names and feel free to debate them in the comments or by e-mail.

Shoni Schimmel  Louisville   Did you really think I'd leave her off the list?
Breanna Stewart UConn       She just might be best in all of College WBB
Ariel Hearn Memphis           Second in scoring in the AAC. Works for me.
Keena Mays SMU                  UofL shut her down but she can score, baby
Alisia Jenkins USF                Gotta have a rebounder on here. She does.



  1. I think that Sara Djassi at UCF should be on that AllAmerican team. Who she replaces is tough to say but she is a very good player

    the real Joe Hill

  2. Rutgers lost at Memphis on January 14th.

    1. That is right. I was working off a 1/14/14 release. Surprising loss? Maybe, but it was a road loss and it doesn't get any easier for C.Viv. They host UConn Sunday


  3. Also worth noting, in 5 conference games Shoni is averaging 21.2ppg, which leads the conference in that category.

  4. Off Topic but I found season NCAA published attendance information through January 9

    Sandy W.

    Tennessee 11,390. Iowa St. 9,970. Louisville 9,358

    I don't know what is happening at Iwa State but these are the published facts.

  5. I turned out to be way, way off topic since those are last years figures. I have not found up to date figures for this year. Anyone know what Louisville average is for this year to date. I believe we will be down as we have not had any major contests or exceptionally promoted games yet this year.
    It appears that TN. Attendance is also down. Unaware what the good folks in Iowa are doing except to say that as far back as the 1970's the girl's high school games attendance regularly outdrew the boys games.


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