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Monday, January 6, 2014


- Louisville women's swim team downs Ga Tech.

- Charlie Strong? Long(horn) gone

An impressive outing for Arthur Albiero's women...winning 202-60 in the first meet of the new year

Here is a race by race recap:
The women started the meet out on the right foot with a win in the 400-medley relay. Krissie Brandenburg led off with a 56.53 split, Andrea Cottrell boarded a 1:03.71, Kelsi Worrell’s leg was 53.48 and Breann McDowell anchored with a 51.30 for a 3:45.02.
 In the grueling 1000 free, Abigail Chin touched first with a time of 10:14.45.
Breann McDowell won the 200 free with a time of 1:51.51, with Abigail Houck touching third in 1:53.07.
 Louisville took the top two spots in the 100-back led by Mackenzie Buss’ win in 57.54. Mary Mittel surged to second with a 58.34.  
In the 100-breast, U of L swept three of the top four spots, led by 
Andrea Cottrell’s 1:04.16. Lucy Kramer was second in 1:06.29 and Giselle Kohoyda was fourth in 1:07.56.
Tanja Kyllianen left the field in her wake with a 2:01.54 win in the 200-fly. 
Teammate Devon Bibault was second in 2:05.83.

In the 50-free, Kelsi Worrell posted her first individual win in 23.15 with
Krissie Brandenburg finished in hot pursuit, touching in 23.75.

Caryle Blondell hit third with a 20.91 and Pedro Coutinho was fourth in 21.35.
In the 100-free, Krissie Brandenburg powered to a win in 51.26, out-touching 
teammate Breann McDowell’s 51.88.
In the women’s 200-back, Cardinal Mackenzie Buss was into the wall first 
with a time  of 2:05.65. Kristin Steins was second in 2:05.90.
Andrea Cottrell won the 200-breast, going 2:20.10 with teammate Gisselle Kohoyda
taking second in 2:21.74. Lucy Kramer was third in 2:24.08.
In the 500-free, Tanja Kylliainen picked up her second individual win with
a 4:55.52. Abigail Chin was second in 5:01.18.
Kelsi Worrell put up an NCAA B-cut time of 54.43 to win the 100-fly.
Brittany Robinson was second in 56.71 and Mary Mittel was third in 57.39.

In the 200-IM, Tanja Kylliainen picked up her third individual win with a
2:02.85, five seconds ahead of the field. Erica Belcher was second in 2:07.56.

The Cardinal women won the final event with a 1:37.21 in the 200-free relay. 
Alexandra Sellers (24.90), Mackenzie Buss (24.10), Hanna Cowley (24.24) and Rachael Lewis (23.97) took the win.

(Thanks to UofL SID Nancy Worley for the results.)


Like we mention here a CARDINAL COUPLE occasionally, we usually don't cover men's sports at UofL. There are plenty of capable and knowledgeable journalist out there who do that quite nicely. We do realize, however...that some of our readers do follow the pursuit of Pitino's, McDonnell's and Lolla guys. And the football team. I'm one of them.

So, Charlie Strong accepted the challenge of coaching the Texas Longhorns football team. It is a blow...check that...a punch in the gut to fans that are tired of Louisville Football being a destination stop in college football head coaches dossier. Just as Corso, Gibson, Schnellenberger, Smith and Petrino before him...CCS (Coach Charlie Strong) has reached for and grabbed the golden ring.

The difference is...with Charlie...the program here is now considered by more than just a few as a final stop on the coaching carousel. The Cards have won the Orange, Sugar, Liberty and Beef O Brady Bowls over the last several years. They were a force in the BIG EAST, came in second in The American and defeated one of the prime members of the ACC (Miami) in the Russell Athletic Bowl a few days ago.

Strong had a future, a following and backing here at Louisville. It wasn't enough. He told Tom Jurich it wasn't about the money. Texas football is a religion. Charlie is the new messiah of Austin. WE wish him well...but will point out that all of the previous coaches we mentioned above never met the measure of success after leaving Louisville that they acheived while at Louisville.

Tom Jurich will respond in typical brilliant fashion. Tom, like Santa, has a list and has been checking it twice. He will bring to the stunned football players and fans a winner. It's what he does. Trust in Tom.

Could it be a former coach that prowled these sidelines several years ago? A rising star in the coaching ranks? An established, successful veteran coach? In Tom's's all about the fit. He wants a guy who fits the program, the community, the expectations. He had one in Charlie. He'll find another.

Trust in Tom.

As for Charlie? History shows again and again that coaches who leave Louisville eventually are doomed.

Schnellenberger..."retired" from a laughable FAU program after failing at Oklahoma. Gibson...a failure in the BIG 12. Smith...ran out of Michigan State and canned after one year at Arkansas. Petrino...scandal ridded and forced out at Arkansas. Corso....a bottom feeder at IU before becoming the clown prince of ESPN Football commentary guys. The curse of leaving the Cardinals is strong. Don't say you weren't warned, CCS.

And welcome to the white, hot spotlight of Longhorn media.

Hook 'em 'horns? NOT...Good luck, Chuck. Thanks for the memories.


  1. I'm a big Louisville football fan too, but to be fair Schnellenberger built a football tradition at Miami from basically nothing, won a national championship and his program was sustained over decades as a national powerhouse. They guy is almost 80 years old now. Seems like he paid his dues and deserves to relax in Boca Raton.

    Since we all know that winning in athletics is a zero sum game a sane coach shouldn't assume that he or his program will continue succeed at the same level he has in the past. In the case of Strong, when you lose a Bridgewater and have only lost 3 games over the past two seasons and get an offer to coach the best funded and supported football program in the country for 25 million dollars over five years I'm thinking you take it.

    By the way, nice picture.

    1. On Howard...he had it all at Louisville and left because the program joined C-USA. Howard wanted the football program to remain as an independent. He didn't get his way, so he left and had a conflict at Okla. ( The toothless comment by Gary Nord is just one example). Schnelly will always be my favorite football coach at Louisville...but his ego got in his way.

      Ask Howard (at age 80) if he made a mistake in leaving the 'Ville. He'll tell you YES. Hindsight is always 20/20...we know that.

      We'll see how Charlie does at Texas. The honeymoon will be short-lived, in my opinion. If they aren't in the national playoff picture in 3 years...they'll be searching for a replacement. My opinion, of course.

      Charlie has his work cut out for him.


    2. Agreed. I'm partial to Howard. Maybe it's the hat. Always liked his attitude.

      I'm a bit surprised that Texas took Charlie. I used to live in Texas and he really doesn't fit the profile. He clearly wasn't their first choice.

      In any case he picked his poison and now he's in the center of the tornado. Will be interesting to watch.

      I'll bet Jurich will find a new head coach that rocks. Looking forward to it!

  2. FYI: For all the talk of Louisville's play against poor innocent Baylor:
    Yesterday Odyssey Sims was involved in another double player technical foul situation for her on court "activity" at the end of live play while another Baylor player was ejected from the game for coming onto the court from the bench in readiness to help Odyssey.

    1. What? A Kim Mulkey player creating a scene? Surely not. Maybe Kim needs to teach Sims how to disrobe in a public setting.



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