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Saturday, December 28, 2013





Today is truly a "Super Saturday" when it comes to UofL Athletics. We'll take a brief diversion from our usual women's sports coverage to comment on the annual UofL vs. UK men's basketball game and the Cardinal football team's bowl game in the Russell Athletic Bowl vs. the Miami 'Canes


Is this one is a fan rivalry first and foremost? None of the top eight UK scorers and none of the Cards top nine are from Kentucky. It's all about fan's bragging rights, right? No so fast my friend...Even though four of the UK starters are freshmen and have no idea what to expect, the Cards have four-year veteran of this battle in Russ Smith, local products Henderson and Levitch and two coaches who hate to lose to each other.

UK'S Willie Cauley-Stein sees it like this:

"Until you've been here a year or you've lived in the state, you don't know about this rivalry. It's a problem, it really is, because it's so serious to the fans and if you don't take it serious, then the fans think you don't care very much."

It is, for UK...a chance to defeat the reigning national champ. It is, for Louiville...a chance to take a win out of one of the hardest places for a visiting basketball team to play. (Thank God they don't move this one to Memorial like the women do every two years...)

It is Blue vs. Red. How will it come out? It'll be "Russdiculous". The Cards win 76-69 and Smith leads all scorers.


Right after the hoops, Cardinal fans will shift focus and attention to football. That's right....Cincinnati plays UNC in the Belk Bowl and this one will be in the fourth quarter by then.

What? Someone else is tackling and tossing the pigskin? Oh...yeah...Cards and Canes! Must see TV!

Charlie Strong's UofL football Cardinals are in Orlando with about 20,000 or so of their closest friends to play in the Schnellenberger Bowl. Howard coached both squads and won a national title when he was at Miami. He'll spend the first half on Miami's sideline and the second half with the Cardinals. No telling where Bev his wife will be.

Maybe back in Boca Raton watching the UNC v Cincy game?

Louisville will play Miami in ACC competition next year, so  this one is a tune-up for that. It's also a Miami vs. Miami matchup....about a dozen or so Cards are from or played high school football in and around the Miami area.

Will Teddy Bridgwater lead the Cards to the win and then announce he's coming back for a final year? Or does Louisville lose and Teddy tell the world he's going pro? And what exactly is an ibus and why does Miami call their mascot Sebastian?

Louisville wanted to be in a BCS bowl. Ironically, they're travelling to the city (Orlando) where the team (Central Florida) is from that upset that apple cart for Louisville. Will Mickey and Goofy be at the game? (No..they'll be at home watching UNC and ....oh, never mind...)

Cards win, Cards win...this one just might be a shootout with the overall quickness that each team possesses. Make it Louisville 41 - Miami 35. And Teddy takes off for the NFL



It lasted five months...the former UofL women's basketball star's employment as the head coach of Fern Creek's Girls basketball team.

Monique Reid is headed to Germany to play in the Euroleagues. She's the second former Jeff Walz player to coach and leave Fern Creek. Candyce Bingham did a stint there coaching the Tigers before going back to UofL. 

The Creekers lost twice yesterday in the Floyd Central Floyd Central and Indianapolis Home School. Presumably without Reid.

We wish Mo the best in Deutschland.


Yes we are doin' Internet radio today. The CARDINAL COUPLE RADIO HOUR on Crescent Hill Radio airs at 11 a.m.

We'll be one short in the studio...Worldwide texting me yesterday with the cryptic message:

Not gonna be able to make the show. Have a family commitment at that time.

We've sent investigative reporters Smooth Charlie and Bill the Goat out to track Worldwide's movements this morning.

Jenny and I wil attempt to carry on in his tradition.



  1. A pretty good piece:

  2. Is it considered OK for a first year high school coach like Monique Reed to walk out on her Club in the middle of the season like this?

    A person would think given the questionable condition of her knee she would have taken her coaching commitment more seriously. A career in coaching will be around long after her knee permanently takes her out of being an active baller.

  3. I have heard from what I consider a reliable source that this was a tough decision for Monique was very difficult for her to leave her team and the administration at Fern Creek that gave her the chance to coach.

    But her life-long dream has been to play pro basketball. Her knee problems derailed what might have been a really good career in the WNBA.

    I don't blame her a bit for taking this opportunity. Best of luck to her.

  4. Every Lady Card fan appreciates Reid's contribution to the program and understands that without her we probably don't beat Baylor last year. That said:

    - If her intention all along was to ball in Europe then she shouldn't have taken on the responsibility of being the head coach at Fern Creek knowing all along she would bail on her players if an offer floated her way. Not Cool.

    - Coaching young people to do the right thing and stay committed to the team is a personal commitment and shouldn't be taken lightly.

    - If it was a matter of needing an income while she waited for a call from her agent I'm thinking she could have taken on a part time job that fit better with her life goals instead of what she has done. Maybe Walz would have found her a temporary position on his staff while she reviewed her options. Would have been better than disappointing an entire team of HS ballers in middle of the season.

    - Ostensibly the reason young people go to college and participate in intercollegiate athletics is to learn, mature and prepare themselves for life as an adult. Seems to me that Ms. Reid has a ways to go.


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