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Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday CARDINAL COUPLE -- My buddy Ed


- An e-mail from my buddy Ed

A picture of Paulie from 1973 with my buddies
Stu, Terrie and Laurie. Who is who?
EDITOR NOTE: I recently received an e-mail from my buddy Ed. We met in high school and became fast friends...despite his loyalty to UK and my devotion to UofL. Ed attended UK, got his degree and now works for a neighboring state's county extension office. We've stayed in touch throughout the years...our conversations usually center around family, our lives, the rivalry of the two schools and about a third friend...who gained some notoriety as a musician. Here's Ed's latest e-mail to me:


Happy Holidays to you! Thought I'd send you an e-mail about the UK women's win over UofL and gloat a bit. How did you enjoy the game? Ha-Ha! I kow you don't like Memorial much. Truth be told, I'd rather see our women play in Rupp for all home games. It looks like a good season for both UK basketball squads.

I like your website and did listen to one of your archived radio shows. You still haven't grown up yet, have you? I was telling my wife about our summer of 1972 experience at Seven Oaks. Have you ever told Sonja about it? It'll live in my memory forever. I wonder whatever happened to those guys from Bloomington and the girl? And the security cop?

So, UK gets a chance to beat Louisville again Saturday in hoops. Will you be watching it down in Orlando? I like your football teams chances against the Canes. Teddy Bridgewater is an amazing QB and a great life success story. He should have been a Wildcat. Ha-Ha!.

I see Louisville taking a loss in the hoops game, tho. Your "bigs" can't handle ours inside and that'll be the difference. A close game, for sure. Both teams will probably get a chance to meet again in the FINAL FOUR I hope, depending on the seeding.

My neighbors here will come over for my annual UK vs. UofL party. Even though most of them are UT fans, they like the yearly get-together and chance to spend a few hours eating, drinking and talking. We will even have a UofL fan attending this year (a first!). Guy down the street and his wife and kids recently moved into the neighborhood from Jeffersontown. He's a 30-something who barely remembers Crum and those great 1980's Cardinal teams under Denny Crum. We met one afternoon when I was walking Tank and he has a flagpole that flies the American and Cardinal flag. I joked I was going to steal that flag and I also found out he likes Kentucky bourbon ( Evan Williams) so he can't be that bad of a neighbor, right?

So, tell your readers and listeners to prepare for the loss. I know you don't talk men's sports much on your site, but this game is worth a little coverage from you, right?

Cindy sends her love. Jeff and Kevin say Hi also. They're going to vacation in the Bahamas for a few weeks in January. They'll come over to the UK Man Cave to watch the game with us, even though neither cares about sports all that much.

So, GO CATS! and take care of yourself, Sonja and Sarge's house. How are Rachel and Sissy? Look forward to hearing back from you!

Big Ed

We'll be back to 'normal' articles tomorrow with a look at both the UofL men's basketball and football games and the upcoming WBB contest will be featured Sunday. We also will be doing radio tune in at 11 A.M. @Crescent Hill Radio



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