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Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple -- Year of the Cardinal delivers


- ESPNU broadcast "Year of the Cardinal" soars

- CU ready for the rematch

On Thursday evening ESPNU presented the Tom Jackson narrated Year of the Cardinal documentary...a 60 minute look the the successes of 2013 Louisville men's and women's basketball, Louisville football and Louisville baseball.

It did not disappoint.

The highlight clips of Louisville's incredible run to the NCAA Men's basketball championship, Women's basketball NCAA runner-up finish, Football's Sugar Bowl win over Florida and Baseball's march to the College World Series were "must see TV". The ending segment with Tom Jurich outlining his philosophy toward Louisville athletics and academics was a glowing reminder that he is the best A.D. in college sports.

Jackson's precise and complimentary recap of the events left me with the feeling that there is no better feeling than being a UofL sports fan.

What the Cardinals did in the 2013 season has never been matched in college athletics. Watching brave Teddy, fearless Shoni, Russdiculous and baseball's Jeff Thompson brought back some very great memories and good times.

As Jeff Walz candidly commented:

"People may not remember who won the 2013 NCAA Womens' Tournament five years from now...but they will remember that Louisville beat Baylor."

I hope you caught it. I hope ESPNU replays it many times in case you didn't. It is a testimony to an incredible year for a university that has one of the most devout, supportive and enthusiastic fan bases in the nation.

We see it every day here at CARDINAL COUPLE. Not only for women's basketball...but for the fortunes of volleyball, field hockey, soccer, softball, lacrosse and all the other women's sports that UofL fields team for.

Bright times ahead. A bowl game in Orlando, outstanding achievements by our basketball squads. An 18-0 run for volleyball in the AAC. Softball returning a powerhouse squad.

And the ACC competition that lies ahead.

Several years ago, it was offered that Louisville was the best college sports town in the nation. The accomplishments of the 2013 season, the current successes and the future solidify that.

It was nice of ESPN to put it all together in a captivating 60 minute recap. Let us not forget the athletes, coaches, staff, professors and fans that dedicate themselves to it 365 days a year, though.

Tom Jackson was a heck of a football player at UofL in his day. He went on to be one of the best linebackers in NFL history. He definitely sacked the QB Thursday night.

Kudos, sir.

How about "Decade of the Cardinal?" It is within UofL's realm. Believe, support and remain dedicated. We are UofL.


The Colorado Buffaloes come to the KFC YUM! Center Saturday at 1 p.m. with an undefeated record and high expectations for their match with Jeff Walz's squad.

You really need to attend this one. Fill the lower bowl, make them open the upper deck. Help the squad get revenge against the team that beat them in Boulder last year.

The Buffs ain't skeered. Thanks to Jenny for sending me the clip below about how CU is approaching this #11 vs. #7 matchup.




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  2. yeah uofl pays six figures for an hour long commercial about them on espnu and they cant beat uk in anything. overrated

    1. Jealousy rears its ugly head today. Cheer up everyone! Festivus has begun. Air those grievances!


  3. In keeping with the spirit of Festivus, my complaint is the UofL WBB team needs a 6'6" center. There is one at Assumption HS. Is Louisville courting Nora Kiesler?

    Curtis Franklin

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