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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Cardinal Couple


( Staff columnist and radio personality "Worldwide" Jeff McAdams gives us a meteorlogical dissertation this morning and looks at Softball, Shoni and sports performance.)  


Spring is Coming

A TV show has made the phrase "Winter is Coming" popular, but as I type this, its snowing, so I think Winter has arrived.  But, that means that we can now start to say, "Spring is coming."

OK, so basketball is only a few games into their season, but the teams for spring sports have begun their activities for the academic year.  The spring sports at UofL include Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse, and Track and Field.  

Softball is competing in their Oklahoma City Challenge, named for the location of the Women's College World Series that happens in Oklahoma City every year.  The OKC Challenge is in its fourth year and is an intra-squad competition, created by the mind of Teena Murray, Director of Olympic Sports Performance.  Teena is the...some student-athletes would probably add some unsavory adjectives to this description...person responsible for the strength and conditioning of many of the sports at UofL, including Softball and Basketball (she can be seen at the end of the bench at UofL Women's Basketball games and in the health and performance tips shown on the scoreboard during each game).

A real challenge would be moving Bill the Goat and his
pickup truck and then trying to get him out of it.
 The OKC Challenge has a variety of events that aren't known to the players ahead of time but almost invariably involve pushing, pulling, and carrying heaving objects like wooden beams, pickup trucks, exercise sleds, medicine balls, kettle bells, sand bags and the like.  Each event scores points with an opportunity for bonus points each day.  Today is the final of four days of the OKC Challenge with the Red team, consisting of Ally Vaughn, Brittany Sims as captains; and members Kristina Dillard, Tiarra Sanabria, Maggie Ruckenbrod, Kayla Soles, Katie Keller, Hannah Kiyohara, Rachel Houck, Jordan McNary and Brittany Duncan; holding a slight lead at 450 points to 400.

Best of luck to the Red and Black teams in The OKC Challenge and we here at The Cardinal Couple will be looking forward to the first home games of the softball season on February 21st.

Shoni Makes Another List

The elder Schimmel sister was named to the pre-season Naismith Watch List.  Perhaps the Board of Selectors of the Atlanta Tipoff Club needs to consult a calendar as the season...UofL's anyway, and I don't think we were the overall season opener...started 17 days ago.

Regardless of timing, the honor is deserved.  The watch list is comprised of 50 players and is based on last year's accomplishments and their expectations for the current year.  A further winnowing of the list will occur in February down to 30 entries, with a final selection of the 4 players to go on the ballot happening in March.

Shoni was also named to two honest-to-goodness preseason watch lists, for the Wade award and the Wooden Award, which were released in October.

Shoni and her UofL teammates travel to Bowling Green, KY to face Michelle Clark - Heard's WKU Hilltoppers Wednesday night. CARDINAL COUPLE will be there at the game and have a preview of it tomorrow and full report of it in our Thursday edition.



Thanks to reader and commenter Kenny S. for sending the clip below of WKU head women's basketball coach Michelle Clark-Heard discussing the upcoming Weds. game against Louisville. WKU is looking for a big crowd for this one in the E.A. Diddle Arena and his offering fans free tickets at IGA Grocery Stores in and around the Bowling Green area.

All that and a bag of chips!

It's a "white out " game as well and 1000 white t-shirts will be given out to fans.




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