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Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Cardinal Couple


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- Comedy Caravan 

The latest edition of the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour is on archived broadcast now...just in case you missed in live on Saturday morning. We also recorded a promo for the show Saturday morning. Give it a listen at the link below:

The show featured interviews with lacrosse's Kellie Young, volleyball's Anne Kordes and soccer's Karen Ferguson Dayes. Kordes and Dayes are busily preparing for the start of their seasons. Soccer has their first exhibition Sunday at Vanderbilt and Anne Kordes gets to start official practices with her volleyballers Saturday.

The fall sports are finally here!

You can listen to the Saturday show in it's entirety at:



The UofL WBB coaches aren't the only ones that have been busy lately. Our buddy Phil in Portland forwarded us some great links that catch us up on what Shoni and Jude Schimmel have been up to lately.

How proud are we of these young ladies expanding upon their commitment to community service and important issues? A student-athlete's time in college can be rather fleeting. The Schimmel sisters are setting the stones in place for later life with their involvement in things that will be far-reaching beyond their time on the Belknap campus.



How rare is this? Regular reader Jonathan Maupin advised me on Facebook that he was performing his stand-up comedy skit Sunday evening at the Comedy Caravan in Louisville. Then, on the same day, a guy I used to work with and also a stand-up comedian let me know that he, too, would be at the same open-mic performance doing his routine. Bryan Cohen used to keep me in stitches at work.

Sonja and I packed up the car, Bill the Goat, her mom and small arms weapons and went.

And laughed until the tears were rolling down our faces. Maupin is a stylistic, Jerry Seinfeld-type, comic who looks at situations and shares his observations. Although he didn't get to do his whole set (they had almost 30 stand-up comics performing and time was running out) what we did get to hear was hilarious.

Cohen, also time-restricted, was a non-stop maniac on the stage and his voice impersonations were spot on. Who else can somehow link Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bill Cosby together flawlessly?

I look forward to seeing both of these rising, young comedians in longer sets down the road. Maybe Don Paulie could use his influence and get them a show on Crescent Hill Radio?  

You can find both on Facebook. John Maupin and Bryan Helper Elms Cohen. Like 'em up, friend them up and enjoy.




  1. Good stuff. Looking forward to listening to the show.

    1. ALWAYS a pleasure getting a comment from the Howitzer. Interested in doing 5-10 minute for this Saturday. We can do either live or pre-recorded


  2. The Schimmels continue to impress. It will be interesting to see what these ladies do after graduation. I suppose Shoni with give the WNBA a shot. I'm guessing Jude will head back to the Rez with that Sociology degree and huge GPA. Plenty of opportunities to leverage that type of education on the Rez. In any case whatever they do I'm sure they'll do well.

  3. And speaking of Jude, anyone projecting how many minutes she gets a game this season? Louisville has more guards than Brinks security.

    Curtis Franklin

  4. Let me be first on the record saying Jude has proven herself extremely capable and will log more minutes at point than any other UL guard. Know we are loaded at the guard position, and she may not start, but she will be valuable in relief and end of game minutes. Take it to the bank!

    1. It's early to rank them but I can't see Bria Smith being bumped out of the starting point guard job. After that, I think you'll see Jude backup Bria or play when they go to a three guard set. After Jude it is probably Janelle Cannon and Starr Breedlove at the point.

      Speaking of Starr Breedlove, does anyone know if she's arrived on campus yet? How she looks?

      Blue Lou


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