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Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple -- Women's Golf Award


- Women's golf excels in classroom

- How much do numbers really mean?

- Cardinal Couple Radio Hour Saturday

It is often said that golf is a game that requires skill and smarts. If that is the case, Courtney Trimble's UofL women's golf team should have a stellar season in 2013-14.

The "Fore!" Cards have been named the 2012-13 Big East Conference Team Academic Excellence Award, which recognizes the highest collective grade-point average in each of the conference's 24 sports.

Women's golf posted a collective 3.711 grade point average for the 2012-13 academic year. That's a whole bunch of "A's" folks...


One of the questions I get in e-mails and conversations about the University of Louisville women's basketball squad
quite often is "how many players will Jeff Walz bring in for the class of 2014?" It's a valid one, I suppose...but know this fact.

Jeff Walz is always on the lookout for talent. Just because a roster may have 16 players or only a few players might be graduating doesn't mean Coach is going to close up recruiting shop and concentrate on putting or having his office redone. I suspect that recruiting is in the top five things on his mind...along with his wife, children, team and avoiding Paulie...

And, as we know...things have a way of happening. I always remind people who are worried about numbers several things. The 2009-10 team started with a nice roster number and ended up with six healthy bodies by the time the BIG EAST tournament took place. Including a "walk back-on" in Brandie Radde.

Things happen, ladies and gentlemen.

Whether it be six or sixteen, all need to be tuned in to the same channel and strive toward the same goal and united as one.

Let Coach Walz worry about numbers. As fans, let's worry about how full we can get the KFC YUM! Center and how loud we can get when the WBB squad is in action. I know Coach would appreciate that. And the players love it when you pack the seats and roar.

Trust in your coaches. They been doing this awhile. they've earned that respect. And, they're awfully good at what they do. That wasn't UK that knocked off Baylor, Tennessee and California on the way to the NCAA Championship game. It was a guy and a group of gals who had it together...


WE have a GREAT show lined up for our Saturday CARDINAL
COUPLE RADIO HOUR. Even if we say so ourselves...Join
us for the final segment of Jeff McAdams' excellent series with Anne Kordes, my first interview ever with UofL Field Hockey head coach Justine Sowry (who was delightful!) and we'll talk about hoops, soccer and recruiting. Also, it's rumored Don Paulie will be stopping by with some questions about things that have been on his mind.

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