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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Cardinal Couple -- Better late than never


-Starr Breedlove headed to campus

We broke the news Thursday evening and we're sticking by our informed source on the matter...Starr Breedlove, one of the 2013 recruits for the women's basketball team, will arrive on campus in the next couple of days and enroll for fall classes.

I know, the town has gone crazy about Louisville Football's opener against Ohio U. Sunday and, no...she isn't going to spell Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback.

What she will do is give the Cards depth at the point guard
position and provide Jeff Walz with 14 players for the limited player workouts he can do that began yesterday.

Lest we forget what the Teaneck, NJ resident is bringing to the ' a scout on her from a recruiting source:

Everything that's been there in the past was on display. The speed, quickness and attack kept the Gauchos up tempo game going and she seemed more willing to sacrifice her own scoring to distribute the ball. The pull up was dependable on her penetration but she did struggle finishing in among the bigs on defensive rotations.

Breedlove is a lightning quick point-guard that committed to Louisville last year and has been involved in personal workouts in New Jersey ever since. We don't have all the details on the delayed arrival...let's just say that course crediting and clearance can take as long sometimes as trying to head southbound on I-65 during rush hour with two lanes blocked because of an accident.

Breedlove is no accident. She'll fit in well with the attacking, ball-hawking guards on the Cardinal roster. She can score, too...something that Coach Walz likes to see. As he once eloquently said:

"I can find shooters everywhere. I want scorers."

No, she isn't the 6'5" domineering post-player that some readers and commenters insistently think the program needs. Here's a news flash for all of you. The Lady Cards got to the final game of the NCAA Women's Tournament with team play and a hobbled Sherrone Vails...our current 6'5" roster dweller that will most likely redshirt this year because of her knee.

Shoni Schimmel is back. So are Bria, Sara, Jude and Nita.

Last I checked, none of them were 6'5" and the Cards did pretty well with them and the other returning players from the run...Cortnee and Megan. I checked. Neither of them are 6'5" either.

So, spare me the rhetoric that the Cards must have a towering post to achieve success. Seems to me I remember that Asia and Shawnta were pretty fair rebounders when they were previously active. They're healthy and back again. I doubt they've forgotten how to go to the boards. I'm fairly sure they aren't 6'5" either.

They may not need to much. If the three-point splendor that graced the Cards offense during the tournament run (yes...all the principals are back) comes back with a year's experience and Tia Gibbs re-discoverers her long-range bombing skills...the paint players may spend a lot of time jostling for position to watch threes trickle through the net.

The brilliance of a Jeff Walz attack is in the simple fact that if the players buy in, listen to the coaches and run the works. Don't doubt the mad scientist or his partners in plotting. They've got a plan. Or two. Or nine.

We wish Louisville Football well this weekend and all season long. As they roll up the serves as a reminder that...

Women's basketball season is getting closer. Whether they're 6'5" or not.

(We have a great 12 minute interview with Coach Walz that will be on our Saturday radio show. I spent another five minutes chatting with Coach that isn't on there. Turns out he had a pretty lively teenage enterprise cutting lawns. Sometimes he misses it. I gallently offered him the opportunity to take my Toro self-propelled around our yard if the angst got too strong. I'm still waiting for him to accept. I'd even throw in a Powerade or beer after he finishes...)

That's just the kind of guy I am. The offer is even extended to Starr Breedlove. Or anyone under 6'5".




  1. Well Played. Seems like many people forget that great rebounders don't have to be the tallest ballers on the floor. Rebounding is an art. It's all about basketball IQ, moving your feet and shot anticipation. Our kids have it. I personally think Sara is going to have a break out year on the block. If you saw the pics at the ESPYS it was obvious she has been hitting the weights in the off season. She looked ready to do war right there on the red carpet.

    In that context for some reason I went back to look at the youtube of Shoni's circus shot against Griner. Something I had missed before was the Card that snagged the rebound from two Baylor Bears to get that play started. It was our 5'6" (maybe) Jude who out positioned the taller kids, got hacked big time (no call) and still got the ball to Big Sis. The rest is history.

  2. Welcome to Star and Emmonnie. Get ready to make your marks in the history book of UL women B - ball.

    Sara is in a great spot to once again step up her game. I look forward to seeing it as she was my predicted break out player of last year.

    Stepping up the defense will take care of the offense as she will spend less time on the bench with fouls.
    Love her defending of the goal but the flops aren't needed as the refs have seen them one too many times to be fooled into calling a charge when the feet are not in place.

  3. Big lady card fan here and I disagree with you thinking we don't need a true center to be a better team. While true we went to 2 national championship games, we also got our asses handed to us in both games, all because we no true center to deal with the inside game icon had both times. Please don't bring up Baylor game cause that was a once in a life time upset and we'll never hit that many threes again and also be allowed to foul the hell out of the other teams center like we did. Don't get me wrong I loved every min. Of that game, but if we had a true center I think we could have won one or both those championship games. By the way I meant Uconn not icon.

  4. I ask the question again are we still recruiting Haley bodner

    1. Bodnar not currently on the Louisville WBB radar. Sorry for the delay. Waned to make sure.


  5. I thought Sara had a good year last year... I'm telling you, watch for Mariah Stacona of Madras Oregon, she's been playing for same Elite Ball club as the Schimmels did. Warm Springs Native American and she is the real deal. Boston Red Sox AllStar,and Native American Jacoby Ellsbury is from the same high school.--Umatilla23


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