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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Cardinal Couple -- Whatever happen to?


-Whatever happened to...Kim Barnes Arico?

-He's back...

With no UofL women's sporting events on the horizon until Friday night...when the WBB squad takes on Colorado in Boulder...we thought we'd catch you up with a former Cardinal coaching foe who has changed directions and is having success in her new surroundings.

Kim Barnes Arico, formerly the head women's basketball coach at St. John's, is now at the University of Michigan and has the Wolverines off to a 8-2 start in her first season in Ann Arbor. The UM squad defeated Eastern Michigan 55-43 last night and has wins over Florida, Illinois State, and Xavier this year.

Losses have come to Utah and #4 Duke. Arico, who was 4-6 lifetime against UofL while at St. John's, defeated the Cards twice last season. The second win knocked Louisville out of the BIG EAST Tournament...a 68-61 win in overtime that saw her Red Storm squad hold the Cards to 1-12 shooting in the final five minutes.

Many were surprised when Arico made the switch to join Michigan and the BIG 10 after resuscitating the Red Storm WBB program. In her introductory press conference, she stressed the desire for her and her husband to raise their three children in an environment like Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan campus. We suspect the Arico checking account got a nice, little bump as well.

Leaving a squad that had starters Shenneika Smith, Eugeneia McPherson and Nadirah McKenith returning couldn't have been easy. She was the head coach at St. John's for 10 years and compiled a 176-133 record there.

Arico knows a thing or two about rebuilding. She took over a Red Storm team that was 3-24 and 0-16 the year before she got there. Last year they were 24-10 and 13-3 in the BIG EAST.

The Red Storm finished third last year in the highly competitive BIG EAST and put an end to UConn's 99 game home-winning streak during the regular season. The Red Storm is 4-3 this season under new head coach Joe Tartamella.  

Although we'll miss seeing Barnes Arico prowling the sidelines when the Cards play the Red Storm, sometimes it's "family first" when it comes to difficult decisions and if anyone can help Michigan return to prominence in BIG 10'll be her.

A bigger arena. And, getting out from under the shadow of Geno, Walz, Muffett, and C. Viv (although that reunion with Rutgers will resume since the Scarlet Knights will join the BIG 10). Good career move? You bet. From city lady to country girl...Kim Barnes Arico has made the transistion and, so far, it's a hayride...

( Sonja adds...When you first see her, you think she might be better suited to be sitting in front of a store on Bardstown Road, playing a beat-up accoustic guitar and smiling trippingly at the passer-bys while she sings Joni Mitchell. Flower child. Then, you watch her coach a game, see her in action. Thinking she picked the right career path.)


...Also in the "Whatever happened to?" category...

He's back...

Will Big Red fit on the back of a Harley?
How about the news that WKU has hired Bobby Petrino as the new head football coach of the Hilltoppers? Just when we figured it was safe to go back to Bowling Green...
As the kids are fond of saying these is what it is.

"I love red towels and I'm anxious to own a few more..."
Temporary stop on climbing the ladder back up the coaching profession? Probably. Wise move for WKU? Definitely. The loss of Willie Taggert had to hurt. Nabbing Bobby Offense has to be a marketing staff's dream. Job security for all in the WKU ticket office, plus maybe a new hire or two. The football S.I.D. at WKU is probably sending out resumes, though..."the Bobster" can be a bear when it comes to the boys with laptops.

With no further adieu, here's our Top 10 reasons why Bobby's back in Kentucky.

10. Always had a "thing" for the 'Topper' mascot Big Red...
 9.  Switching from motorcycles to Corvettes, Bowling Green has the National Corvette Museum.
 8. Lost a bar bet to John L. Smith. Loser had to apply for the WKU job.
 7. Wants to continue personal win streak over UK.
 6. Loves the song "Bowling Green" by the Everly Brothers!
 5. The voices in his head told him to.
 4.  Is Facebook friends with DaMarcus Smith and Ace Wales...taking the relationship one step further.
 3. Has always wanted to try the lunch special at Smokey Pig BBQ.
 2. Will only coach at places who have red in their color scheme ( Louisville, Atlanta Falcons, Arkansas...)
 1. Bowling Green has 12 letters. Bobby Petrino has 12 letters. Coincidence? Or fate?


  1. I'm actually glad to see KBA get a new gig, despite her success in sweeping your Cardinals last year. I don't think St. John could pay her what she's worth.She's a good lady and she did take Red Storm WBB out of the cellar it was in.

    I look for UM to become a BIG 10 power. I expect Maryland and Rutgers to come in and also dominate in BIG 10 WBB.

    I hated to see KBA go, but I'm still a big fans of hers. I'm not too sure about our new coach, Joe Tartamella. A different coaching style, no doubt.

    Queens, NY

  2. Lots of good hills and winding country roads to ride a Harley in Warren County. Lots of blondes on WKU campus, too.

    1. Gotta wonder if he'll get the gang back together...lil bro Paul, John L. slapping himself on the face on the sidelines and son Nick.

      Stay tuned. This could be jolly good fun!



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