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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Cardinal Couple readers!



On the bus for another away game!
It's been an incredible year here at Cardinal Couple and we want to thank all of you for your readership. e-mails, comments and support. It's hard to believe that CARDINAL COUPLE is almost four years old. A site we didn't think would last very long has turned into a site that now gets over 2700 hits a day. A site that now has weekly writers and carried by several news conglomerates and has posted close to 1200 articles. Yes, we are amazed, humbled and very thankful. Never saw it coming.

2012 has been an amazing year for UofL women's sports. Beginning in January, we watched at the UofL women's basketball team held their own against tough BIG EAST competition, made it into the NCAA Tournament and nearly advanced to the Sweet Sixteen...losing a tough battle to Maryland on their home court in College Park, MD.

Arthur Albiero's swimming and diving team took another BIG EAST title and spring brought us the promise of softball, track and field and lacrosse. Who can forget the 55-win season by Sandy Pearsall's club and hosting the NCAA Regionals? Track and field notched another BIG EAST title.

Voleyball's future looks bright!
After the students returned to fall classes, the field hockey and soccer teams had BIG EAST success and volleyball came out and blistered the BIG EAST with the regular season and tournament titles. The NCAA Championships took place at the KFC YUM! Center and Louisville narrowly missed being a Final Four participant.

Cardinal women's athletes battled hard all year in 13 sports and we salute each and every participant for their service to UofL.

Basketball is 1/3 of the way through as we write this and the Cards are rolling on all eight cylinders with a #14 ranking and sparkling 11-2 record.

Columnists Jenny O'Bryan and Jeff McAdams
We're thankful for all the great opportunities we've had to provide Cardinal coverage. We're also grateful for having the best writing staff around over the last three years in Jenny, Sandy, Jeff, Quentin, Mark, David and Donny.

May you have the best of the holiday season and thank you for making this site a joy and pleasure to present and produce each day! We look forward to 2013 and hope you make that journey with us...

Paul & Sonja


  1. Merry Christmas to you, Paul and Sonja. Glad that I found this site earlier in the year. Keep up the good work. Go Cards!

  2. Merry Christmas Cardinal Couple! Looking for a great 2013 and wonderful holidays for all Cardinal fans. See you in New Orleans (Sec. 309) GO CARDS!

    Curtis Franklin

  3. Merry Christmas Card Couple, staff, and readers!

  4. Peace on Earth & Good will to Man!
    Since The Ville seem to be ACC bound. How about a word or two, here and there about the ACC teams in 2013. I mean it's not like they're not reading the Couple anyway. By the way, could you continue to say something about former UofL players & coaches. Thanks in advance.
    Remember there's a game Fri, Go Cards!
    Merry Christmas all!

  5. CORRECTION On The Above Post!!! The Game is 12/31/2012, New Year's Eve Not Fri.

  6. Merry Christmas Cardinal Couple!

    Thanks for the daily reports on UofL women's sports! Hoping that 2013 is a very successful year for all UofL women's sports teams and that you continue your great work on coverage of these events!

    Blue Lou
    Lexington, KY

  7. We did do a coupleof pieces a few weeks back highlighting the different women's sports in the ACC. But, nothing too team specific.

    Wishing Cardinal Couple readers a Merry Christmas and a safe a New Year! Thanks for reading and commenting! I am glad to be back after a few weeks off! Best wishes for a Card Strong New Year for all our favorite sports!



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