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Friday, December 28, 2012

Cardinal Couple Friday Edition - The "Jeff Slept In" Edition


( Columnist Jeff McAdams gets out of the dentist chair, has another whiff of nitrous oxide and brings us today's column. We have an emerging, abundant interest in Louisville Lacrosse here at the staff and Kellie Young won't know what hit her this spring when we show up with the chimps and Bill the Goat.)

(Apologies for the late posting...I'm not sure how Paulie does it...well, how he does it when he's not off adding to his fruity-drink umbrella collection anyway)

All is quiet on the Cardinal Couple Front

This is the time of year when there's only one Cardinal women's athletics team playing - basketball, of course - the sport that probably draws the most readership here to the CC blog.

Alas for us fans, basketball has been on a bit of break this week.  Nearly all of the players had the opportunity to go home to visit with their families for Christmas.  Hopefully they haven't been totally overindulging and not doing any me.  They are returning to get a few days of practice in before the Tennessee State game on New Year's Eve.

That all means that there isn't much news to share in the UofL Women's Athletics world right now.

2013 is nigh

Jenny shared her new year's resolutions for her involvement with UofL Athletics yesterday.  I made a new year's resolution a number of years ago that I have not make any more new year's resolutions.  So how about my hopes for the new year, both for myself and others.

A Trip to New Orleans

Of course this one is on the list.  The men's basketball team went in April.  I hear there's a few UofL fans down there right now and into next week, but I'd like to make the trip this coming April for the women's Final Four.  St. Louis was a nice trip, but I think I would enjoy a weekend in New Orleans even more.

Lacrosse Tutorial

I've been to a few Lacrosse games, and came away with a basic understanding of the game, but I'd love to learn about some of the finer points so I can comment intelligently on a game.  Kellie Young, if you're listening, I'd love to see some sort of tutorial or clinic for fans to be able to learn about your game and be better fans.

While we're talking about tutorials or clinics, learning a bit more about Field Hockey would be nice as well.

Social Softball

In general, I'm not much of a fan of the sport of baseball.  Though I do like to go to the park with friends, I won't watch it on TV.  I enjoy watching softball more, though.  Both of them are a great social event as well. I made it to a few games last year, and I hope I can make it to more this year.  For the dog lovers among you, bringing your dog and sitting on the outfield berm is an enjoyable afternoon/evening as well.  If you're lucky Coach Pearsall's dog, Summit, will make an appearance, and apparently, there's a new family member, Sierra, as well.

Soccer and Field Hockey

Obviously, my favorite sport is Volleyball, but in the fall, I like to try to get some chances to check out the Soccer teams (both men and women) as well as Field Hockey.  I only made it to the very end of one Field Hockey game this year...I'm disappointed in myself over that...and I hope to step that up a bit more.

My family gave me some cold-weather UofL gear for Christmas, hopefully I can give it a bit of an opportunity for some use with some late-season games from the soccer and field hockey teams in tournament appearances.

Can't leave out Volleyball

I've made a couple of road-trips for Volleyball the past couple of seasons, and those have been tremendously I hope to keep that up in the fall.  I'd like to make it to the Big East tournament, and a first and second round NCAA road-trip.  We host a regional in the NCAA Volleyball tournament next year, so that won't be a road-trip, but I've always wanted to visit Seattle!

Post to Cardinal Couple about more than just Volleyball

Sometimes I feel like I'm a broken record talking about Volleyball so much.  Of course its a passion, but there's so much more to enjoy in UofL Athletics.  Hopefully I'll be able to make to some of these other sports a bit more, and learn enough about Field Hockey and Lacrosse to comment intelligently, so I can have more to share with you, our readers, in the coming year.

I've enjoyed writing for CC, and looking forward to more in the coming year.

Go Cards!

( And we enjoy having you on staff, Jeff! Even though you leave volleyball nets in the conference room and Bill the Goat gets hung up in them...which necessitates Timmy the Intern placing calls to 911 and Anne Kordes. Strangely, Kordes always arrives first...)


(This article about freshman Megan Deines. Enjoy! )

Dynamite Deines


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  1. Hey Jeff, I failed to mention it, but I intend to be in New Orleans as well. My only debate is do I wait and buy tickets through U of L when we make it to the FF OR do I go ahead and buy them (best available), and trade up to UofL section once we make it to FF. You see my dilemma? I also have a couple of friends scouting out lodging options while they are down there now for the Sugar Bowl. I, too, was in St. Louis. I look for a much better time in New Orleans, having never been there before.


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