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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Media Day at the YUM!


******BREAKING NEWS******


Just got the tweet...Talented Oregon player is a Cardinal!

She's Mercedes Russell's best friend. Does it mean what we all hope it means?

Russell announces at 5:30 p.m.

The champagne is chilled.


The University of Louisville women's basketball team had their Media Day today at the KFC YUM! Center and Coach Walz, the staff and players were on hand to speak and answer questions.

Jeff Walz addresses the media Tuesday
Shortly after noon, Coach Walz opened up the floor to questions and spent about a half hour answering them.

-- Walz spoke of the effort that Megan Deines, Sara Hammond and Bria Smith had put in over the summer...commenting that he'd never seen three players put so much work into their games in the offseason.

C.B. and Nicole set up chairs.
--Things he will be watching against Eckerd College tomorrow night are rebounding and defense. Reluctant at first to name a starting lineup, he eventually suggested that fans would see Shoni, Bria and Sara probably start and it was up for grabs after that.  

--Walz has been impressed with the freshmen so far and indicated that Deines would see significant time at the wing. He also mentioned that they'd been bringing Cortnee Walton along slowly the last two weeks because of a heel bruise.

Team lines up fo team photo
--He's hoping to have Asia back out on the court by Thanksgiving and Mo at 100% by the start of BIG EAST play.

A lot of "new" media in attendance today and some questions asked that all Cardinal Couple readers have known the answers to for months.

We hit the floor about 12:30 and the players started trickling out onto the court after that. First out was Monique Reid, who was surrounded by the TV guys and patiently answered questions about her injury, her hopes, her role and amount of playing time.

I decided to take a different approach and went around and asked some of the players some fun and different questions. I think they enjoyed it. Here we go...

What would you go trick-or-treating as?

Shelby  - A witch
Megan  - Cat Woman
Tia - Beyonce
Mo - A vampire
Bria - A fairy
Nita - Kim Lee (which drew a round of laughter)
Asia - Jeff Walz
Sara - Captain America
Coach Cam - Mr. Jeff Walz. 

Which Candy would you look for first in your trick-or-treat bag at the end of the night?

Shelby - Sweet Tarts
Megan - Twix
Tia - Reese's Cups
Mo - Bubble Gum
Bria - Sour Patch
Nita - Skittles
Asia - Sour Gummi Worms
Sara - Kit Kat
Coach Cam - Milky Way

Which KFC YUM! Center concert would you attend this weekend...Justin Bieber or Bruce Springsteen?

Shelby - Justin
Megan - Justin
Tia - Biebes!
Mo - Never heard of Bruce and doesn't like Justin, so she'd stay home.
Bria - Justin. Hands down! 
Nita - J.B
Asia - Who's Bruce Springsteen?
Sara - Justin
Coach Cam - Bruce Springsteen, without a doubt. Seen him before and go definitely go again. 

If you could steal one of your teammates skills, what would it be?

Mo - Nita's shooting ability
Bria - The way Nita shoots
Nita - Asia's jumping ability
Asia - Sherrone's shot blocking
Sara - Shoni's passing skills.

We'll be back later with recruiting news. We're hearing that Alexis Montgomery is announcing at 4 p.m. Eastern today...


  1. Another little birdie has hatched!! We now have triplets. I am happy to welcome Alexis Montgomery into the Cards next. Welcome aboard to the future Women's National Championship team.
    Sandy Walker

  2. Wish Mercede bad luck at Tennessee

  3. I hope she does good we can't get them all dowe have alternate big for the just on casr r is the rest small??

  4. Coach Walz still has Sherrone Vails, Shawnta Dyer, Sara Hammond, and Cortnee Walton returning next year. Henderson will fit in well with them and that's a pretty powerful front line.



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