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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The season tips off


-Cardinal fans fill YUM! Center for tip-off luncheon.

(Columnist Jenny O'Bryan brings us the report on the 2012-13 WBB Tip-Off Luncheon. It was a grand affair and good to see all the UofL fans in attendance!)

Coach Jeff Walz was the keynote speaker.
The Women’s Basketball Tip-Off Luncheon was a sold out affair at 700 fans strong!  This is fitting given that one of the themes of the day was fan attendance, the goal to take the top spot for fan attendance this year and selling out our home opener against Texas A&M on Friday, November 9. 

Master of ceremonies Matt Andrews
Coach Walz was the speaker for the day and spoke of his gratitude for all that has come before, to make today’s team possible.  The team is not happy with how the season ended and felt like they gave one away, against Maryland, in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.   The team has taken this to heart and it has shown in the work during the off season.  The team is “hungry and their goal is to make it to New Orleans” where the Final Four is next April. 

A-Tayy (Asia Taylor) looking splendid!
Coach talked quite a bit about what a great group of kids he has on his current roster and how they have bought in to what he is trying to do.   He spoke about how Louisville has, and continues, to recruit great young women.  “These are great young women, they make you proud, they make good decisions and are good people.  Not only are we recruiting good players, but good people, too”. 

Columnists Sandy Walker and Jenny O'Bryan
Coach Walz talked about his appreciation for Louisville fans as it relates to recruiting.  He stated that when showing highlights to recruits, they can’t believe the numbers of people that are at games.  Often he gets asked if it was a double-header game, and the men are coming in behind the women’s game, thus the number of fans.  In keeping with this thought, one of the goals of this season is to take the top spot in fan attendance in the country. 

L to R: Tom Peterson, Jack Horan, CARDINAL COUPLE
Columnist Jeff McAdams and Dick Palmer
Again talking about recruiting, Coach Walz talked about not only selling the women’s basketball program to potential recruits, but the athletic department as a whole.  With the football team, men and women’s soccer and basketball teams being ranked, volleyball ranked, and swimming and diving also being preseason ranked.  These are just the fall sports!   The strength of the Athletic Department as a whole is untouched by any other in the country and is a strong drawing point for potential recruits. 

The regular season opens on Friday, November 9 against Texas A&M against what is projected to be two top ten teams in the season’s opening rankings.  This opening night match up is the strongest opening game match of the season.  It is a red out game and the goal is to sell out the arena, 22,000 strong.

Fans pose with Monny, Megan and Bria
The exhibition match on Halloween night is free and open to the public.  Coach indicated half the battle is getting first timers in the door to see a game, once there, he feels confident they will come back.  With that in mind our job as fans is to bring friends, family and neighbors to a free night out and watch the Cards start the season.  (Having had a family pack of 4 tickets the last 5-6 years, I have taken many friends to the games.  Many of those friends are now season ticket holders themselves!  I can attest to the success of the conversion rate of first timers to season ticket holders!)

Jenny and Jeff
The season is here.  The team is ready and hungry.  Our job is to bring our friends and family, and help sell out the arena.  We are a week away from a sneak peek of our favorite women’s basketball team, and just a little over two weeks away from the regular season opener.  Hope to see you there Card Fans, with friends in tow!

Central Cardinal Club member Chuck Horrel gives us an "L" 

Al Greener's most excellent pep band!
(Editor's Comments: Over and over yesterday, I heard the comments that this year's event was much bigger than last year's and that the crowd seemed more energized and excited about the upcoming season. CARDINAL fans should be excited. The season could be a magical one and a return to the FINAL FOUR not out of the question. Events like this are usually not a source of in-depth analysis or breakdown of the upcoming season...more a general introduction and discussion of the team and season that lies ahead...but CARDINAL athletics are on a major roll right now and Jeff Walz paid tribute to several other UofL teams in his opening remarks....namely football, men's basketball and volleyball. He also mentioned that he and the coaches made the overall success of Cardinal Athletics a key component in the recruiting philosophy that they use when meeting with a prospective student-athlete. We say, "Why Not?" This makes perfect sense. Louisville is the best college sports town around and the facilities for athletics and beyond are unmatched. We look forward to an exciting and successful season for the LADY CARDS and we'll be here every step of the way to provide you with in-depth, factual, up-to-date and relevant coverage of the team, coaches and season.

-Paul Sykes, Co-Owner/Senior Columnist

Chuck poses with the affable Shoni Schimmel!

Jenny's great overview pic of the capacity crowd!


  1. A great time yesterday at the luncheon! Did I hear right that C.Bing is back on the staff?


  2. Thanks for reminding me of that Brenda. Yes, you did hear that Candyce Bingham is now on staff, and I am sorry I failed to mention it in my article.
    I think I heard graduate student manager. Does that sound right to you, Paulie?
    I have been seeing her around at a lot of sporting events and thought she just may be on staff, but, I had not heard anything official. Glad to get that confirmation yesterday.

    1. It sounds right. CB's back! Like it...


  3. anyone here at cardinal couple seeing tweets and stuff that S.Mavunga is now heaed to the ville? fill me in.

    RIP Hoopgurlz

    1. In the words of Sgt.Schultz..."We know nothing."



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