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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Cardinal Couple -- Women Golf finishes 5th


- Women's Golf finishes 5th in Ram Classic

- Spend it if you've got it

- Fashion do's and don't

Cards finish 5th in Ram Classic

The University of Louisville women's golf team finished tied for fifth in the Colonel Wollenberg's Ptarmigan Ram Classic on Tuesday afternoon in Fort Collins, Colorado. ( For the rest of the article, we will refer to the event as the Ram Classic). The Cardinals shot a 307 in the final round to finish with a total score of 896. Texas Tech won the event with a score of 860. 

Sophomore Emily Haas finished tied at 10th with a 54 hole score of 220. She fired a 76 on the final day. 

Sophomores Katie Petrino, Sara Karlsson, junior Tara Lyons and senior Candace Wiley also participated in the Ram Classic. Their 54 hole scores:

Petrino     226     tied for 24th
Lyons      226      "   "   "   "  "
Karlsson  227      tied for 30th
Wiley      223       tied for 56th

Louisville returns home to host the Cardinal Cup at the Cardinal Club in Simpsonville beginning Monday, Sept., 17th.  

Funding not always a sure thing

The University of Louisville funds over 25 different athletic teams and squads each year. Whether it's sending the football team to Pittsburgh or the golf team to Colorado, players must be transported, lodged, fed and cared for. Louisville is one of the lucky NCAA Division I schools in terms of a healthy CAF Fund, donation systems and financial sponsorship and backing. We're thankful for that...we wouldn't want to see Shoni and the Lady Cards hitch-hiking on I-65 trying to get to South Bend for a game.

Economic times are tough, though...and not all universities share in the Cardinals' good fortunes. We provide the link below about Tennessee cutting 5 million dollars from their athletic budget. Not as a slap at U.T, but merely an example of how these tough economic times are affecting everyone and how fortunate Louisville is to have solid and stable funding. 

Ecomonic hardship forces cutbacks

Fashion Do's and Don't

Finally, Timmy the Intern has come across some style and fashion tips for those of us over 55. He also submitted photos, but we're going to let you come up with your own visual images of these. He suggests you avoid these fashion "fails":

- Nose ring and bifocals
- Spiked hair and bald spots
- Pierced tongue and dentures
- Miniskirts and support hose
- Ankle bracelets and corn pads
- Speedos and cellulite
- Unbuttoned floral shirts and heart monitor
- Midriff shirts and midriff bulge
- Pierced nipples that hang below the waist
- Bikinis and liver spots
- Belly button ring and gall bladder surgery scar
- Short shorts and varicose veins
- In line skates and a walker
- Thongs and Depends

Have a great Wednesday and we're currently taking bids on cutting the CARDINAL COUPLE lawns...Bill the Goat has gone on strike and the corporate lawnmower has stopped working after the S.E.P. School of Mechanical Dynamics students disassembled and rebuilt it last week. 


  1. Thongs and Depends? I almost spewed coffee

    -- Joe Hill --

  2. When the big revenue sports at a university aren't very successful, the financial ramifications affect the entire athletic program. Tennessee hasn't been relevant in football for years and basketball isn't what it used to be. Louisville almost dropped football back in the early eighties but found a savior in Howard Schnellenberger. I hope that the Vols can do the same. Someone needs to beat UK each year besides Louisville.



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