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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Basketball odds and ends


- Jenny brings us hoops updates

- Get those Louisville WBB season tickets! 

- Women's Basketball tip-off luncheon close. 

(Staff Columnist Jenny O'Bryan checks in with her weekly report and basketball is the prime topic of discussion today. As usual, she does a wonderful job of keeping us up-to-date on the present and the future of the Cardinal WBB program!)  

As was reported here several weeks ago, Sydney Brackemyre is an elite prospect in the class of 2014, and was on campus on an unofficial visit the weekend of August 25.  She was seen at the volleyball game vs. Penn State that evening with some of the basketball players. 

This past weekend Brackemyre spent part of her Holiday weekend at a skills camp in Georgia.  I saw several tweets from those involved with the skills camp tweeting about her play.  Today, a very nice article was published regarding Brackemyre and her history with the game as well as how she is handling the recruiting process.  
It is a good read, and lists Louisville among her final 3 schools of choice (which we already knew). 

It is important for readers to realize that, as a junior, Brackemyre is still 14 months away from being able to sign her National Letter of Intent.  If she decided to sign in November of 2013 that would be the early signing period for her class.  All of that is to say, she still has a lot of time ahead of her in this process.  As things go in the recruiting world, things can and do change.  As it stands today, though, Louisville looks to be in very good shape with this very talented young recruit.    

Here is the link, courtesy of ESPN:


Bon-nay has hers. How about you? Go Lady Cards! 
Women’s basketball season ticket holders started receiving 2012-13 season ticket renewal forms in the mail last week.   Rest assured I have sent my form off and confirmed my seats for the upcoming season.  If you intend to be a new season ticket holder to women’s basketball you can call the Athletic Ticket Office at (502) 852-5151 to get on the list for tickets.  The helpful ticketing personnel are available to assist you and are just a phone call away.  So, pick up the phone and call and order those tickets, if you are not already a ticket holder. 

( Editor's note: Help Jeff Walz and the Louisville WBB squad reach their goal of 10,000 season tickets! People mention to us at times that would become season ticket holders...but can't attend all the games. Don't let that hold you back. There are plenty of agencies and organizations out there that would love your unusable tickets to bring lower income children to games. So, as Charlie Strong's guys say: Get on the train!)


While I have enough excitement for this upcoming season than should be allowed for one person, I received yet another marketing flyer in the mail this past weekend announcing the Tip-Off Luncheon, which has elevated my excitement to a (hard to live with) whole new level! 

Have any readers been to the Tip-Off Luncheon before?  Last year was my first year and I vowed to make it an annual affair.  This year’s luncheon will be held on Tuesday, October 23.  The event is held on the court of YUM Center, with doors opening at 11:15 a.m. and lunch served at Noon.   Limited tickets are available and are on a first come first served basis.    You should contact Christine Krellwitz at 852-0706 or at Christine. to reserve your tickets.   Tickets are $30 each. 

The event last year was a lovely affair.  In what I believe was a sold out affair, attendees were treated to a very good lunch, a bit of a Louisville “goodie bag” of sorts, and we were introduced to the incoming freshman, the team as a whole, and then new Coach Samantha Williams.  Coach Walz spoke a bit last year about the trip to Oregon and Canada that the team took last summer, as well as a bit of what we had to look forward to during the upcoming season.  During the lunch a video of the preceding season highlights played.  If one was not excited about the upcoming season prior to arriving that day, there was no doubting the excitement for the season by the time we left.  I would expect much of the same format this year.    If you have not attended in the past, I would encourage you to do so.  

For those of you unable to make the affair, I will be covering the event for Cardinal Couple.  If you are on the fence about attending, go ahead and make your reservation, you won’t regret it.


Finally, the next couple of weekends are big recruiting weekends for the Cards.  As was mentioned previously here, 2013’s Imani Wright and Brianna Ruiz will be on official visits this upcoming weekend. Click the link below to see a video of Imani Wright.

Imani Wright

Finally, no word on when the schedule will be released.  I would expect that it should be forthcoming in the very near future.  We will post a copy of the schedule once it is made public.  

( Our thanks to Jenny for today's report!! WE hope the basketball visitors have a great weekend and get to also attend the events that will take place on campus this weekend. Louisville women's soccer battles Kentucky in Cardinal Park on Friday and Charlie Strong's football team looks to go 2-0 with a Saturday clash against Missouri State. With Volleyball and Field Hockey on the road this weekend, we hope to see you cheering on the undefeated SoccerCards against the BIG BLUE!) 


  1. What are our realistic chances of landing Wright? Aren't Baylor, Texas and Oklahoma after her also?


  2. Keith, I honestly do not know. This kiddo snuck up on me, I was unaware of Louisville's level of interest. In a video posted as recently as 7/12 Wright stated she was going on official visits to Tennessee, Louisville and KY, and that she had already visited (it would have had to have been unofficially) Baylor, Arkansas and Texas. Her friend and teammate, Jessica Jackson, also in the same video, recently committed to Arkansas. Wright hails from Texas, and getting her out of the Lone Star State is definitely a challenge, in my opinion. It would be very nice to make inroads in the very fertile recruiting ground of Texas, though.

    All of that being said, it is hard to know the factors that go in to a specific recruits decision. Are the primary factors proximity to home? Or away from home? Is the recruit set on a major and choosing a school based on a program offered? Is it facilities? Coaches? Teammates? It really is hard to know, and even more difficult to know when so little is known about the recruit. So to answer your question, I unfortunately have no idea.

    In my opinion Louisville has a lot to offer a recruit. We have top notch facilities, a great coaching staff, one of the best women's basketball fan bases in the country (and still growing), a beautiful urban campus, an AD dedicated to women's athletics and an overall fabulous athletics program, to name just a few. Are any of those attributes high on her list of deciding factors? I guess time will tell.

  3. Need a big turnout for women's soccer Friday night for UK. GO CARDS!

  4. The problem with out staff is we always offer way too many players in each class. I know a lot of schools do this and I guess you always need a back up plan because you aren't going to get them all. Maybe that is why Rodgers & Epps looked the other way

  5. Epps and Goodin-Rogers looked the other way because they wanted to play for the Big Blue, who has more talented players then Louisville from top to bottom so let's stop this about how they couldn't handle competition. If they didn't want competition then they would have went to WKU.

    1. Both have said that they feel UK is a better fit for them and that's what a player ultimately is best off with...a program that is a good fit for them and for the coaches. Players minds and attitudes can change and what once looked as a best choice can change.

      Both schools (UofL and UK) should have plenty of talent to be competitive in the next few years and both are top ten there should be some good battles between the two schools. Look for WKU to become a very good program again also, now that Michelle Clark-Heard is the head coach there.


  6. Brianna Ruiz is visiting for 2 - 3 days starting today, right? Gotta feeling she might be our first commit for the 2013 class. Her or Harris.

  7. My understanding is that the visit is from September 7-9. That would mean tomorrow is day 1 of the visit.

  8. Does anyone know why some people were sent emails for renewing women's basketball tickets online and others are getting them via the USPS?


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