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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's Raining Mud Pies and Victories

With or without the Holiday - Tuesday is still Sandy's Laundry Day


Columnist Sandy Walker takes us on her weekly journey through Cardinal women's sports. We think you'll enjoy her new feature that takes a look back at some classic sports moments from the days when gasoline was 30 cents a gallon and rap was something you did on a door to announce your presence. 


 This weekend’s rain has caused the laundry to be particularly messy and it is taking forever to complete each article.  The mud puddles combined with Bill the Goat knocking over the tailgating food table left every piece of clothing in a mess.  Add Timmy’s decision to make and sell mud pies as a fundraiser for the School for Exceptional Primates during tailgating and then throwing the left-over’s at Coco did not help as every clothing item is now requiring soaking and spot washing.  Happily, with the win over the Kitty Cats no one cares too much or became upset over the stained clothes.   The clean-up is nothing like what is needed for many of the kittens who either didn’t make it to their litter boxes in time or who ran out of litter.




·          Get a bucket of hot soapy water.
·          Place the washboard inside the hot soapy water.
·          Take one clothing item and soak it in the bucket.
·          Press the clothing up against the metal ridges of the washboard and rub it up and down.
·          Squeeze clothing item to dump the dirt off of it.
·          The cycle is repeated a second time to make sure all of the dirt has been removed from the clothing.
·          The clothing is then rinsed out in plain water and hung out to



Congratulations are sent to each of the Women’s Card Teams this weekend as it is an easy week to report outcomes.  All matches from each of these teams (Volleyball {KY match and Battle of the Bluegrass Tournament Winners}  Field Hockey, Soccer, Cross Country) with events in the last week are reported as WINS.

A special salute goes to the Louisville Women’s Cross Country Team whose win at the Mid-America Opener reported the following results:

1. LOUISVILLE, 25; 2. Evansville, 30; Oakland City, NTS; Kentucky Wesleyan, NTS
Michelle Molodynia
Maria Frigo
2. Michelle Molodynia, 14:56.27; 4. Maria Frigo, 15:26.00; 5. Kelsey Cramsey, 15:55.98; 6. Leah Kiyohara, 15:56.32; 8. Paige Dooley, 16:03.07; (11.) Cassie Martin, 16:17.46


Prior to Title IX, girls and women took on various tasks and lived circumstances which are now humorous but at the time were just how it was if we wanted to be able to play any level of organized sports.  I hope that on a weekly basis to be able to share one or more of the situations women found themselves in due to their desire to compete but I need help from our readers.  If anyone has stories they would like to share please add them to the comments section, or pick up your rotary phone and e-mail me at

As a Starter: One Louisville, KY Academy school was able to pay their basketball referees by waiting until after the game was over and collecting the soda machine change which had accumulated during the week and the game. 

The referees were then paid with the quarters, dimes and nickels from the machine sales.



As of Sunday’s game Angel is back.  Not only was she physically back on the Atlanta Dream court she also is back in form as 18 of her 24 game points (7-8 from the field in 4th quarter) were scored during the 4th quarter. The Dream were able to pull away from an end of 3rd quarter tie to a 87-80 win.  

I am looking for this year’s playoff outcome to end differently for the Dream as Angel finally has assistance from others.  Opponents can no longer key solely only Angel as in the Dream’s defeat of the Connecticut Sun as Erika De Souza and Sancho Lyttle both had double doubles with 14 points and 12 rebounds and 15 points and 13 rebounds respectively.


Friday night’s 25-23, 25-12 and 25-17 win over Duke in the first round of the Cardinal Classic KFC Yum! Center was the team’s 800th win.  The weekend's 3-0 sweep resulted in its win of the Tournament. Marshall and Samford were the other victims.  This win was preceded by their 3-1 upset win over #10 ranked Kentucky on Wednesday night.

                                                                                        FIELD HOCKEY           

The Cards downed Ball State 5-0 on Monday at Trager Stadium. Louisville scored there first goal just two minutes into the contest and led 4-0 at the half.  The first big road trip of the season awaits with games at Ohio and Indiana later this week.  


  1. Let's hope Angel can co-exist with this coach.

    1. I think that maybe all of them learned a new lesson.
      Sandy W.

  2. We had a deal set up years ago with a popular drive-in restaurant where they would pay our referees with gift certificates to their restaurant. Not sure how "legal" this is/was, so I'm not naming the restaurant. It was a popular place, though and referees would always request to work our games at home in basketball because of the set up. And, we seldom got very many "bad" calls.

    Somewhere in Wisconsin

  3. I played my high school basketball in a small western Kentucky town where the gymnasium was not large enough to have a full length basketball court. We had no center court line, just two lines on the court that were the distance of what half court was on a regulation court. This was confusing to "big city opponents" and we used it to our advantage quite frequently for ten second calls and "over and back" with our press.

    We also had a second floor bleacher area that hung over the sidelines out of bounds areas and our students would sit in this area and harass opposing players who would attempt shots from the corners of the court. Imagine 75-100 screaming kids directly over you when taking a corner jumper from the sidelines. Not too many went in.

    Consolidation eventually closed our school, but we had a pretty good home record because of our gym and the smallness of it. The town really showed up for these games and I remember one time our mayor actually ran out onto the court to argue a call made by the refs. He got tossed from the gym! Those old brick walls could really magnify the sound and it was a tough place to play for visitors not used to it.

    Skinny Pete

  4. This sounds a lot like Forsdville or Cloverport, Skinny Pete. I played in away games there in the seventies and it was an un-nerving place to play. Especially if there was a stage at one end of the court and if you drove in for a could barely stop in time before ending up in the PTA's bake sale.



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