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Thursday, October 27, 2011

BIG 12 waiting on naming additional members...Golf rallies to finish 5th...Pitino gets 19 point win over Pikeville


-BIG 12 waiting on naming new conference members

-Women's golf finishes 5th in Vegas

-Men's Basketball downs Pikeville

Maybe they actually asked the remaining members which school(s) they'd
like to have join. Maybe Mitch McConnell, in raincoat and sunglasses, visited
Has the honorable Mitch McConnell boxed the Eers? 
the midwest. Maybe our article from yesterday got through to someone. Maybe 6 is 9.

In another wild and wacky twist to the soap opera known as conference expansion...the BIG 12 has put off a decision to add WVU to the gang and is now waiting to see if Missouri is going to join the SEC. The crawl line on ESPN
was cryptic and terse. WVU's move is on hold. Rebel forces from the Ohio Valley have made inroads on the main front and strongly object to the decision concerning the Mountaineers uniting forces with the allies. Louie the Cardinal Bird was seen strolling the Belknap Campus in a beret and humming "Country Roads." The I-64 bridge between Ashland, KY and Nitro, WVa. has been barricaded with couches and furniture in the east bound lanes...

Someone bring in General Patton.

Rick...please quit popping off about Owls and Tigers !
Someone put a gag order on Rick Pitino..who keeps singing the "I love Memphis and Temple" mantra. Just coach your team, coach. We don't need no stinking Owls messing things up. 

Really, Rick? Maybe you'd like to try your hand at global warming next. Or climb Mt. Everest. Maybe Charlie Strong should send Clint Hurtt and Pat Moorer over for a visit.

Maybe the BIG 12 rattle-shakers talked to a few folks who aren't real big fans of Morgantown mania on Football Saturdays. Like Pittsburgh or LSU. Like the rest of the staggering BIG EAST football members. Like anyone outside the state of West Virginia.

Maybe Missouri is having second thoughts about making the plunge into the SEC. (Maybe Missouri is crazy if they are...).

This, of course, circumvents the previous BIG 12 statement that WVU was in just as soon as formal approval was reached.

Formal there's a vague and nebulous phrase. (Hey, Pop..can I borrow the car? Son, you'll have to ask your mother - or the BIG 12 - for formal approval..)'s words to drool over are:

BIG 12 informs West Virginia that expansion plans are on hold.

"Hey, LOU! Who's in the BIG 12?"
Climb down off the bridges and tall buildings Cardinal football fanatics. The fat lady hasn't sung yet (she can't get the microphone away from Pitino) and looks like we'll go through another weekend of intrigue, speculation, heresy and rumor. 

Meanwhile, in Morgantown...couches are ablaze and any Cardinal fans thinking of making the journey there to watch Louisville play them in football on Saturday, Nov 5th. better make the journey in a Hum-V and carry an assault weapon for protection.

That's Breeders Cup weekend. Stay home and watch the ponies. By then, maybe we'll know if McConnell's on first, if Jurich is on second and if Pitino's on third. BIG 12 informs West Virginia that conference expansion plans are on hold. Say it with me one time. Sounds like the rejection form letter I got in the mail years ago when I applied for a job at Ford....

Meanwhile, in stuff we really care about...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UofL head women's baketball coach Jeff Walz. If you see him at the Cardinal WBB kickoff luncheon tomorrow, bestow your blessings. He may be the only one left out there with any common sense...when it comes to decision making and avoidance of sticking foot in mouth.


The University of Louisville women's golf squad rallied on the final day of tournament action in Las Vegas and finished fifth in the Las Vegas Inter-collegiate challenge. The final tallies: 

Tara Lyons                    final round 75     222 total     tied for 20th.
Anna-Karin Ljungstrom   final round 72     225 total     tied for 26th.
Emily Haas                   final round 79     226 total     tied for 31st.
Katie Petrino                final round 76     " " " " " "     "  "  "  "  "  "
Maria Castallanos         final round 82     227 total     tied for 36th.

The Cards also had three players competing as individuals in Vegas:

Sara Karlsson              final round 81     232 total      tied for 55th.
Maike Klein                 final round 84     "  "  "  "       "  "  "  "  '' " "
Candice Wiley             final round 82     242 total      tied for 80th.

Thus endeth the fall gold schedule for the Lady Cards. They'll swing back into action on Feb.20th. back in the UNLV Spring Tournament. Vegas, baby...wonder if any of them need a caddy?


Cardinal men's hoops started the exhibition season out in the right way with a 74-55 defeat over Pikeville University. This one was over early...the Cards streaking out to a 16-0 lead to start the game. Pitino has some talented "bigs" on the team this year...freshman power forward Chane Behanan with 16 points, center Gorgui Dieng 14 points and 15 boards and tall guy Zach Price with several nice follow up tips for scores.

Maybe the season's start will keep Rick's mind off football for awhile....


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