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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Women's Football Clinic....Meet Margaret Richards


-Second annual Charlie Strong women's football camp

-Meet Louisville's Margaret Richards..part of Weber State's coaching staff 

(Janet Williams took part in the Saturday camp drills. She shares her observations with us)

Charlie Strong is a
different guy when he gets
on the football field
It was hot yesterday. And, yes, Charlie we were tired. Doing sit ups, running, putting on the pads, discussing plays and formations. Hustling. Nearly six hours of alternating fun and exhaustion. I had no idea of what all a football player has to go through to just be ready to play the game. I understand it now.

We started the day over at the indoor Trager Center. A lecture, then going through pregame warm ups, weights and push ups. I used to be in pretty good shape but after that I realize that I'm not anymore. I was getting dusted by several of the younger girls out there and the coaches weren't shy about telling me about it.

We took to the field and there was more in store for us. Drills that had us exploring the worlds of passing, receiving, tackling and learning the names and the plays that the offense and defense have to learn and master. Mike Sanford, the offensive coordinator for the Cards, was great. Interjecting humor with terminology - he received a big round of laughter when he asked us if we knew what the term "hot receiver" meant and then commented that it didn't mean the guy was good looking. 

I now understand why the guys on defense are so fired up about defensive coordinator Vance Bedford. Talk about a motivator! And, slacking is definitely not allowed on Charlie Strong's football field. Charlie is a great guy when you meet him in public and off the field. When he's on the field, though, he's demanding, loud and persistant. You listen, to try to perform and you hear about it if you don't do it to his satisfaction. I used to think my old sotball coach was the most demanding person I ever met. She's in second place now.

Rule #1: You don't walk anywhere. Period. You run. Walking is for little old ladies in the parking on the way to church. Cardinals run. They run with a purpose and if you don't - you do it again. And again. 

I emerged at the end of the day tired but proud. I think that I can now discuss football with "the guys" and not embarrass myself. I have a great respect for what these athletes go through to get ready for games and what they are expected to be able to do. I have a 8 yr. old son and if he decides he wants to be a football player (right now basketball is his major sport) and gets good enough to play in college-I'd send him to play for Charlie Strong and his guys with no hesitation.
There's a lot more involved in a running play than Janet
ever imagined. You blow your hear about it.
We were there with questions and expectations. Both were satisfied. And, as I type this out to send over to Paul and Sonja, my calves are sore, my arms are aching and I'm still queasy, I think, from a pass that I was supposed to catch but ended up directly in my stomach. Thud, ugh.  

I never thought I'd say this:

I'm looking forward to football season.

(Janet Williams was a pretty fair softball and track star back in high school. We thank her for her report and we agree...Janet. We can't wait for football to start.)


Margaret Richards played
for Nebraska after gathering
All-State honors at Central.
Margaret Richards is the latest coach with a Louisville connection to join Bethann Ord at Weber State. Richards was an all-state hoops star at Louisville Central before going to Nebraska to play her college ball. Richards has a great deal of coaching experience...she was a graduate assistant at UofL for a year, an assistant at Kentucky State and head coach at St. Augustine College in Raleigh, NC. Her most recent job was at North Texas...where she was the team's recruiting coordinator and special situations coach.

"I'm very excited to have Margaret join our staff. I have a great deal of respect for her ability from our time together at UofL. Ord commented. "Her head coaching experience will be vital to our staff. She gives us instant credibility and will have a huge impact on recruiting."

We like this move by Ord and can see Richards being of great service to Ord as she begins her first year as the head coach at Weber State.

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