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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scary storms, tornado rock Papa John's Cardinal Stadium


-Tornado touches down near Churchill Downs, PJCS

   Scary moments for CARDINAL COUPLE Co-Owner Paul Wednesday night while down at Churchill Downs and the Parrish House area. A violent storm ripped through the area, knocking the roof off a barn on the backside of the track at Churchill, damaging four other barns and demolishing Levee Lift Equipment Supply building at the corner of Floyd and Central Street.

Paul took this photo from Floyd Street, facing south toward Central Avenue...outside the Parrish House. At least a dozen power and utility poles were knocked down. Papa John's Cardinal Stadium was not damaged nor was the Parrish House. Businesses south of Central on Floyd Street took the brunt of the damage.

Damaged barn at Churchill.  Thanks to Gretchen for the photo.
  Paul spoke to LG&E employees at the scene who estimated it would take more than a couple of days to reset and restore the telephone and utility poles knocked down and damaged. Paul spoke to me via phone and sent the pictures ...

Rain at Churchill Downs
 "Pretty scary stuff...I saw this thing touch looked like one of the barns exploded back on the back side and then it looked like it was headed toward Papa John's and the Parrish House. Stuff, debris flying everywhere...I backtracked over to the Parrish House by car and things are OK there but I'm driving on Bradley Street right now and there are trees down, power is out and debris everywhere here. Sirens going off everywhere. "


  1. I am glad to hear everyone is okay after hearing about this. I use to live in the Ville' for 7 years, and tornadoes always flirted with actually touching down but we never had that bad of an encounter. I am just thankful to read that no one was harmed, and my prayers go out to the ones that lost their homes...


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