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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The final word on WBB Big East 2012 Tourney...Yelin to Buffs...Scholarships...


Julie Hermann attends
 a lot of women's sports
events at UofL each year.
-We hear from Julie Hermann

-Leonid Yelin to Colorado

-Would Pitino's 'walk-on' move been duplicated by Walz?

Julie Hermann is the Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director at the University of Louisville. She's also a pretty friendly and interesting person to talk to if you run into to her at a UofL women's athletic event. Chances are you will, she attends 100's of them every year. Her recognition by Cardinal fans is nearly
100%...we asked 12 random Cardinal fans a few months ago..."Have you heard of Julie Hermann" and 11 of them were correctly able to identify her. The
lone 'unable to identify' guessed she was a UofL women's basketball recruit. Yep, we're all ate up with this UofL women's basketball team...for sure.

We posed a question to Julie last night about the confusion over the 2012 BIG EAST Women's Basketball Tournament...via e-mail...and had our answer within two hours. Pretty impressive stuff, Ms.Hermann...It takes Paul longer than that to spell check and re-write a three paragraph article.

Here is the final and definitive response to the question. We'll let nature take its course from here and see what the BIG EAST decides on. Julie writes:

"Paul...the associate commissioner misrepresented the process that started the confusion. She has since corrected it on the original blog. Believe me, if Tom (Jurich) could host it or was given that opportunity, we would ABSOLUTELY be "ready" thanks to our fans and the KFC YUM!"

So, there you go. We're still going to prognosticate that it'll be held in Hartford...but we're hoping to be pleasantly surprised by different news on the subject. We'll update your here at CARDINAL COUPLE on further developments and we thank Julie for her timely, informative and clear response.


Looks like retirement didn't set too well with former UofL Volleyball head coach Leonid Yelin. Word comes out of Boulder, Colorado  that Yelin has been named an assistant coach for the Colorado Buffaloes volleyball program. Liz Kritza, head volleyball coach at Colorado, comments:

Gwen Rucker is a stand-out
volleyball player at UofL and
will be coached by Anne Kordes
this year.
"Adding a coach of Leonid's caliber and experience is a significant step for this program. The success he has had at every stop and the wealth of experience he has in building programs into national contenders will be integral to the future success here at CU."

Yelin, who was the head coach at Louisville for 15 years, recorded a 366-112 record at Louisville. The Cards made 14 NCAA Tournament appearances during his stay here. He had this to say about his new job:

"I am very happy to be a part of the University of Colorado athletics family. Coming to a great school with a strong academic reputation as well as a very respectable athletic tradition is something I am very excited about. With the move to the Pac-12, the best conference in the nation, I feel a new era is dawning for all the athletic programs here, especially for women's volleyball."

We wish Yelin all the success in his new job with the Buffs and thank him for his years of hard work and contributions to the Cardinal volleyball program. Although we're not quite sure that the Pac-10 is "the best conference" in Volleyball..especially considering the successes that Penn State has had in the Big 10...we're certain that Yelin will attempt to help the Buffs improve upon the 13-42 record they've complied in the past two years.


Rick Pitino announced yesterday that three Cardinal men's basketball players would give up their scholarships and take the role of "walk-on" players to help the men's basketball team meet the requirements of only 13 scholarship players on a squad. Kyle Kuric, Chris Smith and Elijah Justice...all key contributors for the Cards last year...assume the new classifications.

It led us to start thinking about the situation with the women's basketball program at UofL. Jeff Walz has assembled a large and quality group of Lady Cards for the 2011-12 season. 15 players and 15 schollys available. We have to think, though...what if there hadn't been transfers out of the program this spring?

Would Shelby Harper been a candidate for walk-on status or a red shirt?

WE see it as Walz having several options. He could have followed Pitino's suit and ask a couple of the ladies to be walk-ons. He could have a couple of them take a red-shirt year.  We don't envision any more transfers out of the program this year....three of those have occurred already (Rachel Story, Polly Harrington and Nikki Burton).

An interesting situation ahead for the Lady Cards and a far cry from just a couple of seasons ago when Walz's team was vastly depleted in the ranks of healthy players and had to accept former player Brandie Radde's offer to come back onto the roster and delay Gwen Rucker's full-time status as a volleyball player for a year.

15 for 40. We like the ratio.  



  1. The women get 15 scholarships, do they not? Isn't that part of the equity in sports for women athletes of Title IX?
    If that is accurate, and I believe it is, we are at exactly 15 on the roster for next year.
    Unless, of course, there is last minute recruiting news, we should be good to go for 2011-12.

  2. Your observation is "dead on" Jenny. 15 players, 15 scholarships. Time to stop having the chimps do fact-finding for us, we guess...



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