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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shoni Schimmel not participating in Colorado Springs FIBA U 19 tryouts


Shoni and Ceci Moses addressed attendees at the mid-year
conference of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians.
-Schimmel not in Colorado Springs

-Schimmel and Mom speak at conference.

Maybe we should re-name the site Shoni Couple today or Cardinal Schimmel, since both articles are about the talented UofL guard....


Shoni Schimmel is not at the tryouts in Colorado Springs, CO for the U19 USA FIBA team. WE noticed that early reports on the tryouts made no mention of her. Then, a reader informed us that a Connecticut newspaper made mention of her absence from the event. Several other readers also e-mailed to inform us that Schimmel wasn't there. WE went to work on the story and soon found out that Shoni woke up Sunday morning and was ill and missed her flight to the tryouts. No injuries or other complications in this story...just a sick Shoni. We hope she gets to feeling better soon...the Louisville sinus syndrome this time of year is enough to make anyone sniffle and suffer most days (just ask UofL public address announcer J-Bone) and we hope it isn't one of those pesky summer colds that seem to drag on forever. Get well, soon Shoni and take your Vitamin C every day!

We do know that USC target Alexyz Vaioletama also missed the tryouts...why, we're not sure...and that Cardinal signee Bria Smith is "looking impressive and playing well" in the camp.


Shoni and her mother Ceci Moses did address the Mid-Year Conference of the Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians. The conference took place from May 15-18th in Worley, Idaho. and covered such topics and issues that involved the conference theme..."We need one another in these crucial years on Indian Affairs-we must plan jointly in the spirit of unity and divine guidance."

The event featured keynote speaker Raul Labrador, Idaho freshman congressman, who commented to the attendees that the federal government "doesn't understand what you're living through" in regards to the high unemployment rate and lack of funding delegated for programs in the Indian County" and Labrador expressed hope that Congress' new members can provide a much-needed change in perspective.
Mark Few is the head men's basketball
coach at Gonzaga.

Also addressing the conference was Gonzaga basketball coach Mark Few.

It is a sad state of affairs when we can spend billions of dollars overseas
rebuilding countries that we've been at war with but not provide sufficient funding for our own Native Americans. The phrase "Think Globally, Act Locally" doesn't seem to carry much weight when it comes to taking care of those in our own country who are in need.

There are Americans going to bed hungry each night, who don't have clothing, housing or jobs. My late uncle Page once told me that "you take care of yours...your family and friends...first...before you try and save the world" back when I was a wild-eyed college idealist.

Those words have never rung truer and need to be followed in aspect to our own problems here in the United States...instead of throwing money at third-world countries who will never repay it and don't appreciate it.


If you live in the Louisville area, you might want to get out to the "Neutral Zone" by the end of the week. 1/2 off all Cardinal (and UK) merchandise. Paul meandered over there yesterday and got (2) nice Cardinal polo shirts at a very nice savings. It is rumored that they are the first additions to his wardrobe since Jimmy Carter was president.....

The Neutral Zone is located off Blankenbaker Parkway, near Shelbyville Road, in the shopping center that also houses Beef O' Brady's. (This is in no way an advertisement for the store...We just figure that anytime one can save money in these tough economic bears sharing.)


  1. I was looking forward to possibly watching Shoni play... She is here in Mission right now, well as of yesterday she was--Umatilla23

  2. Let's hope she gets to feeling better soon or is already well


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