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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cards fall to Syracuse 1-0 in BIG EAST Softball Finals.


-Softball loses to Syracuse 1-0 in BIG EAST CHAMPIONSHIP

-'Off the Rez' - Where do they go from here?

-Louisville women's hoops to play Texas A&M in 2011-12 season.

The University of Louisville softball team fell in the finals of the BIG EAST softball tournament yesterday at Ulmer Stadium to Syracuse 1-0. It is the second year in a row these two have met in the finals and the second time Syracuse has won the tournament by
Louisville left ten base runners stranded against
Jenna Caira...who allowed six hits, no runs. 
one run in the final game.

Once again, it was "Card killer" Jenna Caira dealing out the fatal blow to the Lady Cards softball crew...shutting the Cards down without a run for the third time this season...two of them from the arm of Caira.

For the Cards, Tori Collins pitched the type of game that will get you a win nine out of ten  times...allowing just one run and five hits while striking out ten Orange batters.

The third inning proved to be the key at-bat for Syracuse...Kelly Saco taking one to the fence for a double and moving to third on a sacrifice bunt. Before the attempt, UofL catcher Maggie Ruckenbrod apparently picked off Saco on a throw from the plate to second base..but the original call was over-ruled after discussion and complaints from the Syracuse coaching staff that Katie Keller didn't have sufficient possession of the ball when she tagged Saco out.
Stephanie Watts drove Saco home with a single for the 1-0 advantage. Louisville kept the disadvantage to just one when Watts was thrown out at the plate by Kristin Austin after a Lisaria Daniel single.

The Cards got robbed of an apparent run in the fourth when Ruckenbrod singled and got to second when her hit was misplayed. Pinch runner Chelsea Jordan moved to third on Austin's bunt single and crossed the plate on a Taner Fowler ground ball. Umpires once again intervened and sent Jordan back to third...calling Fowler out for runner's interference while
running out her hit. Caira was able to then get the third out of the inning...stranding Jordan at third.

Louisville had a chance to tie it in the seventh after Jennifer Esteban singled and got to third when Chelsea Bemis struck out but got to first safely after Syracuse catcher Ashley Dimon couldn't control the third strike and then hit Bemis with a throw as she was running down the first base line after the passed ball. Esteban would remain at third, though..when the Cards' Alicja Wolny grounded out to end the game.

Caira was named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player. Louisville placed four players on the All-Tournament team...pitcher Tori Collins, 3rd base Chelsea Bemis, shortstop Colby Wherry and catcher Maggie Ruckenbrod. 

We opted to view last night's contest from the right field knoll instead of the press box. For those of you who missed not receive our real-time game commentary, we can only tell you that sometimes we like to be just fans...cheering for the Cardinals. And, that is what CARDINAL COUPLE's mission statement be the fan voice for all UofL women's sports. We missed the commentary and money-shines going on up in the press box...but sometimes, you just want to yell, cheer and interact with the other fans. 

We could gripe and complain about the two calls that eventually gave Syracuse a run and took one away from Louisville....but the umpires are in charge of game time decisions and have the right to reverse calls. In this case, unpopular reversals. Still, this Louisville softbal team has overcome some mighty large obstacles to get to where they are and WE'RE very proud of Coach Pearsall and her outstanding ladies in every aspect. WE hope they get the chance to continue this amazing journey with an NCAA bid.  


Shoni Schimmel and her mother Ceci.
Off the Rez premiered last night on TLC and the documentary was hard hitting and gripping at times. When one gets a personal glimpse into the lives of come to realize that the bond of family can be a very strong and guiding force in one's life...either by being present or vacant. In Shoni and the rest of Schimmel family's life...that bond is huge.

The continued success of Shoni after leaving the Umatilla Reservation and going to Portland and then Louisville has come with a dear price to pay...not being able to have the daily interaction with all of the extended family. It makes her successes all that more remarkable and noteworthy. We see a bright and success filled future ahead for "Sho-time", her sister Jude and although neither will be in constant contact on a daily basis with their siblings, parents, relatives and reservation friends...they'll be assured and gain strength from the knowledge that the support is unwavering despite the distance.

And, in the final analysis...that is what life is all about. You eventually leave the care and security of your home to etch out your own niche in the world. The degrees of success you find is metered and determined by the effort and results you create, ignore or achieve. 'Off the Rez' may be a time of adjustment for part of the Schimmel-Moses extended family...but life itself is a series of adjustments. You keep pushing....and we're confident that Shoni, Jude, Ceci, Rick and all the family will be quite successful in the years to come. The University of Louisville fan base is strong and alive in northeast Oregon.


Part of the Louisville women's basketball schedule has been released for 2011-12 and the second game of the year will have Lousville travelling to College Station, TX. to play Gary's Blair's Texas A&M squad. You remember A&M, right? They won the NCAA Womens Basketball Championship a couple of months ago.
Louisville forward Asia Taylor will go to play against the Aggies.

Other tenative trips include a visit to Florida State and the school is trying to schedule a couple of games up in the Oregon/Washington area, where a strong Shoni and Jude Schimmel fan base exsists...

WE can't wait!



  1. Really good documentry, now she has thousands more fanz from the diff' rez's across the nation. They posted an FB page for Shoni, only been up 1 day and she's about to hit 6,000 like mark. Tahnee Robinson's is below 3,000 and hers been online for about 1 month.--Umatilla23

  2. Tip of the iceberg for her, no doubt.


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