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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Post game comments after Louisville's 5-2 win over UIC...Preakness today

- Post game with Pearsall, Bemis and Wherry

-Preakness today...will it be "Dialed In?" 

-End of the world as we know it?

CARDINAL COUPLE attended the post game press conference following Louisville's 5-2 win over the UIC Flames in first round NCAA regional action at Ulmer Stadium. Here's the words...

Sandy Pearsall's opening remarks:

" was a long game. I'm proud of our team...coming back after the seventh when they (UIC) scored two runs. We came out...Chelsea (Bemis) started the tone with a home run.then we just got back in the groove and finished strong. I'll also say that they have a tremendous pitcher (Devin Miller) and she did a good job of handcuffing us up early on. She made it tough on us to score runs. "

The mindset of the Cardinal...going into the bottom of the eight down two runs: 

Chelsea Bemis: " Have fun. Relax and don't tense up...because that really doesn't help. You're aggressive but you're not swinging at junk. 

On her first home run...worried about it clearing the fence? :

Chelsea Bemis "No...I was just looking for a hit. When it went out, I was' always good to hit a homerun.

How often have you had a walk off, game winning home run?

Chelesa Bemis: "It would be my first ever, maybe. I really am not sure. They don't happen very often."

Was there a specific pitch you were looking for when you hit the game winner? 

Chelsea Bemis: "No...she kinda threw high to me. I'd seen change ups earlier and I was struggling a bit earlier to her (pitcher Devin Miller) I was just looking for a hit.  

On Louisville leaving nine base runners earlier in the game before the final home run:

Chelsea Bemis: It is frustrating when you can't get those key base hits....

On Colby Wherry's key single in the eighth inning, which led to the tying run:

Colby Wherry: I was just trying to start stuff off for us. Trying to keep us in the game.

The Cards continue the quest to win the regional today with a 2 p.m. showing against the California Golden Bears. We had commented a couple of days ago that the Bears won the PAC 10 tournament to get to the NCAA...but since the PAC 10 has no softball tournament...that comment should have been about Cal defeating #10 Arizona on the final day of regular season play. The PAC 10 placed seven teams in the NCAA field...tough conference!

Howie Lindsey hanging
out with a statue
The game against UIC was a reunion for Louisville pitching coach Courtney Scott and her older sister Amanda Scott, who is the pitching coach for UIC. According to Courtney, the two had a nice chat before the game...but it wasn't about softball. Courtney laughed when Cardinal Sports' Howie Lindsey asked if she had considered trying to get inside her sister's head with taunts and trash talk during the game...Courtney claiming that never crossed her mind and wasn't something she normally does. 

CARDINAL COUPLE will have coverage of the 2 p.m. Bears vs. Cards game. If Louisville wins, they play next on Sunday. If they lose, they return to the field at 7 p.m. tonight to play the winner of the Jacksonville State vs. Illinois-Chicago contest...which starts at 4:30 today. We're hoping that the Cards win...obviously...due to prior commitments, we'd be unavailable to cover a 7 p.m. Cardinal clash tonight...but will offer a post-game recap here at the site. Maybe assistant sports information director Lori Korte will let us send staff chimps Co-Co and La-La to the press box...naaahhh, bad idea.

Positive thoughts, optimistic vibes...Louisville wins today and rests until Sunday.


14 three year old hopeful will contest the mile and three sixteenth Preakness Stakes today around 6:30. We discussed our selections and picks a couple of days ago here at CARDINAL's some race day chatter we've picked up...

Tom Cahill (left) with C.C.'s Paul Sykes and handicapping
expert Norma Burgess. Cahill says.."Look for some
potential high price horses in the Preakness."

-More and more people we've talked to are tossing Kentucky Derby winner ANIMAL KINGDOM out of their picks for the Preakness. DIALED IN, SHACKLEFORD and MUCHO MACHO MAN seem to be the horses that are popular and trendy as the race approaches. We'll know later this evening.

-Ace handicapper Alan Patterson has weighed in with CARDINAL COUPLE and likes the chances of DIALED IN. Alan is also going to include some longshots in his exacta plays...same idea that CARDINAL COUPLE Director of Security and Nonsense Tom Cahill is espousing.
Should be fun. Load 'em up and turn 'em loose.


You've probably heard the inane scuttlebutt about the world ending on Satruday, May 21st at 6 p.m. This doesn't suit our plans at all and would like to ask for an extension. The Preakness doesn't run until around 6:30 p.m. and we'd like to see the Cardinal softball team play on Sunday. Also, what do you tell Jude Schimmel, Sara Hammond, Monney Niakme and Bria Smith...Lady Cards basketball signees?

Don't get us wrong...we'd love to see a return of Jesus to earth below. Not as a game ending scenario...but to continue his preaching
and philosophies. The world certainly could use his guidance and doctrines these days...

So, we respectfully request a delay of the end of the world. We're excited about the upcoming UofL women's sports seasons, watching Charlie Strong's football team this fall and Pitino's hoopsters. Just in case, though....I'm not writing any checks to pay bills until Sunday or Monday...


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