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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catching up on the mail and other menusa...


-WE read your mail.

-Angel and the Dream play today!

-Sonja's take on Saturday on Floyd Street

Cardinal Couple I.T. specialist and mail room supervisor Billy D. Goat (pictured left) smiles after seeing Doug Beaumont score his first touchdown in 4 years at UofL. Bill thinks that if he had been quarterbacking the Cards, Beaumont would be in double digits with TD receptions

Here's what Billy brought us from the mail room and e-mails:

Cardinal Couple:

I enjoy your updates on the women sports at UofL. I am a transplanted Louisvillian that now lives in Worchester, MA. What do you think about the UofL women's basketball chances this year?

-Thomas the Train

Thanks for the e-mail T.T.! We see a vastly improved Lady Cards hoops team this year. Depth and skill at every position, height and improved rebounding ability and a whale of a battle for the guard positions. We've got plans to do a feature with head coach Walz down the road and we'll report on his speaking appearance next month at the Sportsmen's Supper Club.


Can you provide any information on a rumor going around about Shoni Schimmel's eligibility?

Thank you,

We can tell you that both Coach Walz and assistant coach Michelle Clark-Heard have told us personally that there is NO problem there and she is "good to go."

Cardinal Couple,

Does field hockey play the Cats this year? If so, when and where?


Nope. They do travel to IU, though on October 5th. Might make for a nice Tuesday up and back road trip...

You can send your questions to or mail them to:

Cardinal Couple
P.O. Box 91521
Louisville, KY 40291

Billy D Goat promises to deliver them to the editorial staff promptly and is completely over that messy "eat the evidence" issue he had a few weeks back.


Angel and the Atlanta Dream in Seattle this afternoon for game one of the WNBA finals. The Dream will have their hands full with Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird..but if they can get that fast break rolling and Angel is "on" like she was in Game 2 against New York...they could spring the upset. National TV on this one...ABC at 3 p.m.


It was the second tailgate of the football season yesterday and we started the day by arriving at the Parrish House 5 1/2 hours before kickoff. We are always busy helping Al set up and taking care of last minute details and the usual preparation. Paul watches the member's parking lot across the street just about every home game to make sure that no one sneaks in and parks there without a pass. If you've walked down Boxley Avenue on the way to or returning from the stadium, you've probably seen the "big guy" and his mob out there...defending the turf and joking around with the pedestrians.

I walked over to the Green Lot yesterday. We used to park there in the early days of PJCS football. My friend Nancy went with me and we went to visit our friends Tom and Karen who still tailgate there. They have a fun and rowdy bunch with them and Karen makes reaaalllyyy good margaritas! We stayed quite a while before returning to the Parrish House and it was in full swing by the time we got back. The Robbie Bartlett Band plays there outside for each home game and they are unbelievable! Robbie sings every song straight from the heart and she is one fantastic stylist. I just love seeing her up there and we always greet each other with a big hug!

She also lets "the Big Guy" get up there and sing with her and the band and they are hysterical to watch! Paul always sings "Gimme Three Steps" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and they call him Paul "Van Zant" because he prowls the statge and sings exactly like the late, great Ronnie did. He wasn't happy about his performance this last time because "John-John" the guitarist kept messing up the chord sequence...

(These singers are such prima-donnas !)

We also spend time inside the Parrish House, eating delicious food and talking with the other members. We help run the 50/50 raffle with our friends Charlie and Carol and it's always a big payout to one lucky ticket holder. We tear a lot of tickets and Paul and Charlie always make the winning ticket announcement 45 minutes before kickoff. Last week they paid out almost $600 dollars and yesterday was a good payout too...over $300. A Parrish House member won, but the raffle is open to anyone (of legal age). Half the money goes to Al's favorite charity..Cerebral Palsy.

Paul walks the lot quite a bit during tailgaiting and he ran into assistant women's basketball coach Michelle Clark-Heard, Valerie Owens-Combs, Jack Conway and his dad and quite a few other dignitaries that tailgate around the Parrish House. It was also great to see former UofL marketing director Teresa Lowry...the "brocoli lady"!

Finally, it was time to go to the game and we enjoy our group that sits around and with us. We love our seats in the corner of the "Crunch Zone". We're very close to the field and it's fun when a UofL player scores a touchdown right in front of us! Paul and Shane did an absolutely fabulous job of singing the National Anthem and My Old Kentucky Home before the game. They usually get a lot of cheers from our section and today was no exception. The 9/11 tribute pregame was beautiful.

The Cards won. It wasn't by as much as people thought they might, but a win is always good. We ended the evening sitting around outside the Parrish House waiting for traffic die down and watching the kids throw the football. It's a good wind down period and a nice way to end a busy day.

All in all, a beautiful rain at all and lots of fun. (Thanks to Tillie, and the Drunken Amish Farm photo
archives for today's pictures)

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