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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

WBB Reflection... Swim to ACC Championships... Happy Valentines Day... WEDNESDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


More than 24 hours have passed, and we have had time to reflect on Monday night’s match-up.  Louisville lost by 11 at UConn.  But things were not all bad. The sun came up Tuesday morning and we've still got big things ahead.  

The Huskies cruised to a huge lead in the first quarter based off a 24-1 run.  The Cards panicked.  Shots weren’t falling and as the deficit grew the shots came faster and messier.  The panic grew, and turnovers became a major problem as the first quarter progressed.  There were 11 turnovers in the first half.

The last three quarters were different.  Louisville outscored the Huskies 52-45 in those three quarters and 36-27 in the second half.  What stands out to me is that the Cards never quit.  Many teams would have given up after being blown out early on.  They obliterated Wichita State 124-43, Cincinnati 106-65, and ECU 96-35 just to name a few.  Instead of letting the Huskies continue to roll all over them Louisville battled back.  They continued to edge closer but ran out of time leading to their second loss of the season.

What does the loss mean?

Next to nothing. 

It’s not ACC play.  It came against #1 UConn on the road.  Only Notre Dame (9) and Texas (4) had closer margins in their final score.  Louisville and Notre Dame remain tied for first in the ACC at 11-1.  If the Cards win out, they win the conference and the #1 seed, based off the tiebreaker.  If the Cards were to drop in the rankings I doubt they go below fifth.  Who would move above them, anyways? Notre Dame?  100-67 stands in the way.  The loss is a good lesson for Jeff Walz’s hoopsters.  A few weaknesses were exposed and now there is a chance to strengthen those.  If Louisville faces UConn in the NCAA Tournament they now have an advanced scouting report.

There is a lot going on today.  As Regina George from Mean Girls said, “On Wednesdays we were pink.”  In this case it’s for Valentine’s Day.  Today is also the day some give up sweets, or fast food, or bad words for Lent.  Yes, it is also Ash Wednesday.  The Red and Black calendar is a bit quieter, though.  Women’s swim and dive kicks off the ACC Championships today in Greensboro.

The rest of the week and weekend picks up with women’s basketball tomorrow.  The Cards travel north just half an hour away from the Super Bowl losers to take on the Eagles of Boston College.

Softball steps up to the plate against two Big Ten foes in Northwestern and Ohio State in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge starting Friday. 

Scott Teeter continues to pioneer the rebuilding year of the lacrosse program as they host Denver on Saturday right after the Cardinal Couple Radio Hour.

Speaking of the ACC, Louisville Swimming  is one of six conference teams ranked in the Top 25.  Virginia is seventh, NC State is 10th, and Louisville is next in line at 14th.  North Carolina, Notre Dame, and Duke round out the teams in the Top 25. They'll make waves in the Greensboro Aquatic Center for conference supremacy.  

The Swim Cards are led by national champion and Olympian Mallory Comerford.  Grace Oglesby, Molly Fears, Rachel Grooms, Lauren James, Hannah Magnuson, Casey Fanz, Alina Kendzior, Mariia Astashkina, and Nastja Govejsek are all names to keep an eye out during the ACC Championships.  The Cards aren’t the favorite but can easily come out on top as they test the water before the NCAA Championships.

Enjoy your Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, ACC Swim and Dive Prelims Day, or just your ordinary Wednesday.  Go Cards!



    I was watching Cards WBB team practice on twitter. I notice Lindsey Duvall shooting forme and her follow through is perfect, Wow I was so impressed.

  2. She'll be a good one. Watched her play 3 years at Bullitt East.

  3. Cards shoulnt move from #4 in the polls

  4. With my continued internet service outage I am reduced to my tablet or phone to access Cardinal Couple and Jared has nicely volunteered to fill in for Thursday if service is not restored. What a bizarre morning. Those who follow me on Facebook can get the full story there. The cliff notes version is that four kids in a stolen car drove down our street this morning shooting out lights, power transformers and anything attached to telephone poles. That have been caught but the elementary school was put on a level 3 lockdown and I heard the gunfire and schreeing tires. I am glad they weren't shooting out windows, I sit right in front of a huge one here in the Cardinal Couple control center (my den).


  5. Wow Paulie that's crazy glad no one was hurt there's crazy people everywhere.


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