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Monday, February 12, 2018

Louisville women's basketball, Lacrosse, Softball -- MONDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


The Louisville Lacrosse team put together a 7-0 run in the second half to shake off Marquette and win their home opener 16-8 Sunday afternoon at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium. During that run, junior Tessa Chad scored three of her game high five goals to help lead the Cards from a 9-7 lead to a 16-7 advantage. The Cards are now 2-0 on the season and in the Scott Teeter era. 

Louisville took control of the contest early...jumping out to a 6-1 lead in the first seventeen minutes of the action. Chad got the Cards first score and after two net-finders 
each from Jillian Balog and Caroline Blalock, plus a score from Julia Wood, it looked like the Cards would have little trouble from the Wisconsin visitors. Marquette was not quite ready to give up the battle, though, and outscored Louisville 4-2 to close out the first half...trailing the Cards 8-5 at the intermission. 

What did Coach Teeter say at the half to his squad? 

'We talked more or less about staying on the same page. In the first half I though we had one or two individuals that were getting away from our system and that's where the breakdown was. In the second half it looked like we had seven girls on offense all on the same page and all eight defensively. We made a lot of play through transition...we scored some fast break goals . That was a goal at half-time, too. To push the ball." 

After Wood got the first goal of the final half, Marquette scored twice before Louisville went on their run. The Cards won the second half battle 8-3 and forced Marquette into 22 turnovers, while committing just 14 . Marquette added a meaningless score with 19 seconds remaining to make the final 16-8. Marquette's Grace Gabriel tallied five scores for the visitors, who had Ky. Country Day's Claire Hamilton on their roster. 

Besides Chad's five scores, freshman Caroline Blalock had four, Balog and Wood (returnees from last year's team) netted three each and senior defender Emily Howell (who we interviewed at the Spring Sports Media Day) added one. 

An encouraging start for a team that has only had Teeter as the head coach since November 20th and has had only about a month to recruit players for this year's team, install a system and practice with the squad. He has a team that is a mix of freshmen (11), transfers-in (6) and just eight returnees. They have a way to go, Teeter was clear about that, but the team unity and closeness is strong and viable and that, by itself, is a welcome and refreshing aspect to the turf that lies in the shadow of Little YUM! practice facility and Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. The players believe in him and themselves. That's huge and refreshing. 

Cardinal fans...adopt these brave women and this new coach as one of your spring sports to watch and support. Lacrosse and basketball have a lot of similarities...with fast-breaks, passing, shot-blocking and strategy. It's fast and exciting. They've even been known to throw peanuts to the fans and bring in Al Greener's pep band. Check it out. We think you'll be back for more. Hear the post-game analysis below in the video: 


The LAXGIRLS return to action Saturday at 1 p.m. when they host Denver. 

(Thanks to Jared Anderson for the photo sand filming of post game!)


Louisville Softball closed out their stay in Orlando with a doozy, breaking a 7-7 tie in the top of the seventh inning to defeat Illinois 9-7 yesterday morning. 

The start time, presumably scheduled to meet travel arrangements, seemed to agree with both team, in terms of hitting prowess. The Cards put up three runs to start the game...a Nicole Pufahl triple driving in Blaire Bass and Jenna Jordan being the major blow in the Cards' first at-bat...but Illinois countered with two runs in the bottom of the inning. After the slugging start, staring pitcher Megan Hensley settled down and held the Illini scoreless until the bottom of the fifth...while the Cards added four more runs to build a convincing five-run, 7-2 edge. 

Just when it looked like the Cards were in control, Illinois struck back with two runs in the fifth and three runs in the bottom of the sixth against Hensley and reliever Danielle Watson to tie the contest going in to the top of the seventh. Errors are almost expected this early in the season and a couple from fro Cards helped the Illini climb back into the contest. 

It was the Cards turn for offensive fireworks in what proved to be their last time at bat and they got them when Hensley opened the inning with a single. The "New Pride of New Egypt, New Jersey" -- Jamie Soles -- legged out a sacrifice bunt and Celene "Play that Funky music" Funke beat out an infield grounder to fill the bags with Cards with no outs. A fielding error on a Caitlin Ferguson grounder scored one and Kyra Snyder's clutch single made it 9-7. 

That two run lead held in the bottom of the seventh...Illinois did get a runner on-base but were unable to get her home. 

Snyder went 4-5 in the 24-hit game, with three RBI's and a double.  Pufahl was 2-3 with a triple and two runs batted in. 

Louisville finishes the tournament with a 4-1 record and returns to action Friday, February 16th in the the ACC/BIG 10 Challenge with a 2:30 game vs Northwestern in Raleigh, NC. 


Louisville women's basketball takes on UConn tonight in the much-awaited Monday Night matchup between #1 and #4 in the nation. ESPN 2 will televise the 7 p.m. start. 

We discussed on radio Saturday about what the Cards had to do to beat UConn and (besides Worldwide's steal from Jeff Walz's reply... 'score more points'... snarky comment), we came to the general conclusion that the Cards needed to go out and play the style and brand of Louisville basketball that got them to 25-1 and see how it matches up against the Huskies. 

Play like Louisville.

Some things we'd like to see: 

Asia Durr efficiency and success from the arc will be a key.. Hines-Allen board crashing and inside production another huge factor. The steady play of guards Carter and Evans at the  point, the explosiveness of Jasmine Jones and the paint presence of Sam Fuehring also could weigh heavily into the outcome. Bench contributions from Shook, Dunham will be essential and if Syd can jump in an sink a few threes, we like Louisville's chances. 

The Cards have three wins this season over Top-Five ranked opponents and are currently on a 13-game win streak on the road. 

UConn? Say what you will about them, their dynasty, their record against Louisville. Discuss Williams, Nurse, Geno, Samuelson, Collier, Dangerfield, Stevens and Gaempel Pavilion all you want. All that goes out the window when the ball goes in the air. 

We get the trio of Kara Lawson, Rebecca Lobo, "Idi Amin" and Holly Rowe on the four-letter network.

Expect a Husky love-in for two hours. If that gets old, and it surely will, why don't you listen to Nick and AJ give their take on the action on the radio? 790 AM locally and on the IHeart app. 

So Cards...walk in confidently, play with inspiration and heart and score more points. Keep your heads high and play till the final buzzer. Win or should be an interesting one. Non-conference, sure...but national implication heavy and star-laden. 

A preview of a Final Four match-up? Geno's continued domination over Louisville basketball? A new rising star on women's college basketball's horizon? Excitement or disappointment? 

We'll know around 9 p.m. tonight. 

Play like Louisville. 

Cue up Hot Chelle Rae or Phil Collins for today's musical selection. Either "Tonight, tonight" or "I Can Feel It Coming in the Air tonight" I linked up both below: 

Tonight, tonight

In The Air Tonight



  1. Big one tonight, no doubt. Cards have had significant rest and UConn continues to dominate people. The key here, if you ask me, is the guard play. Can Louisville win? I think so! Game watch party in Naples, bring on the Huskies!

    -- The Real Joe Hill --

  2. Softball is lucky to have the nice Orlando weather. Poor lacrosse was stuck in near-freezing temps and a not-too-nice win. How they can go short sleeves and skirts is beyond me.


    1. So, is Lacrosse good enough to be a competitor of some success in the ACC? They've had good pre-conference starts before. Can Teeter turn a basically brand-new team into a ACC powerhouse?

    2. Tough to say this early in the season but they have scorers, a solid defense with Lexie Ball in goalkeep and Wood, Howell, Gatons and Marshall as defenders. I like what I've seen, though and Denver will be a good test. They beat Stanford 12-9 to start season.


    3. Man, that's a tough question...mostly because the ACC is just so ridiculously good in Lacrosse across the board. To ask a team to be competitive in the ACC is basically to ask them to be one of the top teams in the country. I think the talent is there, though there's still a bit of lack of depth despite the many new faces. I think the question basically comes down to whether they can gel and get on the same page to execute as a unit. That's a big ask for such a "new" team, but it's possible.

    4. Known Teeter for a few years. Daughter played for him at Canisius. You have a great coach, our loss. He is fair but demanding. Preaches the team concept and is an excellent strategical coach. I wish him well and you are going to love him Louisville when he gets a few recruiting classes he's gone after on campus and for what he does with this team. Nice interview with him. I like how he joins the players in the interview instead of separating himself from them.

  3. First off, congratualtions to Lou Lax and Softball! Good to see the Teeter era off to a flying start. Given the controversy that surrounded the program and Louisville as a whole in the past, it is admirable to see this collection of players coming out with fire and optimism. It is ALL about the student-athletes in the end, as Paulie so eloquently stated on Radio and spring sports at UofL look to be off to a fine start. Go support these student-athletes!

    Now, the game.

    Forget the scuttlebutt about "just a non-conference game" and all that. It is Louisville WBB's chance to appear on a national platform and show the nation that they are a legitimate contender for the national championship and have two of the best players in women's college basketball in Durr and Hines-Allen.

    Joe Hill points to the guards match-up, I'll say that the boards battle will be key here. UConn brings Stevens, Samuelson and crew to challenge Hines-Allen and Fuehring for supremacy. Control the boards, control the game.

    Geno is the one with everything to lose and not much to gain here while Walz rides in as an underdog, in a hostile environment and painfully aware that the Master vs. Pupil scenario is going to be analyzed and brought up.

    A Louisville loss, well, that'll be played up as "expected" by the national media. A Louisville win, though, would be national headline material and give the Cards that one thing missing in a great coaching career by Walz. A win over the nemesis, the enemy -- the Huskies.

    I'll watch objectively. How do the two coaches handle runs, fouls, matchups and star power? The Huskies fast-break is a thing of beauty to watch, they score very efficiently in it and it'll be a bear to stop. Asia Durr's shooting has to be of concern to Geno and the Huskies. When she's "on" there is no one in women's college basketball finer. Even Geno has acknowledged that.

    A big one tonight, indeed.

    Your ol' buddy Dave-O
    David Watson

  4. Jeff Walz:

    “I can promise you we are going up there with a lot of respect for that program, and what they’ve done,” Walz said. “But you can’t fear them. If you go up there and you’re scared, there’s no sense even to play.”

    Get some, Coach

  5. Hyped!!!
    Because I think we can do it. Gotta score and limit live ball to's to limit their fast break transition offense. Gotta block out consistently. And I think pressing them would fatigue them. All things I think we're capable of doing.
    In other words, "play like Louisville"!
    I love that quote!

  6. Hi, visitor from UConn here.

    Let me start by saying I really like this site and the credence you pay to women's athletics. I am a huge Huskies women's sports follower and fan and can't believe I haven't run across Cardinal Couple before now. I assure you I'll bookmark it and be back!

    I am nervous about the game. Your Durr and Hines-Allen are All-Americans, in my book, and Jones and Fuehring and Carter fit in nicely to what you do. I do think our starting five might be a bit better but we've stumbled at times this season and I don't think we've played anyone as good as you yet.

    Our fast-break is our key to winning. When it is functioning properly it is an impressive thing to watch. I've haven't seen hardly anybody use the fast-break effectively against you yet in the vids I've watched, though, so we may be in for a tough time there.

    Good luck, may the best team win and I'll be there. Gaempel can get VERY loud and it'll be packed.

    Huskies Backer Beth

    1. Thanks for stopping by Beth and glad you found us! C'mon in, the water's fine! We are a friendly site and don't bash opponents who visit here (with the posible exception of a certain UK supporter who has been strangely quiet lately). All "takes are welcome and I think we have assembled a very fine writing staff. I hope you continue to enjoy what we put out for reading here.


  7. Asia Durr and Myisha Hines-Allen were named to the Naismith Trophy Top 30 Watch List. So were Wiliiams, Nurse, Collier and Samuelson from the Huskies. 1/5th of list in one game tonight!

    Cards have to weather the runs (you know there will be some by UConn), not lose focus and play team ball. No foul trouble, but I do think Walz needs to play Dunham extra minutes off the bench tonight.

    I'll be watching with a group that likes to "have a few" and I hope it's in celebration, not to drown their sorrows.

    The Deb Factor

  8. Good site. Go Huskies! Hope u don't embarrass us.

  9. like that phil collins song the other one is boy band stuff but has a beat my girl asia shunes in the big ones and will have the nation talkin bout her after tonight l1c4 and play louisville ball

  10. Big test tonight,but keep your eye on the prize the ACC regular season Championship. I want to see how AC,JAZ & SAM fairs against the Huskies Defense. Also Dana Evan vs Crystal Dangerfield This is a test only a test!

    1. Also a good RPI builder.

    2. It's about time Cards on ESPN tonight.

  11. This will be a team effort EVERYONE has to be on there game tonight not just one person not just two... all have to contribute to the win! Im sure with MHA as the senior of the team she will lead them to victory not just with her play but with leadership as well. Go get them cards!


  12. Let's do this Cards. Time to take down the giant.

    Nick O.


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