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Friday, February 16, 2018

Louisville WBB Wins Again... Softball Visits Raleigh... FRIDAY CARDINAL COUPLE


Win number 26 is in the books.  Louisville soared to an 87-52 win over Boston College in front of a crowd of 929.

Six different Cardinals posted double-digits in points, and every player found their way to the basket, other than Dana Evans’ goose egg.  She did record eight assists and one steal to go along with one turnover, so she earned her fair share on the stat sheet.

Nite-Nite (Asia Durr) posted a team best 16 points, but had Sam, Doo-Blay (not one last night, though), AC, Jaz, and Kylee hot on her tail.  That offense did not get going until the second quarter though.

Boston College raced out to a 19-7 lead, their biggest lead of the game.  At the end of the first quarter the women in red and black had about half as much as their opponents.  Coach Walz gave the team an earful and it paid off.  Louisville used a 20-4 second quarter to go into halftime with a five-point lead.  They would not look back as the lead grew in the two remaining quarters.

The Cards outscored BC 46-15 in the final 16 minutes. 

Sam and Kylee both gave a good run for game ball.  Sam finished with 14 points, seven rebounds, and three assists while committing no fouls or turnovers.  She did, however, struggle from the free through line, going 4-for-8.  Kylee finished with 11 points, three rebounds, two assists, and a team-leading four steals while committing one foul and had no turnovers.  She struggled at the free throw line too but nailed a trio of three-pointers.

J-A-R-E-D Report

Rams QB Jared Goff (not our Jared) 
J – jump shots: Louisville shot 55.2% from the field and 52.6% from downtown.  Four Cards made a three, with three of them pulling off a hat trick and Jess nailing hers with one-minute remaining in the game.  If you take away Dana’s off night, then that shooting percentage rises to 62%.  Still, either way it was a solid shooting night overall, so they earned a capital “J”.

A – assists: 20 assists is going to be a nice night for the offense.  It was also double Boston College’s number.  Dana had nearly one-third of the team’s assists but was also one of seven players to dish an assist out.  Without a doubt they get a capital “A”.

R – rebounds: The Cards out-rebounded the Eagles by one.  Granted, their high-percentage shooting resulted in less chances to rebound.  They stayed true to their season average with about two-thirds of the rebounds being defensive.  The 11 offensive rebounds helped the Cards gain 11 second chance points.  I was hoping to see a larger rebound margin against a lesser opponent.  They still won the rebound contest which is enough for a lowercase “r”.

E – effort: The effort was not there to start the game off.  I had a few flashbacks of the UConn game from the other night.  Whatever vocabulary Walz elected to use motivate his team worked well.  They hustled and communicated like the Cards we have seen most of the season.  They won the final three quarters and cut down on the turnovers while cranking up the tempo.  They earned a capital “E”.

D – defense: It took a few minutes to get the defense going but they pulled through.  Boston College was held to 52 points with only 29 of them coming in the final three quarters.  The Cards were stingy in the second quarter, allowing a season low four points.  There was another single-digit quarter later in the game too.  You can’t win if you can’t score, right?  They also forced 20 turnovers.  The only downside on defense would be the zero blocks on the night.  There’s not much of a contest in awarding them with a capital “D”.

J-A-r-E-D” is a good report card.


Softball begins their second weekend of play today.  They have been in Raleigh for a few days already preparing for the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.  Ohio State and Northwestern are the opponents for the weekend, and the Cards will face both twice.

The Buckeyes sit undefeated on the year at 5-0. 

Ranked 22nd in the country and having won by mercy rule three times this season makes Ohio State a favorite going into the weekend.  Northwestern’s record is the same as Louisville’s.  The only loss for the Wildcats came against a Top Ten Arizona team.  Two of their wins were by mercy rule.  They are in the receiving votes category currently.

Louisville is going into nothing but dogfights on the weekend.  Their Big Ten opponents have big bats and are guaranteed to put plenty of runs on the board.  The bright side is that both teams also allow plenty of runs too.

The Cards sit at 4-1 on the year with a few late game heroics in the wins.  Six players are batting .333 or better so far.  Jenna Jordan and Nicole Pufahl each have a home run and are tied with Kyra Snyder for most RBI’s on the team with four.

The downside to the season so far is that some of the weaknesses carried over from last year.  Infield defense still has not resolved itself, especially on the left side.  Fielding errors continue to hurt the Cards by giving the opponent a free baserunner.  Leaving runners stranded on offense has been a common theme too.

I hope to see the success from opening weekend continue this weekend too.  Going 2-2 on the weekend also wouldn’t be a terrible few games either.  They face their toughest opponents on the schedule yet.  A 4-0 outcome would be great, but even 3-1 or 2-2 would still be decent too.


Women’s swim and dive is halfway through the ACC Championships.  They prepare for some of the final rounds today and tomorrow as they hope to claim the conference crown and prepare for the NCAA Championships in March.

After two days, the Splash Cards are in second place in the ACC Tournament with 414.5 points. Virginia leads with 442.5. 


Daryl knows stuff. 
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Enjoy your Friday and have a good weekend! Go Cards!



  1. My take on the slow starts is why not insert Kylee, Bionca, and/or Syd into the game earlier? Seems like they would bring more energy/enthusiasm. Especially against opponents like Clemson and Boston College. More quality minutes rather than mop up minutes.
    Tie between Sam and Kylee for player of the game last night. Sam is easily the most tuned in night in and night out.

  2. The radio broadcast team gave it to Sam. She really gave the Cards a lift after the ankle roll, which was stupid on the ref's part. Stay out of the way of the players, especially when their backs are turned to you and they've moving! If you're too fat or slow to move, hang up your shoes and your whistle. That could have been a real serious injury.

    K, I'm at the point of saying "Why not?" on your suggestion to eliminate the slow starts. Three games in a row now. Like my ol' 91 Toyota pickup, the Cards take awhile to get going but run fairly well once they do. I want them to run like my 2013 Ford a dream right from the start.


    1. That 2013 Taurus is a bad machine, Paulie. Hope u don't have a lead foot. LOL. CARDS may start slow but they are at least finishing well now. I guess it'll work itself out but it is a worry.

      A lot of it may have to do with our ranking and record. Teams like BC and Clemson look at beating us as a signature win. Huge program achievement.

      Trust in Walz tho he didn't seem very happy about that slow last night in his postgame comments.

      Nick O

  3. Yep, on the other hand I'll take slow starts and strong finishes over strong starts and slow finishes anyday. Just would like to see 4 quarters of strong basketball.

  4. At the end of the day it s a 35 point win. Accept it and do it again. No one wants to hear about the pregnancy and delivery, they just want to see the newborn baby.

  5. AC is officially now an offensive threat that has to be dealt with by our opponents. Shook coming along in great shape. I'm hoping Z will get some more minutes to lock her stroke down before the tourneys and then we'll be 'cooking with gas".

    1. I agree AC is truly a offense threat and she can play defense.LTLAG

  6. The picture of JARED should really not even be on this page considering he's in jail for being a PEDOPHILE! LOOSE THE IN POOR TASTE PICTURE!

    1. Sorry to offend. My bad. How about Rams QB Jared Goff instead?


  7. My bad on ACC teams,the first half was a dog fight. BC come out on fire they where looking to win the game. It's that time of the year when teams need a signature win bad. A good road win for the Cards.
    Go Cards!

  8. PS I don't want to leave out Dana Evans if her shots start falling look out it will be lights out!


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