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Listen to our weekly show !!
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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Spring Sunday Cardinal Couple -- SUNDAY CARDINAL COUPLE

The first weekend for the main spring sports that we cover closely here at Cardinal Couple.  Lacrosse and Softball both are in action this fine, beautiful, Sunday morning.  OK, actually it's chilly, rainy, and just generally not a very great day with regards to weather, but the Cards are playing Spring sports, so that makes me happy regardless of what the weather does.


Softball is wrapping up the UCF Friends of Jaclyn Tournament in Orlando, FL, where the weather really has been nice for them.  Also nice for the Cards is the number in 5 runs.  With 3 wins and 1 loss, all 3 wins came when the Cards plated 5 runs in the game.   Butler, UCF, and North Florida were the three victims in this, 5-2, 5-3, and 5-4 were the scores, respectively.  The loss came to North Carolina, in what was technically a non-conference game, despite it being against a fellow ACC team.  The Tarheels got 2 around the bases, and the Cards left a lot more than that on base, but none of them made it home.

At the time of this writing, the Cards are in action against Illinois, with a score of 5-2 in the bottom of the 2nd inning.  Maybe the quick scoring progression will stop at this point and the theme of 5 run winners for UofL will continue?  I don't know, but I suspect Coach Pearsall would prefer to see more scoring and would gladly sacrifice the theme of "5" in order to generate more offense.  Megan Hensley is in the circle for this one, with the Cards exploring the depths of their 7 person pitching staff pretty well this weekend.

The highlight of the games yesterday, such as they can be determined from only watching Sidearmstats and, was Cardinal Couple favorite Nicole "Poof" Pufahl taking a long shot over the centerfield fence on a full count pitch.


Also in action today, in the home opener for the season, as well as new coach Scott Teeter's tenure, is Lacrosse, taking on Marquette at 1pm.

One would certainly be excused for deciding to wrap up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and watching this one on The ACC Network Extra rather than dealing with the elements at the Louisville Lacrosse Stadium, but your intrepid Cardinal Couple reporters will be there...but then we get to hide out in the heated and enclosed press box, so that's a bit less of a hardship.

The new faces on this Cards squad, of which there are many, will be getting used to game day happening at the stadium on Floyd Street.  For returning faces, keep an eye on Senior Taylor Webster, who is not a prolific scorer, but is frequently called on to push the ball up the field to get into the offensive rhythm.  Jillian Balog will be the returning name you should expect to hear associated with scoring.  The other scoring machine is a new face to the squad, a transfer in the followed Coach Teeter from Canisius and Canada as a home country, Tessa Chad.

Keep an eye out for updates from,

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Cardinal Couple Radio Hour

The Cardinal Couple Radio Hour was on the air again yesterday without Case in the studio.  It was a good show regardless, although a few technical glitches caused us a few challenges.  We did enable the Facebook Live streaming yesterday, but the gremlins got ahold of that as well, so no replay is available there.  We do have our traditional SoundCloud post of the show, but do be aware that the beginning of the intros got lost, so the transition out of the intro music is a bit abrupt.

 The bulk of the show is in good shape, though.  Check that out at:

 Meanwhile, we'll continue to work through and resolve the technical gremlins of the new studio and hope to do some neat things with the setup.


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